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  • 5+ Simple Kitchen Design and Ideas for Small House

    Simple kitchen design is the flexible design because it can be used both for small and large kitchen space. However, this design can really work well for the small kitchen. To make everything well placed and well function, the simple kitchen does not need much furniture. Simple Kitchen Design Make sure that everything is used […]

  • 5+ Awesome Outdoor Bar Design and Ideas

    Designing bar at home will be nice because it can be a good place to spend time with family and friends. There are many home design for bar whether inside or outside the home. Outdoor Bar Design There are also many kinds of bars can be built such as tiki bars, mini bars outdoor, and […]

  • 5+ Fascinating Exterior Design Ideas

    The exterior design is the most important design. Why? That’s all because everyone will see the design outside first rather than the inside. Exterior Design Ideas The exterior design sometimes will also define who is the owner. This can be clearly stated that you as the owner can make your home exterior as your personality […]

  • 10+ Stunning Purple Bedroom Design Ideas [Images]

    Purple is a very stunning colour. They represent as royalty, luxury, and power. People who love purple may have that personality. If you love the purple colour, you may have a dream to have a purple bedroom. Purple Bedroom Design Ideas In this article, I will show you the ideas for this stunning purple bedroom. […]

  • 5+ Ideas For Improving Small Kitchen Design

    Not all kitchens are spacious and easy to match. Some People have very little space for their kitchen and thus they need small kitchen design. There are constraints like: small size, presence of a boiler, several doors or windows etc. and a professional may be useful in the management of this type of configuration. Small […]