DIY Apple iPhone Casing Decoration Ideas

Girls usually like to well décor accessories. They want everything well embellished and stylish either their outfits or accessories. Creative girls embellish their accessories by own hands.

It is not only pleasing but also highly reasonable and exciting. For such girls here we are sharing am excellent embellishing process which is marvelous for their cell phones.

Art of Cell Phone Decoration

We are going to embellish a casing of I phone. This embellishment is fabulously excellent and will splendidly enhance charming magnificence of your precious I phone.

Let’s discuss its practical practice.

Required things:

• Different color glitter formic sheet

• Punch cutter

• Cell phone

• Liquid glue

Cutting of glitter formic sheet:

From punch cutter, cut small circles of glitter formic sheet as its is shown in pictures.

Pasting of cuttings:

Paste these circles at back casing off I phone by making a tidy V shape. Use three different color circles for making V shape inside each other as it is clear in shared pictures.

Excellent I phone embellishment:

An impressively well decor I phone will be in your hands. This fascinating embellishment will superbly enhance precious grace of your cell.

This amazing art of embellishing will be not only exclusive but also excellent experience of creativity. Try to embellish your Apple phone and enhance its classy elegance.

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