5+ Best DIY Farmhouse Table Plans (Free and Easy)

Farmhouse table can be suitable for both traditional and modern design.

Even though it looks so classic, but this table is strong enough for a lifetime.

Many people choose this farmhouse table simply because it gives good durability.

It can be designed with improved elements.

Farmhouse Table Plans

There are many designs of farmhouse table plans that you can choose as your dining table.

1. Standing Farmhouse Table

Image Source: thesprucecrafts.com

The most common and popular design of farmhouse table is the standing farmhouse table.

Some people called it as dog farmhouse table.

The size of this standing table is about 29 inches from the ground and it has length as much as 96 inches.

The wide is about 42 inches.

2. X Brace Farmhouse Table

Image Source: buildsomething.com

This model of farmhouse table is great for minimalist interior design.

The X shape can be either small or can be put on both side of the table.

Some people also add the metal pipe in the bottom for the more modern appearance.

This design will give an industrial look.

3. Pottery Barn Farmhouse Table

Image Source: shanty-2-chic.com

The pottery barn farmhouse table can make your dining room looks chic.

This is the simple design that can give both simplicity and classic look.

Two long benches in both side of the table will really give a farmhouse ambience.

4. Husky Farmhouse Table

Image Source: Trendehouse.com

Similar with the standing farmhouse table, this husky table is a great table for giving a classic look.

The four leg of the table looks strong and bigger than the common style.

The use of white color and dark brown will give bold look and sturdy.

5. Classic Farmhouse Table

Image Source: hckuo.me

Classic farmhouse table is just as the common farmhouse table.

You can get the plans anywhere because this table is easy to build.

The use of proper paint will give fresh look even though the design is classic.

6. DIY Farmhouse Table

Image Source: tradeleadscenter.com

Creating your own farmhouse table will be challenging.

It can be the best way to create your own table as you wish.

The important thing is the skill you need to have, the proper measurements of the table, and also the design of table.

The DIY project will need such amount of budget depending on the design.

7. Life Storages Farmhouse Table

Image Source: tah-heetch.com

Using a modern seat with the farmhouse table and combining it with the bench will give an eye catching look.

This modern farmhouse table plans may need a real images as the inspiration.

The woodworking project will only for the bench and table while the seat is the foldable one.

8. French Farmhouse Table

Image Source: dehapic.pw

French farmhouse table is also the common design for dining table.

The design of French farmhouse with haven will give a rustic yet modern look.

The smooth finish will make the bench and table looks so gorgeous.

Some people will use the natural paint as it is.

9. Long Farmhouse Table

Image Source: advancemypractice.com

The long table with four straight legs is the best choice for you if you don’t want to get too much for dining table.

10. Mix Design Farmhouse Table

Image Source: locimge.pw

Mixing the classic farmhouse table with another design will be great idea.

It can be suitable for any interior you have depending on what colors you choose.

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