How To Renew a Simple Old Belt (DIY)

Art of renewing the things is tremendously admiring and artistic. We have lots off things around us which can do best or us after a little bit repairing.

Through little effort and embellishment you can make an old and out dated accessory unique and contemporary.

Art of Renewing a Belt

Here we are sharing the way in which you will learn that how you can make a old belt amazing and latest.

Belt is common accessory which is used at daily basis. Through some little effort you can make a desired belt accommodated with your special dres.

Let’s discuss its practical process.

Required equipments:

• An old braided belt

• 2 different sizes of pearls

• Needle and thread

Handy development:

Pour the thread in eye of needle and pas it from the back side of belt. Pick small pearl and fix it at the centre of braided belt.

As same for the next time, fix little bit big pearl as it has shown in picture # 1. According to this symmetry, embellish the whole belt as the picture # 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 are referring.

After completing pearl embellishment at whole belt an amazing pearl designed embellished beautiful belt will be on your command. Enjoy its unique grace in picture #7.

Use of fancy belts:

You can use this amazing belt for your special costumes in both matching and contrasted pattern. This fetching pearl embellished belt is fantastic to enhance the grace of your formal and semi formal attires.

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