40 Amazing Rustic Bathroom Vanities Ideas & Design Images

There’s no denying that rustic bathroom vanities can be quite astonishing to look at. Gone are the days when people wanted something made out of plastic and which is easy to wash.

These classic vanities do tend to stand out of the crowd and the visuals you can obtain here are quite amazing to be honest.

And yes, the quality is unlike anything you can ever find out there, because most of the rustic bathroom vanities are designed to last for a very long time too.

What you do need to realize here is that the rustic bathroom vanities aren’t exactly expensive. Some of them can be expensive, true, but in the end you will definitely appreciate the value and quality that they can deliver.

After all, your focus can be on success and yes, the outcome can indeed be among some of the best ones out there.

In this article you will see some of the nicest rustic bathroom vanities out there. Some of them are simplistic, others not so much.

But you are definitely going to appreciate their uniqueness and incredible appeal, so do check them out and you will love the experience.

1. Rustic DIY Bathroom Vanity

Rustic Bathroom Vanities photo

The great thing about this rustic bathroom vanity is that it’s inexpensive, yet it looks really nice too. The combination of wood and ceramic actually works extremely well here.

Plus, you do have lots of space where you can store towels and other important stuff. So yes, it really is worth your time and effort, and it’s not that expensive either.

2. Double Bathroom Vanity

Rustic Bathroom Lighting

If you want a more appealing set of visuals, this is one of the rustic bathroom vanities you want. Adding in that elephant does make a lot of sense, and the fact that you have a bathroom for two is really handy too.

It’s always important to opt for a good color, and this neutral color does fit the entire experience too, which is quite helpful from this perspective.

3. Small Bathroom Vanity From Tones of Blue Interiors

Vintage and Eclectic Style Subway Tile Bathroom

What you will like about this rustic bathroom vanity is that it suits the entire place really well. Not only that, but the quality as a whole is astonishing and the clear contrast does make it stand out quite a lot.

You will also like the clean look, which is great and does deliver that sense of value to the entire experience.

4. Cherry Bath Vanity

Vessel Sink Vanity

Sometimes rustic bathroom vanities need to be colorful. And that’ really what happens here. The great thing about this vanity is certainly the vintage bowl, which does stand out quite a lot.

But then you also have the furniture which on its own tends to offer a very good quality too. It’s an amazing investment and one that does help you stand out in front of anyone.

5. Bathroom Vanity From The Woodshop Diaries

 Bathroom Vanity From The Woodshop Diaries

This is one of those rustic bathroom vanities that still delivers an incredible return on investment and it can definitely impress everyone.

In addition, the vintage look shows that you don’t have to paint an older vanity only to make it look cool. It actually makes a lot of sense, and it’s one of those things that you will like to have in your bathroom!

6. High Class White Vanity

Vintage Bathroom image

White vanities are designed to be efficient and they also look amazing. And then you have to think about the fact that most of your stuff in the bathroom is white.

So yes, it does blend in rather well and it can offer you all those much-needed features and incredible visuals that do make a lot of sense for you. The focus has to be on integrating this type of model with your bathroom, and it’s easy to do in the case of rustic bathroom vanities.

7. Farmhouse Bathroom Vanity

Rustic Bathroom image

Wooden vanities do make a lot of sense for this type of project and many of these models look astonishing. The idea here is to invest in rustic bathroom vanities that really work for your space.

This is a vintage model, it looks really nice and it does offer you some impressive results all the time. It’s certainly one of the more impressive models out there, so you should try it out.

8. The Vintage Double Bathroom

Rustic Bathroom vanity ideas

Good rustic bathroom vanities don’t have to be very complex. Simplicity is key here, so you need to generate as much value and quality as possible. It’s certainly going to stand out, especially with these colors.

9. Double Vanity with Vintage Desk

Pictures of small Bathroom Decor

This concept is a fun one and it also looks nothing short of amazing. You will love it because it helps you add in some drawers, yet you also have some sort of desk where you can handle your makeup and just enjoy everything as much as you can. The process is great and well worth the investment.

10. Transformed Leg Vanity with Wooden Basket

decorating ideas

Sometimes the best thing that you can do is to go back to basics. This type of rustic bathroom vanities is all about being genuine and true to your origins.

Not only does it work really well, but it does offer that great sense of ideas and in the end it’s an incredible investment. You should definitely consider checking it out!

11. Deep Vanity with Great Contrast

builder vanity

Many times you don’t have to do anything else other than focus on visuals and quality. It can definitely go your way if you combine some great colors, and that’s the case here. And the best part is that it does work really nicely as well.

12. Wooden Bathroom Vanity with 2 Mirrors

rustic bathroom vanities

It’s quite common to have rustic bathroom vanities with 2 mirrors. That definitely makes a lot of sense and it can offer you that unique sense of quality without that much of a problem.

It really showcases the type of value you can expect and yes, it’s really astonishing. You can paint the vanity if you want, but its original look is far more distinct.

13. Outstanding Vanity on a Bike

rustic bathroom vanities

Adding a vanity like this on a bike is actually quit amazing. It’s by far one of the cooler options out there and it can define your bathroom for sure.

Of course, you do need a sturdy bike, or you can hang it to the wall and use this bike as a fake stand. The possibilities are limitless, and you are free to make the right pick here.

14. Cool Rustic Bathroom Vanity with Lots of Mirrors

repurpose dresser bathroom vanity

Sometimes the best look for your vanity just involves a lot of mirrors. Yes, it may not make a lot of sense for everyone, but for people that like mirrors this can be a godsend.

And yes, the outstanding experience you can get here is more than ok, and it can surely bring in front a whole lot of options for sure.

15. Begin Your Engines Vanity Ideas

bathroom vanities

Let’s face it, this is a really cool design. While it can be a bit hard to implement, it’s one of the rustic bathroom vanities that does make sense in a vintage collection.

It’s rustic, yet incredible and it can definitely make your bathroom stand out in some rather unique ways.

16. Wine Vanity Design

Water and Wine

This vanity is basically a barrel-like model completely modified to suit your needs. The looks are great, the vanity does have a lot of character and it’s clearly one of the nicest models that you can find out there.

17. Modern Vanity with Rustic Accents

recycle vanity image

Sometimes you don’t have to go too much on the rustic route. This image is the perfect example that rustic and modern ideas can fit in a bathroom just as nicely.

It’s a good idea to try it out, and the idea presented above does show how great the entire experience can really be. It’s an amazing option for sure, and one that does matter a lot.

18. Blue Vanities Design

Bathroom Vanities image

The rustic vanity you can find in here comes with a cool design and the perfect color. It’s not that obtrusive, but it’s certainly one of those pieces that stands out.

The fact that you have some extra storage is always nice, and you are free to take control over a huge variety of options for sure. Just check it out!

19. Rustic Vanity with Stainless Steel Support

vanity images

One of the best things about using a rustic vanity is that it does allow you to get top of the line ideas at a very good price.

This particular model is amazing because it helps you accommodate 2 persons, yet it doesn’t occupy a lot of space. You have the towels under the unit, and the support is made out of stainless steel which is very durable.

20. Tree Trunk Vanity Design

vanity design images

Wood is essential for giving your decoration a rustic look. Stone is another of the main elements from that nature decoration. By using a rustic and natural piece of wood as base for the sink, the bathroom got a country vibe.

The stone sink also contributed to the overall feeling of a room connected to nature. The light, with its yellow shine, makes whoever enters the room feel like being outside, during sunset.

21. Sticks Wood Vanity Design

vanity constructed of reclaimed sticks

The base of the sink looks like a handmade rustic vanity. The irregular pieces of wood, put together in a somewhat random way give it a look of an old countryside bathroom. The transparent sink makes it possible to unite the water with the wood.

That union of two forces of nature can be very beautiful. The faucet reminds the seer of an outside farm amenity. The contrast between metal and wood gives the room a more sophisticated look, without losing the natural touch.

22. Vintages Rustic Bathroom Vanities Design

Rustic Style Glass Bathroom

That bathroom has an old time rustic feeling to it. The vintage bathtub and the coating on the walls bring the past back with a lot of sophistication. The bright wood makes a beautiful contrast with the predominant white in the room.

The slightly bronze metals also contribute to the harmonizing colors of the room. The stone sinks, the flowers and the wood are what give the rustic contrast to this delicate bathroom.

23. Oriental Nature Bathroom Vanities Ideas

Bathroom Vanities Photo

This bathroom follows an oriental style of decoration. The patterns on the window, framing the plants on the background and the stone sinks are what give the oriental tone to the room.

The bathtub is very rustic, made of stone and with a fluid shape. The rustic bathroom vanities harmonize with the plants to compose the overall look. Taking a bath in that bathroom must feel like bathing in the jungle.

24. Antique Vintage Wood – Rustic Bathroom Vanities Ideas

vanities unique

The wooden cabinet was treated to have a more rustic and vintage look, including the metal on the door holders. The contrast with the smooth clean sink countertop gives the rustic cabinet a sophisticated look.

The metal of the faucet also gives a nice contrast to bathroom, especially with the mirror frame. The flower over the countertop gives a delicate touch to the rustic look, bringing life and nature to the room.

25. Light and Dark

Rustic Bathroom Vanities

This bathroom has a more basic, simple look. It is clean and does not have too many elements. The bright white on the wall acts like a frame to the other elements of the room.

It goes very well especially with the dark wood. The white from the porcelain and the towels jumps out when put against the intense white paint. The metal from the faucet reflects the yellow creating a nice effect.

26. Rough Wood Minimalist Vanity

minimal bathroom vanity photo

This bathroom invests heavily on wood to achieve a very rustic outcome. The use of roughly cut wood boards brings an outside look to the room. It is very well combined with the rough stones on the floor, going up to the sink.

The vase with loose branches is a continuation of the nature that can be seen outside trough the window. The plain walls, painted in a neutral color, makes the other elements of the room pop out to the eye.

27. Bathroom Vanities Desktop Version

Rustic Luxury Bathroom

Those are the two main elements that give a room a rustic look. The rustic bathroom vanities present in that room are perfectly matched. The dark wood jumps out when put against the smooth wall and floor, of neutral colors.

The stone on the shower area, also of light color, helps with the outside look of the room. This bathroom combines the rustic elements in a sophisticated manner, bringing two worlds together.

28. Colors Bring Life


This bathroom invests in bright colorful objects and decoration. The orange and yellow tones agree with each other. Also, they make a beautiful contrast with the more mellow and smooth colors of the woodwork and floor.

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The clean, light sink countertop and the bright white light in the middle of the wall are very good in highlighting the strong colors. The flowers and the wood give away a feeling of being inserted in nature.

29. Alternating End Table Design

farmhouse bathrooms photo

The white bricks on the floor and wall combined with the smooth pattern of the floor tiles make the bathroom look like a vintage, outside facility. The overall whiteness of the room is balanced by the dark color of the wood.

The light over the mirror also takes away a little of the white, making the room look more cozy. A little vase with a plant brings life to the room.

30. Sophisticated Contrast Wood Bathroom Vanities

stunning bathroom design

This bathroom has a very clean look to it. White is the main color, filling the wall and floor. The rustic wooden drawers give the needed contrast, attracting the eyes and being the main element of the room.

The rough boards give the sophisticated bathroom a farm vibe. The wooden frames highlight the mirrors and the colorful objects over the counter top bring life to the picture. A classic bathroom with a rustic touch.

31. Vintage and Modern

bathroom vanities design

The woodwork on the ceiling gives the impression of being in a cabin in the woods. It matches the floor and the cabinet and contrast with the white wall and ceiling. The mirror has a central part in the composition, with its rustic frame highlighting its clearness.

The rug on the floor is rough and uneven, apparently being made with thick wool. It gives life to the room. The sink and the faucets bring modernity to the composition.

32. Feminine and Rustic

vanity bathroom

This bathroom is very simple, pretty and cozy. Its colors bring warmth and calm. The decoration is rustic but also feminine. The rustic bathroom vanities combine the roughness of nature with a delicate smooth finishing.

The marble counter top goes greatly with the porcelain sink and the copper faucet. The pattern towel is highlighted by the light color of the wall, that also harmonizes with the wood and the dark metal.

33. Nature Bathroom Vanity with Chain Design

rustic bathroom vanity images

The chains holding the wood give a very rustic feeling to the room. The walls have a rough painting, although in a neutral color. The faucet and the sink complete the feeling of being outside.

Definitely, the star of the decoration is the rustic piece of wood used as sink counter top. The rest of the wooden pieces are also rustic and rough, with even a bit of a vintage look.

34. Modern Rustic Bathroom Lightning Combination

vanity design

Rustic bathroom vanities are the best way to give a nice contrast to a classical looking bathroom. This bathroom is very clean and sophisticated, with its delicate lights and mirrors.

The color on the walls also gives a soothing quality to the space. To counterbalance all that, a wooden cabinet made of dark rustic wood, with big drawers and rough handles. It draws attention and makes the room less plain and mellow.

35. Cabin Look – Rustic Bathroom Vanities Design

rustic bathroom design

All that wood is great for a cabin in the woods. Although being inside, it reminds the user that he is surrounded by nature. The metal of the chain and mirror frame compose very well the rustic look.

It goes very well together with the copper sink and faucet. The rough stone floor makes this bathroom as rustic as it can get. The soft towels and porcelain toilet still reminds us that you can be rustic without losing comfort.

36. Romantic Bathroom Rustic and Shower

bathroom design ideas

Again, a lot of wood to complete the landscape that can be seen through the window. It is a perfect bathroom for a cabin, but also for anywhere with lots of nature around.

Although rough and rustic, it is a very romantic room. The bathtub by the window, the flowers and the double sink makes it clear that this is a bathroom for a couple. After all, nature is very romantic.

37. Manly Rustic Design

vanity ideas

Plain, simple walls in neutral color. The big frame on the mirror makes it look like a painting. The cabinet is rustic but sophisticated. It is very practical and goes well with the sink.

The sink counter top is stone and has a rough, dark, masculine color. The lights also add to that look. A small vase with a plant brings life to the room and mellows it out a little.

38. Light Wooden Vanity

wood vanity design

The bathroom in general has a sophisticated, modern look. The mirrors, the metal and the porcelain are modern elements. The lights can be also considered that way. The light wood takes away the modernity and brings a rustic, natural quality to balance the room.

The wicker baskets are very fancy and help the wood to make the room more natural and rustic. It is a sophisticated bathroom, especially for a pool or near water area.

39. Vintage Sophistication

bathroom vanity design

This bathroom has an old-time look. That comes from the rustic dark metal on the mirror frames and light, but especially from the faucets. The wood is abundant in the room, giving it a vintage look, but also very rustic.

The rustic bathroom vanities all agree with each other and with the surrounding environment. The wicker baskets and the multiple glass bottles are very important pieces of decoration, as well as the paintings on the wall.

40. Natural Boards Vanities Design

bathroom vanity design

The wooden cabinet in this pictures looks very natural, almost as if the rough boards were just put together to form the furniture. The copper-colored sink, matching the color of the mirror frame and the dark metal of the faucet are very rustic elements.

The plant with branches that are almost naked also gives a rustic, outside look to the room. The colors jump out because of the dark tiles on the background, contrasting with the neutral color on the wall.

All the rustic bathroom vanities presented here are astonishing and they come with an impressive design. If you love the idea of having a rustic bathroom, then you do need to check these out. They are some of the best rustic bathroom vanities on the market!


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