5+ Awesome DIY Workbench Plans (Free)

Having workbench in your shed or garage can make you easier to finish your project.

There are many types of work bench and also it as various size.

It can be just a workbench or even a storage if you want to add some functional features.

Workbench Plans

Here are some lists that you can follow for the workbench plan.

This plan will be varied from the skill, costs, material, and also design.

1. Simple Workbench Plans

This simple workbench is designed with some small shelves and drawer.

This workbench looks simple yet sturdy.

The bottom shelf and drawer will also make it more functional to store the tool you need.

2. Saw Workbench Plans

This workbench with saw on top can also be the best choice.

For someone who loves to move when they work, this mobile workbench will really be suitable.

This workbench is sturdy enough and it still gives a simple look.

3. Inexpensive Workbench Plans

Image Source: bobvila.com

Creating a workbench doesn’t always mean it will cost much money.

You can still have your own workbench with little amount of money.

This workbench with pegboard only cost $50 and it will be really suitable for you who don’t have much time to create workbench.

This workbench doesn’t take a long time to build and also it only needs few material tools from your woodworking.

4. DIY Vise Workbench Plan

This workbench looks so nice and it will give a traditional yet sturdy look.

The use of vise for this workbench will give a more aesthetic look.

5. Lower Shelf and Wheel for Workbench Plans

A workbench with wheels will be really great idea.

It can make you easy to bring it anywhere you want.

You can take it with you when you want to finish your work.

The large bottom shelf will help you to put your tools.

6. DIY Kids Workbench Plans

Image Source: lobstein.org

A workbench is not only for adults but also kids.

This workbench is really chic yet functional because it completes furniture.

It has pegboard, worktop, and also the bottom shelf.

The counter is movable so it can raise up when it will be used by adults.

7. Thick Top Workbench Plans

Image Source: dowelmax.com

The simple workbench with thick top will really great for you.

It as sturdy table and to build this workbench is just few hours.

This workbench looks simple yet not cost much money.

8. Small Workbench Plans

If you only have small space in your garage, it will be better to have small workbench.

This small workbench will be really suitable because it has pegboard, cabinets, box table, drawers, shelves, foldable table, and also a roll out table.

This is really simple and super great for the small garage.

9. Rolling Workbench Plans

Image Source: decoretoo.com

This workbench is completed with drawers and also cabinets.

This will really helpful because it can be used for store everything.

It has more spaces for the material tools in the work place. It also looks sturdy and strong.

10. Garage Workbench Plan

Image Source: thesprucecrafts.com

This workbench has large top and it uses the lumber dimension hat is not too special.

This kind of lumber using for workbench will be last longer.

To create this garage workbench, it only needs one week to finish it.

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