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  • 6 Types of Minimalist Apartment

    Having a minimalist apartment sometimes also defines the owner itself. It can be the representation for who is the owner, what is his hobby / job/ interest, or even what culture or custom he has and etc. Minimalist Apartment But minimalism sometimes is miss-explained or arranged carelessly because they just know little bit about the […]

  • 5+ Fascinating Exterior Design Ideas

    The exterior design is the most important design. Why? That’s all because everyone will see the design outside first rather than the inside. Exterior Design Ideas The exterior design sometimes will also define who is the owner. This can be clearly stated that you as the owner can make your home exterior as your personality […]

  • 4 Best Home Office Decorating Ideas

    An office at home may not get a number of non-work related uses, but only because you have to work in there doesn’t mean it can’t have great style! Stuck for ideas to brighten up your home office? Check out our ideas to transform your work area. Home Office Decorating Here are some home office […]

  • 10+ Steampunk Style Ideas for Home Decor

    Steampunk is a mixed style between the Victorian era and industrializes in Europe. This style is also really common in the scientific movie. There is something unique about this style like there is a brave and independent taste of it. This is literally like the vintage style but more powerful and fun. Steampunk Home Decor […]

  • 13 Smart Garage Organization Ideas, Tips and Tricks

    It takes more than just equipping a garage to have a superb one. The most important is how well you have organized your garage. Take a look at the following garage organization ideas from the expert. Bench mark against your garage and you will find something you never knew. Many people think that garage organization […]