Praying room furniture ideas

Creative and Inspiring Praying Room Furniture Ideas

Introduction: Creating a Peaceful and Comfortable Prayer Room

prayer room furniture

A prayer room is a space where one can find privacy, peace, and solace. It is a place where people can connect with their spirituality and release their stresses of the day. While prayer itself is important, the furniture and decor we choose for our prayer space can impact the ambiance and improve our experience. In this article, we will explore prayer room furniture ideas that can help you create a peaceful and comfortable space to connect with your inner self and the divine.

The Prayer Mat: A Focal Point

prayer mat

The prayer mat is a must-have item for any Muslim prayer room. It is a focal point of the room, directing the prayer towards Mecca, the holiest city in Islam. Additionally, it helps establish the boundary for prayer and serves as a soft and comfortable surface to kneel and prostrate. There are many different prayer mats available, from traditional to stylish and modern. You can choose one that complements the decor of your prayer room and reflects your individual style.

Cushioned Seating: Comfort is Key

cushioned seating

In addition to a prayer mat, adding comfortable seating cushions in your prayer room can help create a relaxing atmosphere. Cushions also aid in maintaining good posture during prayer and help alleviate any pain or discomfort. You could opt for large floor cushions, small soft pillows or a comfortable armchair or sofa, depending on your preference and space available. Investing in high-quality cushions will ensure durability and long-lasting comfort.

A Serene Wall Art Display

prayer room wall art

Walls are blank canvases for creativity and inspiration. For a prayer room, consider adding serene wall art that brings a feeling of tranquility to the space. Hang a tapestry or painting that depicts a scenic view or includes spiritual calligraphy. With the right art piece, you can turn your prayer room into a serene sanctuary. Make sure it matches the color scheme and decor of the room for a cohesive look.

Bookshelves for Holy Scriptures

bookshelf for holy scriptures

For religious people, books of holy scriptures are an essential part of their prayer room. Instead of leaving them stacked on the floor or a table, consider installing a bookshelf to store them. Not only will it keep them organized, but it also adds an elegant touch to the room. You can choose a simple wooden bookshelf or a modern one with metal framing, depending on your taste and style of the room. Make sure the bookshelf is positioned conveniently for easy access while praying.

Aromatherapy for Relaxation

prayer room diffuser

Aromatherapy is a great way to create a peaceful and relaxing atmosphere while praying. Diffuse essential oils for a calming effect or create a fragrance that evokes a sense of serenity. You can choose a diffuser that matches the decor of your prayer room and use scents that align with your beliefs. Essential oils like lavender, sandalwood, and rose have been known to have calming effects and increase concentration during prayer.


prayer room inspiration

Creating a peaceful and comfortable prayer space is essential to connect with our inner self and with the divine. The furniture and decor we choose for our prayer room can enhance the ambiance of the space and help us create a more profound spiritual experience. With these prayer room furniture ideas, you can transform your private space into a serene sanctuary where prayers can be heard and answered.

Choosing the Right Prayer Mat

Prayer mat ideas

One of the most essential components of a praying room is a comfortable and functional prayer mat. A prayer mat provides a clean and comfortable place to perform your prayers with ease. With a variety of prayer mats available in the market, choosing the right one that suits your needs and style can be overwhelming. Here are some tips to help you select the perfect prayer mat for your praying room.

Size: The size of the prayer mat is the first thing to consider when choosing one. A standard prayer mat measures around 70cm x 110cm, but you can also find them in larger or smaller sizes. Consider the dimensions of your praying room before selecting the size of your mat. The mat should be big enough to provide enough space for your entire body while praying.

Material: Prayer mats are commonly made of various materials such as cotton, wool, silk, and polyester. The material used will have an impact on the mat’s durability, comfort, and ease of cleaning. Consider the frequency of use and the climate of your area when choosing a mat material. For instance, woolen mats may be more suitable for colder areas, while cotton mats may be ideal for warm areas.

Design: Prayer mats come in different designs to suit individual preferences. Some people prefer simple, plain mats, while others prefer mats with intricate patterns and designs. The design of the prayer mat should reflect your personality and style. You can choose a mat with Islamic calligraphy, geometric patterns, or floral designs, among others. Alternatively, you can customize the mat to your liking.

Comfort: A comfortable prayer mat can make a significant difference in your praying experience. When selecting a prayer mat, consider its thickness, softness, and weight. A thick and soft mat can provide adequate cushioning and insulation, making it more comfortable to kneel and perform your prayers. A lightweight mat can be easily transported and stored.

Price: Prayer mats are available in different price ranges, from affordable to expensive ones. The price of the mat will depend on its material, design, and quality. While it is good to invest in a high-quality prayer mat that can last longer, you can also find affordable mats that are durable and comfortable.

Cleaning: Keeping your prayer mat clean is essential to maintain its hygiene and durability. Consider the ease of cleaning when choosing a prayer mat. Some mats can be easily washed with soap and water, while others may require dry cleaning. Avoid using harsh chemicals and detergents that can damage the mat.

Choosing the right prayer mat can enhance your praying experience and help you concentrate and connect with your creator. The above tips can help you find a prayer mat that is both comfortable and functional for your praying room.

Seating Options for Prayer Rooms

Prayer Room Seating Ideas

One of the most important aspects of a prayer room is the seating. The right seating can create a cozy and inviting space that encourages meditation and reflection. Here are three seating options to consider:

Floor Cushions

Floor Cushions for Prayer Room

Floor cushions are a popular choice for prayer rooms. They provide a comfortable and relaxed seating option that can be easily moved to create the perfect space. Floor cushions are available in a variety of sizes and materials, from soft velvet to natural cotton, and come in various colors to match any décor. These cushions can be combined with other seating options to create an inviting and warm atmosphere that encourages relaxation.


Chairs for Prayer Room

Chairs are a practical and comfortable seating option that works well in both modern and traditional prayer rooms. When choosing chairs for your prayer room, consider adding cushions or pillows to make them more comfortable and inviting. You may also want to choose chairs that are stackable for easy storage and flexibility. There are many different styles of chairs available, from simple and classic to more ornate designs, so you can choose the perfect chairs to match your décor.


Benches for Prayer Room

Benches are a popular choice for prayer rooms as they provide ample seating space while creating a sense of community. Wooden benches are a simple and classic choice that can be embellished with cushions or blankets to create a cozy and inviting atmosphere. Benches can also be arranged to face each other, encouraging a shared experience that can enhance the sense of community in a prayer room. When choosing benches, consider the material, size, and style to create a cohesive and attractive seating arrangement.

It’s important to remember that the seating you choose for your prayer room should encourage relaxation, reflection, and meditation. Whether you choose floor cushions, chairs, or benches, ensure that they are comfortable and fit your chosen décor. With the right seating, your prayer room can become a tranquil and inviting space that encourages spiritual growth and reflection.

Storage for Prayer Room Essentials

Storage for Prayer Room Essentials

Having a designated prayer room is a great way to create a peaceful space for quiet reflection, worship, and prayer. However, keeping prayer mats, Qurans, and other essentials organized and easily accessible can be challenging without the right storage solutions. Whether you have limited space or a bigger room to work with, here are some ideas to help you create a functional and beautiful prayer room storage area.

1. Wall Shelves

Wall Shelves

Wall shelves are a great option for storing smaller items such as Qurans, prayer beads, and incense. Install a few floating shelves above a desk or a small table to keep your essentials in order. This is an excellent way to keep everything off the floor and make the most of your available wall space.

2. Built-in Cabinets

Built-in Cabinets

Built-in cabinets provide ample storage and are perfect for storing larger items such as prayer rugs, extra blankets, and cushions. The benefit of built-in cabinets is that they can be customized to fit your specific requirements. You can include shelves, drawers, and cubbies to store everything you need. Consider adding glass doors to showcase your beautiful, ornate prayer rugs.

3. Storage Ottomans

Storage Ottomans

Storage ottomans are versatile pieces that serve as a place to sit as well as store your prayer essentials. Choose an ottoman with a removable lid to store prayer rugs, Qurans, and any other items you use regularly. This is a great option for smaller spaces where you need multi-functional furniture.

4. Rolling Carts

Rolling Carts

If you are short on space, consider using a rolling cart to hold your prayer essentials. You can easily move it around the room, and it can store everything from prayer mats to incense. Choose a cart with multiple shelves and baskets to keep everything organized. Alternatively, opt for a cart with drawers to store smaller items such as prayer beads, oils, and candles.


Creating a functional and organized prayer room is essential to focus on your spiritual practice and maintain a peaceful area. Having the right storage solutions can make all the difference, whether it is custom cabinets, wall shelves, storage ottomans, or rolling carts. By implementing these ideas, you can ensure your prayer essentials are easily accessible and organized, providing a soothing and calming experience when you enter your prayer room.

Decorating a Prayer Room with Religious Art and Décor

Islamic Art and Decor

When creating a prayer room, it is important to keep the focus on spirituality and tranquility. One way to achieve this is by decorating the room using Islamic art and decor that complements the aesthetic of the room and fosters a sense of spiritual peace and comfort. Below are some tips for selecting Islamic art and decor for your prayer room:

1. Choose meaningful Islamic art pieces

Islamic Calligraphy

Pieces of Islamic art that convey meaningful messages or verses from the Quran or Hadith can help to establish an atmosphere of peace and spirituality. For example, Islamic calligraphy is a great way to adorn the walls of the prayer room with religious messages. Pieces featuring Quranic verses or the name of Allah can not only enhance the overall aesthetic of the room but can also help create a sense of tranquility and serenity.

2. Use Natural Elements

Plants in a Prayer Room

Natural elements like plants and water features are a great way to bring a sense of nature inside and help to establish a serene atmosphere. Plants can be used to add color and texture while also providing a calming effect. Water features like fountains or a simple bowl of water can help to create a sense of peace and tranquility by adding the soothing sound of running water.

3. Incorporate Islamic Patterns in Furniture

Islamic Pattern in Furniture

Using furniture with Islamic inspired designs can add an elegant touch to your prayer room. Inspired by patterns found in Islamic art and architecture, furniture such as ottomans, rugs, and curtains can incorporate Islamic patterns to give your prayer room a hint of Middle Eastern flair. Adding fabrics with Islamic patterns in rich colors can also give the room a warm and welcoming vibe.

4. Simple and Clean

Minimalist Prayer Room

A prayer room is a space for quiet reflection and peaceful contemplation. Keeping the decor simple, clean and uncluttered can help to create a space that is free from noise and distraction. Minimalism is a great way to keep things simple and clean. You can achieve this look by choosing a monochrome or a simple color palette. Simple white curtains, clean lines, and an uncluttered room can all contribute to creating a peaceful environment.

5. Meaningful Objects and Symbols

Islamic Symbolism in the Prayer Room

A prayer room is a place for personal reflection, so incorporating meaningful objects into the room can help to establish a connection to your faith. For example, adding a prayer rug or a tapestry with Islamic symbolism can help to create a more intimate space. A simple clock on one of the walls can serve to remind you of the times for prayer. A shelf with books on Islamic teachings can also be a great addition to the prayer room.

Decorating a prayer room requires careful selection of the right art and decor. By following these tips and putting personal touches into the decor, you can create a serene and peaceful environment that will serve as a sanctum for reflection and compassion.

Lighting Options for Prayer Rooms

Prayer room lighting ideas

Lighting plays an essential role in creating a calming and tranquil environment in a prayer room. The right lighting can enhance the mood and help the individuals focus better on their prayers. Here are some lighting options for prayer rooms that you can consider:

1. Natural Light

Natural light in prayer room

The best source of lighting for a prayer room is natural light. It not only enhances the ambiance but also has numerous health benefits. Natural light can reduce stress, anxiety, and depression symptoms. Place large windows in your prayer room that allow sunlight to enter or install skylights if possible. Ensure that the room does not have harsh sunlight coming directly into it, as that can be distracting.

2. Lamps

Lamps in prayer room

Lamps are an excellent lighting option if you want to create a cozy and warm atmosphere in your prayer room. They can be placed on tables, shelves, or even on the floor. You can choose from various lamp designs, such as floor lamps, table lamps, or hanging lamps, that match the decor of your prayer room. Place them strategically to create a soft and inviting glow.

3. Dimmer Switches

Dimmer switches in prayer room

Dimmer switches are a great option if you want to control the amount of light in your prayer room. They enable you to adjust the brightness, creating a subtle and calming ambiance. You can easily install dimmer switches on your existing light fixtures, or you can purchase lamps that have built-in dimmer switches.

4. Candles

Candles in prayer room

Candles are a popular lighting choice for prayer rooms. They create a tranquil and soothing atmosphere, making them ideal for meditation and prayer. You can use scented candles in your prayer room, which add a subtle fragrance to the ambiance. However, it is essential to be cautious while using candles and not leave them unattended.

5. LED Strip Lights

LED strip lighting in prayer room

LED strip lights are an excellent option if you want to add a modern touch to your prayer room. They come in various colors and can be placed along the walls or ceiling. You can choose a light color that creates a calming and peaceful ambiance. LED strip lights are energy-efficient and do not heat up, making them a safe lighting option.

6. Chandeliers

Chandeliers in prayer room

Chandeliers are a beautiful and luxurious lighting option for a prayer room. They add an elegant touch to the decor and create a mystical ambiance. You can choose from various chandelier designs that suit the decor style of your prayer room. However, be mindful of the size and placement of the chandelier, as it should not overpower the room or distract from the purpose of the prayer room.

In conclusion, the lighting in a prayer room should be soothing, calming, and enhance the ambiance of the room. Natural light, lamps, dimmer switches, candles, LED strip lights, and chandeliers are some of the lighting options that you can consider for your prayer room. Choose a lighting option that appeals to you and creates a positive and peaceful environment in your prayer room.

Incorporating Plants in Prayer Room Design


Plants are an excellent addition to any interior space. Not only do they purify the air, but they also bring a sense of calmness and serenity to a room. In a prayer room, plants are a perfect way to connect with nature and create a peaceful and calming environment. Some great plants to incorporate into a prayer room include pothos, spider plants, snake plants, and peace lilies.

Water Features in Prayer Room Design

water feature

Water features, such as fountains or aquariums, can add a soothing and peaceful ambiance to a prayer room while also symbolizing the importance of water in many religious practices. The sound of running water can also create a calming effect on the mind and help promote relaxation and concentration during prayer. When incorporating a water feature into a prayer room design, it is important to ensure that it is placed in a location that is easily accessible but doesn’t interfere with prayer activities or cause distraction.

Natural Light in Prayer Room Design

natural light

Natural light is an essential element in any prayer room design. It provides warmth and creates an inviting and peaceful atmosphere that promotes concentration and relaxation during prayer. When designing a prayer room, it is important to consider the placement of the windows and the amount of natural light that can enter the space. If the room lacks natural light sources, artificial lighting can be used to mimic the effects of natural light and create a similar ambiance.

Nature-Inspired Colors in Prayer Room Design

nature-inspired colors

Colors play a significant role in setting the tone and mood of a space. Nature-inspired colors such as greens, blues, browns, and yellows can create a calming and peaceful atmosphere in a prayer room. These warm colors mimic the natural environment, promote relaxation, and connect to the earth. It’s important to use colors that are soothing and calm to promote the ideal atmosphere in the prayer room.

Wood and Stone Elements in Prayer Room Design

wood and stone elements

Wood and stone elements, used in furniture and decor, can create a peaceful and grounding effect in a prayer room. Stone finishings create a feeling of solidity and strength and connect you to the natural world. Wooden materials, such as unfinished wooden floors or furniture, create a warm and welcoming atmosphere and can add an organic feel to the space. Combining the wood and stone can create an environment that feels grounded and natural.

Contemporary Natural Prayer Room Design

contemporary natural design

A contemporary natural prayer room design takes traditional elements, such as natural elements, and combines them with a contemporary design. It creates a serene space that is both functional and stylish. Contemporary element such as a statement wall, or unique furniture, rugs or even artwork transforms the traditional prayer room into a work of art. The contemporary design combines nature with practicality to create a modern space that welcomes all who come to pray.

Candles in Prayer Room Design


Candles bring a sense of warmth and peacefulness to any design. Their soft and warm light provides ambiance and tranquility to a space. It’s important to consider the location of candles, so they don’t become a distraction during prayer. Pillar and scented candles work well in the prayer room design, these candles emit a soft light while giving off subtle and soothing fragrances that enhance a prayer experience.

1. Prayer Mat

Prayer mat

One of the most important items in a prayer room is a prayer mat. It provides a clean and comfortable space for prayer, and some even have unique designs and patterns. There are many options available in varying sizes and materials to suit your preferences.

2. Cushions and Pillows

Cushions and Pillows

Having cushions and pillows in your prayer room can add an extra layer of comfort and support during prayer. Not only do they provide a comfortable surface to kneel on, but they can also be used to sit on and create a cozy atmosphere.

3. Prayer Beads or Rosary

Prayer Beads

Prayer beads or rosaries are useful for reciting prayers and can be an important tool in meditation. They come in a variety of styles, materials, and sizes so you can find one that suits your personal preference and spiritual practice.

4. Spiritual Books

Spiritual Books

Including spiritual books in your prayer room can help you focus on your spiritual journey and provide inspiration and guidance. Whether it’s the Quran, Bible, Bhagavad Gita or any other religious text, having them on hand can help you reflect and connect with your religion.

5. Candles and Incense

Candles and Incense

Candles and incense can add a calming and soothing atmosphere to your prayer room. Lighting a candle or burning incense can be a ritual in itself and help create a peaceful environment for prayer and meditation.

6. Display Cabinet or Shelf

Display Cabinet

A display cabinet or shelf can hold important religious items and help keep your prayer room organized and tidy. You can use it to showcase religious artifacts, photos of loved ones, or anything that brings you comfort and joy.

7. Artwork and Wall Decor

Artwork and Wall Decor

Adding artwork and wall decor to your prayer room can personalize the space and make it feel inviting. You can hang religious art, quotes, or images that inspire you and create a positive atmosphere for your spiritual practice.

8. Seating Arrangements

Seating Arrangements

Your prayer room should have a comfortable seating arrangement that allows you to focus on prayer and meditation without getting tired or uncomfortable. You can use floor cushions, chairs or even a traditional low table with cushions to make your space more comfortable and inviting. Consider your posture and what works for your spiritual practice when deciding on seating.

Conclusion: Creating a Personalized and Meaningful Prayer Space

Investing in prayer room furniture and decor is a great way to create a peaceful and inviting sacred space that supports one’s spiritual journey. Each of these items can be personalized and adapted to your specific spiritual practice and preferences. By creating a space that feels comfortable and aesthetically pleasing, you can create a peaceful environment for your spiritual practice.

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