17 Amazing Vertical Garden Ideas for Your Small Space

Apply for one of the recommended creative vertical garden ideas to maximize the use of the wall in your house.

If you are interested in planting or gardening, you can try to use the vertical garden idea. The vertical garden uses the wall, trellis, or reused rack as the media to hang on your plants.

This vertical garden is the proper way of gardening in tiny space. Here are 9 recommended creative vertical garden ideas to apply for in your house.

1. Try the Gutter System

gutter system ideas

The recommended and creative vertical garden idea you can try is the gutter system. This system uses the old gutter. Then the gutter is divided to make a space for the plants.

Make the hole for the drainage from the bottom of the division. This system works best to grow lettuce or herbs. Pay attention to the direction of the sunlight to the plants.

2. Use Hayrack

vertical herb garden

Hayrack can be hung on in a balcony, wall, or porch. You can use this as the container for vertical gardening. Attach the hayrack planter in the wall or balcony. Creative herbs garden: chives, parsley, thyme, basil or other plants with the mix of soil, moss, and cocoa fiber.

3. Types of Plans for the Vertical Gardening

small garden ideas

Some certain types of plants that meet the criteria for the vertical garden idea. Here are some of the recommended plants for the vertical garden.

a. Herbs

Any kinds of herbs like coriander, oregano, basil, mint, chives, or parsley are suitable plants for the vertical garden. These herbs do not grow big, so they can be planted in a limited container or medium.

b. Vegetable

Some small vegetables are good to grow through the vertical gardening. The vegetables: lettuce, spinach, radish, Chinese cabbage (bok choy), and spring onion (scallion) have small roots and easy to grow. You can harvest the crop in a fast way and serve the vegetable to the family.

c. Foliage

The green color and many leaves from foliage plants create the fresh and beautiful view. Some foliage plants that fit the style of the vertical garden idea are bird’s nest fern, dichondra, devil’s ivy, baby’s tears, and geranium.

d. Succulents

Succulent plants create the unique and artistic feature. These plants grow fast and are suitable to apply to the vertical garden idea. Examples of succulent plants are sedum, sempervivum, and rhipsalis.

e. Flower

Cheerful and bright colors from the flower create long-lasting beauty. Some flowers that can be used in the vertical garden are verbena, petunias, nasturtium, and sweet alyssum. Those flowers are friendly to the hot sun.

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4. Go for the Bright Color Wall

vertical garden ideas

The bright color of the wall as the background of the hanging racks will create the cheerful atmosphere. The bright colors like pink, orange, and red give the stunning contrast to the plants. Line the old rack to place the green plants or the herbs.

5. Reuse the Old Rack

vertical garden with Old Rack

You can be creative by reusing the old rack to apply to the vertical garden idea to your house. You can use the lines in the shoe rack. Plant the different kinds of plants to each line of the rack.

Before planting it. layer the line with plastic. Don’t forget to make the holes for the drainage.  You can plant the herbs on some lines and other lines with vegetable.

6. Use the Recycle Bottle Garden

Recycle Bottle Garden

If you have the plastic used bottles at home, you can recycle them and make them as the container for planting the plants.

Suspend the recycle bottles on the strings that attach to the wall. You can grow herbs or lettuce since those plants do not grow bigger more than the recycle bottle size.

7. Adopt the Unique Framed Vertical Garden

succulents garden

Adopt the frame as the unique display to create a vertical garden idea. You can build the structure by yourself. The frame is attached to the wall by using the wire.

To create the artistic impact, you can paint the frame with the wood color. The succulent or foliage plant can be planted in the frame. The sunlight should hit the plants directly.

8. Try the Breathtaking DIY Stair Step Vertical Garden

vertical garden ideas

Eager to try DIY stair step vertical garden idea in your house? Try to build the stair step by yourself. You can attach it to the wall.

The stair step creates the beautiful view on the appearance of the garden. You can adjust the space for planting so that the plants can receive the better sunlight.

9. Make the Use of Trellis

Make the Use of Trellis

You can have the lovely vertical garden by using the trellis. Decorate the trellis with the rustic or bright color to grow the plants.

The suitable plants for this vertical garden ideas are the vines. You can grow peas, pumpkin, or green beans. Those plants will bush and climb. Feel the proud feeling to harvest the vegetable you grow.

10. Metal Cylinder Planters

vertical garden ideas

11. Minimalist Vertical Garden Ideas

Best Vertical Garden Ideas

12. Vertical Frame Art Planters

vertical plant ideas

13. DIY Pallet Gardening Vertical

pellet vertical gardening ideas

14. DIY Container Vertical Garden Ideas

vertical garden images

15. Creative Vertical Garden Apartment

Creative Vertical Garden images

16. Amazing Vertical Garden Using Pipes

Amazing Vertical Garden photo

17. Hexagonal Vertical Garden Ideas

Hex Vertical Garden

Select one idea and make a beautiful creation from the vertical garden idea. Pour out the feeling of accomplishment by modeling the garden that suits your personality. Synchronizing the patterns, plants,  and the colors to your house theme decoration.

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