Easy DIY Belt Decor Idea

Waist belts are mostly used for increasing the beauty of your waistline or your dress. Belts are commonly used for supporting a trouser or a pant but now days girls are using this accessory not only with pants but also with their stylish & oversized sized tops for the purpose of creating a trendy look.

They want to look fashionable by using stylish accessories & no doubt belt is one of those accessories that always add the impact of style into your personality.

Belts are available on cheap rates as well as branded or designer belts are available with hefty price tags. But now day’s DIY ideas are solving hefty price tag problem by providing cheap idea.

You can create belts at home by using inexpensive material. But today, I am to share a very easy & stunning DIY belt décor idea with you.

The girls who are bore with their old belt & wan to wear something new they can use this idea. By using this idea they can add a new trendy look into their old belts.

Whether you have a simple leather belt or a braided design simple belt in both cases this idea is just right for you. Let me explain this idea with the help of an easy step-by-step tutorial!

Required Objects:

You Need;

1) An old belt (that you want to renovate)
2) Glue
3) Rhinestones (we are using navette shape of rhinestone, you can use any shape that is easily available)


You have to follow the steps

Step 1:

Step 2:

Step 3:

Step 4 let it Air Dry:

Ready to Use:

You can use this belt with your pant, long maxi dress, with an oversized top or with a gown.

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