11 Best Japanese Garden Ideas to Style up Your Relax Space

Were you always fascinated by the Japanese gardens? Well, then do know that you can recreate the elegance and charm of these gardens in your own outdoor space, so you can feel like in an exotic vacation each time you spend time in your garden. Thus, take a look at the Japanese garden ideas presented below and start designing your garden space exactly as you dream.

1. The japanese intimate pavilion


If you have available space, don’t hesitate to create a pavilion made out of bamboo or any type of wood available. This will be your intimate retreat when you will want to enjoy your gorgeous garden or sip a cup of tea surrounded by serenity.

2. Find a spot for a pagoda pillar

small Pagoda images

If you want to give your garden a true Japanese air, then you need to get some lanterns made out of stone and shaped as a pagoda, a veritable Japanese symbol. You can decorate your pavilion with them or place them at the garden’s entrance.

3. Add a note of mystery

jaanese garden ideas

What you need to know about a Japanese garden that it will never reveal all of it at once. The curvy paths of the garden are meant to stir the interest of the viewer and trigger the desire to explore the surroundings.

4. Evergreen plants for your garden decor

Evergreen garden images

Instead of featuring a wide variety of flowers, Japanese gardens focus more on the various textures and leaf color of the plants in it. This is why evergreen plants are an important part of such a garden, providing a green color throughout the year. It up to you what species you will choose to use in your garden.

5. Don’t hesitate growing moss

japanese backyard moss images

Moss can be spectacular when it comes to forming vivid green carpets on the ground. It loves moist and shady areas, which are usually found in the proximity of trees. Still, do have in mind that you cannot walk on moss as it will be severely damaged. So, place steppers made out of stone in the area if you need.

6. Create contrast by using various textures

Japanese gardens ideas

As mentioned earlier, Japanese gardens impress through contrasts created between color and textures. So don’t stay away from using plants with different appearances and leaf colors in your garden.

7. Create the sensation of an island gateway

Island Getaway image

If the space in your garden is generous enough, then you may be able to create a pond with a small island in its middle. An arched bridge will grant access to the small island, from where you can spend a few moments peacefully contemplating the beauty of your garden.

8. Besides plants, get some colorful fish as well

Japanese carp fish images

Regardless if you put an island in its middle or not, having a pond populated with the famous Koi or goldfish is definitely a characteristic of Japanese gardens. They bring a spot of color to your garden and can be both entertaining and relaxing at the same time. Just make sure you offer them proper conditions during winter if you live in a colder climate.

9. The calming sound of water

Japanese garden designs

Another important feature of a Japanese garden is a waterfall and stream that provide the calming sound of moving water. Allowing the water to glide on stone steps will create the pleasant murmur, while various plants will decorate the edges of the stream.

10. Mark the point of the entrance in the garden

elegant traditional Japanese entrance gates

Japanese gardens have a beautiful gate and a tree that mark the entrance into the magical world. Besides this, you could use fences made out of bamboo to prevent the intrusion of the outside world in your little corner of heaven.

11. Keep it simple and cool

small Japanese garden images

This kind of gardens is so appreciated because they keep the design simple. In Japan, gardens don’t compete for the best and biggest position, as a common and practical sense are always respected for the creation of such a garden. There’s no glamor or opulence in these gardens, as they are made to refresh and unwind the mind.

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  1. I’ve seen a border I really like with what appears to be small stones laying on cement blanket about 4-5 rows as a border??
    How do you do this??


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