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10 Fascinating Facts About Maine Coon Cats You Probably Didn’t Know

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In case you would like to get a cat, most probably you will be charmed by the gorgeous fur of the Maine Coon and its elegant aspect.

But, before you start looking for Maine Coon kittens, there are some facts about this cat breed you should know about. They will help you know better what you’re getting yourself into and whether the Maine Coon is the cat breed suitable for you.

1. A Maine Coon can reach impressive sizes

Big Size Maine Coon Cat

When you’re thinking about a cat, you may have in mind the image of the average domestic cat. Well, the Maine Coon is currently the largest breed of domestic cat and males, in particular, can reach rather impressive sizes. Just how large can a Maine Coon grow?

Well, in the case of Maine Coon tomcats, they can grow to weigh 18 pounds and have a height of 40 inches, on average.


So, yes, there’s a chance for some individuals to grow even larger. If you want a Maine Coon, you should be prepared to have around a cat that is as large as a small breed dog.

2. The Vikings may have brought in the breed’s ancestors to Europe

Maine Coon Walking

While the exact origin of the Maine Coon is not known for sure, it is believed that short-haired cats mated with the long-haired varieties brought in by the Vikings, on their ships, somewhere in the 1700s.

The cats that came along with the settlers were sturdy and could easily withstand the cold winters that were usual in the northern part of the continent.

3. Cold winters and snow pose no challenges to this type of cat

Cute Maine Coon photo

If you’ve ever seen a Maine Coon, you definitely notice its rich coat, fluffy ease, and thick tail, which can be easily wrapped around the body for extra warmth.

Well, do know that this cat breed has fur on its paws as well, so it won’t mind walking in the snow, as other cats would.

In case you’re interested in Maine Coon kittens, don’t mind the size of this cat at adulthood, and can allow the cat to do some outdoor explorations, you should allow it to go outside even in the winter, as the cold won’t bother this resilient feline.

4. They are friendlier than most cat breeds

Cats are known for being rather independent and not seeking human interaction, only when they actually feel it or need something, like food. But the large Maine Coon is different.

Maine Coon Black White Silver

The owners of this cat breed say that these felines behave pretty much like dogs, being extremely friendly and social. They are also playful cats and quite easy to train, getting along very well with other pets and children, if they are socialized properly since an early age.

5. Expect to hear some funny noises made by your cat

Maine Coon Cat Breed

When getting a cat, people expect it to hear it meow, as normal cats do. Well, you should be open-minded when it comes to Maine Coons, as these cats don’t really meow.

They will produce some interesting sounds though, which resemble a “chirping” more than a “meowing” sound.

This is due to the fact that they purr and try to meow at the same time, so a mixture will come out. These sounds are usually produced when the cat feels excited, like seeing potential prey or you, after a long day at work.

6. Don’t panic if you’ll see your Maine Coon swimming

Maine Coon Cat

Seeing a cat enjoying the water is probably the weirdest image ever. But, as a future Maine Coon owner, you need to know that these cats love water and they might not miss the chance to make a bath.

Their coat is thick and water-resistant, so they hardly get wet, which explains why these cats are not scared by water.

So, you’d better watch that bathtub next time you want to fill it with water and soak in it. Thus, in case you are indeed looking for a special cat, checking out Maine Coon kittens will get you on the right track.

7. Do they have anything in common with Raccoons?

Maine Coon Cat Pets

If you do a bit of research about this cat breed, you can come across a set of myths connected to the Main Coon. Considering its size and characteristics that can’t be found in any cat breeds, it is normal for legends to pop out.

But, if you read anything that mentions a connection between Maine Coons and Raccoons, you should know right from the start that this is a fairytale.


Except for the fact that these two names sound similar, there’s nothing in common between these two very different species.

8. The breed has a wide range of gorgeous coat colors to choose from

Best Pet Maine Coon kittens

There’s a chance you will see pictures of Maine Coon cats with a Raccoon-like coat, as this is the most common coat color of the breed. But, it is worth mentioning that you can find Maine Coon kittens in a wide range of color combinations, more precisely 75 of them.

Thus, don’t hesitate to embrace variety and find the cat that has the most appealing color in your case.

9. A Maine Coon won the first cat show ever organized in America

maine coon brown

This took place back in 1895, in the city of New York. The winner’s name was Cosey and it was a Maine Coon with a brown tabby coat.

It was the jury’s selection for the Best Cat award. In case you will get your eyes on a Maine Coon, you will understand why these cats are so beautiful and charming.

10. The cat breed starred in the “Harry Potter” movies

Maine Coon Black White Silver

Mrs. Norris, the cat of Argus Filch, who was the caretaker of the Hogwarts School, is actually a Maine Coon. According to the facts related to the “Harry Potter” series, three different Maine Coons ended up playing this role in various parts of the series.

These cats have something magical indeed, so the role was more than suitable for individuals belonging to this cat breed.

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