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  • Handmade Lace Decorative Armlet | DIY Bangle

    Handmade Lace Decorative Armlet | DIY Bangle

    Bangles or bracelet is most prominent girls’ jewelry item that they wear casually and formally both vogues for chic and attractive exterior manifestation. School, college girls and office work females always like to wear light weight unique jewelry those furnish ultra-classic glance to their external beauty. DIY Lace Decorative Wristlet Here, I am bringing an […]

  • DIY Beaded Wrist Bracelet

    DIY Beaded Wrist Bracelet

    When you visit a jewelry shop then you have lots of options about what you should purchase or what not. But one thing that becomes a constrained into your shopping is the heavy price tag on a beautiful piece of jewelry. So, in this case you can do one thing out of two things. First […]

  • Easy DIY Thread Wrapped Bangles Idea

    Easy DIY Thread Wrapped Bangles Idea

    If you are bored from your simple & plain bangles then it’s the right time to convert your boring bangles into classy & stunning bangles by utilizing this thread wrapping DIY idea. Believe me its very easy & cheap jewelry decoration idea. By using colorful threads you can convert your each bangle into a different […]

  • Fancy DIY Bangle Decoration Idea

    Fancy DIY Bangle Decoration Idea

    Bangle is traditional jewelry accessory which is essential for every jovial celebration. There is hardly any function which is celebrated without the elegant magnificence of bangles. Girls and ladies are worn different colorful bangles to enhance their fetching grace. Fancy bangles are easily available in market but you can also crate fancy bangles at home. […]