5+ Amazing Fireplace Tile Ideas and Design

Tiles are the most important for home design because it can create and cover the whole design.

There are many designs for fireplace tile. It can be suited with the room decoration style.

It can be different by using different color, material, and also style.

Fireplace Tile Ideas

The most important thing to choose tile is the anti inflammable material that can protect the home from the fire.

1. Porcelain Fireplace Tile Ideas

The sue of porcelain as your fireplace tile is good idea. This is a go to material.

It has many variations that you can choose and it also has many color and textures.

2. Marble Fireplace Tile Ideas

Marble is the long last material for any design. This tile will give your fireplaces a timeless look yet stunning.

You can choose any style that you love with some natural detail, this tile will give you a versatility look.

3. One Toned Fireplace Tile Ideas

When you have an ornate mantle for your fireplace, it can be the best choice to have one tone tile.

It gives a simple look yet balance for your fireplace and the whole room.

4. Terra-Cotta Fireplace Tile Ideas

By using terra cotta, you can get the modern look and also traditional look at the same time.

As the fireplace mantle, this will give a warm look and also makes your fireplace stand out.

5. Mosaic Glass Fireplace Tile Ideas

Image Source: freshouz.com

There are many patterns of glass mosaic tiles. You can get the very modern look by using this as your tile material.

Meanwhile, this mosaic glass tile is mainly used for the wall inside the kitchen and bathroom, it can be the outstanding choice for the fireplace.

6. Traditional Fireplace Tile Ideas

The traditional design for the fireplace is by using the stone or brick.

This will give a natural and warm ambience to your traditional living room.

This material for fireplace tile will give an authentic character for your room.

7. Herringbone Fireplace Tile Ideas

This herringbone fireplace tile is the unique design. This design is different from the common design.

The herringbone is really great because it makes your fireplace stunning.

8. Ceramic Fireplace Tile Ideas

Image Source: claysquared.com

The use of ceramic can be the best material for the fireplace tile. This material is really great because it is anti inflammable.

Moreover, it is the good way to make texture for your fireplace. You can use this tile to get the traditional looking.

9. Patterned Fireplace Tile Ideas

Image Source: pinterest.com

You can use the pattern tile to make your fireplace stunning. You can use the patterned fireplace can be matched with your wall paint color.

You can make it as the pattern you like. Keep the pattern simple like this will really great for the fireplace.

10. Simple Fireplace Tile Ideas

Image Source: itravelling.gr

For the fireplace, if you don’t want to get hectic and crowded, you can choose this simple tile.

The tile can be decorated with any material that you choose.

To make it more focus on your fireplace, you can use the simple tile like this one.

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