DIY Embellish Red Belt For Girls

Nothing can become old and wastage. Some people leave the use of accessory after sometime said that it became old fashioned.

With little innovative ideas you can make such old accessories new and remarkable. When you wear it, you must be appreciated and will look splendid.

DIY Red Belt

Here I will give you an idea that how you can make your old belts stylish and exclusive. With this idea you can make your belts impressively renewable. With little effort your old will be able to wear. Let’s start!

Required Things

Things which are required for the embellishment of belt given below:

1. Red ribbon
2. Crystal stones
3. Golden thin lace
4. Glue

DIY embellish red belt for girls

Steps for making flower

Pasting of flower, stone and lace on belt for decoration:
After making flower then paste it at the middle of the belt like below in pictures:

Usage of belts:

Modern girls mostly wear belts. With tunics, jumper, knee length dress, maxi dress and gowns girls can be wear such beautifully decorated belts.

This gives notable look to mod girls. With this you can easily enhance your personality and can give a phenomenal look to your dress.

Hope you will like such amazing idea to décor old belt!

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