25 Amazing DIY Rustic Home Decor Ideas and Designs

Your house can represent your personality. You would want to have a house filled with things that explain you best. If you’re in love with anything simple, natural looking, back-to-the-nature kind of decoration, rustic home decor would be a perfect match for you.

Just a little side note, the rustic theme is very popular nowadays. People use it as a wedding theme, cafe decoration, and, of course, home decor. It’s really not surprising that rustic theme becomes so popular, considering it doesn’t take too much cost to create something rustic.

Rustic decoration is a design that utilizes natural products to focus on its functionality and also frugality. It means that you can make use of anything old or vintage as a charming decoration. It is perfect for you if you want to recycle your old things and turn it into something creative.

If you type “rustic home decor” in the search engine, you will find a lot of DIY articles on how to decorate your house with rustic elements.

With a few materials and some inspiration, you can create many wonderful things to decorate your house. Whatever kind of rustic look that you want to achieve, you are sure to find some inspiration on this list.

Rustic Home Decor Ideas for a Wondrous Entryway or Foyer Area

1. Pallet Shelves

rustic home decor Pallet Shelves

Old pallets are materials that you can get it at an affordable cost and effortlessly easy to find. Because the material is very versatile, there are a lot of ideas that you can craft on it. For example, you can turn it into simple and unique pallet shelves.

To give more character to it, you can paint the shelves, or just leave it maintain its original color to make it more natural.

2. Wood Pallet Bench

Wood Pallet Bench

Another rustic element that you can add to your entryway or foyer area is wood pallet bench. This type of bench is available at a lot of furniture stores, or you can create one yourself.

By turning an old wood pallet into a bench, you can put it in your foyer area for guests to sit and mend their shoes. You can also paint it in any color to match the surrounding.

3. Wood Mirror

rustic wood mirror design

Foyer area will not be complete if there’s no mirror. This is also something that you can easily create your own. All you need is old barn wood or other pieces of wood.

You can just assemble the wood around a small or medium-sized mirror, and hang it in the foyer area to give it a really rustic look. You can also use small branches to decorate the mirror.

4. Painted Flower Pot

rustic paint pots

Some plants in your foyer area will make it feel more natural and fresh. You can opt for some flowers, greens, and succulents to welcome your guests. You can also give the plain terracotta pots a little bit of rustic charm by painting it with some patterns like herringbone.

Use colors that complement the rustic look such as green, brown, or gray. You can also turn the empty paint cans into flower pots.

5. Vintage Coat Hanger

home decor ideas

Another important element for the foyer area is a coat hanger. All you need to create a vintage looking coat hanger is just a strip of wood, some hangers (not the plastic ones), and some nails.

You can add a little bit of touch by adding some driftwood or antlers to maintain the farmhouse feel. This elegant coat hanger will surely be a conversation starter when your guests arrive at your house.

Rustic Home Décor Ideas for a Warm Living Room

1. Patterned Coffee Table

Patterned Coffee Table images

A couple of wood planks and a can of paint are all you have to get to create a rustic coffee table. What you need to do is quite simple: use nails and wood glue to put the planks of wood together and craft a decent surface for the coffee table.

To make it pop, you can decorate it with a pattern using your favorite color. Pair it with some candles and flowers.

2. Wooden Photo Frame

wooden photo frame design

The living room is a perfect area to get together with your family and reminisce the old times. Decorate your pictures with a touch of rustic beauty using wooden frames because they are the key to make a rustic décor.

You can also use some branches to make the frame. In fact, anything woodsy will do. You can put the frames on the wall and arrange it to get the best rustic look.

3. Rustic Candleholders

Rustic Candleholders

To enhance the warmth of your living room, you will need some candles to set the mood. You can create rustic candleholders using medium sized branches. Create a hollow inside the branch to make the candle stay in place.

You can decorate it with some paints or let it show its natural form. These candles are a perfect companion for your family to cuddle up together during stormy weather.

4. “Love” Rope Sign Décor

“Love” Rope Sign Décor

If you have some unused planks of wood, you can create a rustic decoration for your living room. Most people will paint it or letter it with beautiful quotes. You can try a different route by making a ‘love’ sign using rope.

Stick the wood planks together, create a blueprint of the word ‘love’ using a pencil, stick the rope along the line, and hang the sign on the wall.

5. Vintage Rustic Cushion

rustic home decor ideas

Cushion is another important element to add some comfort to your living room. You can complement the rustic look of your living room by choosing some cushions with rustic themed covers, like in the picture.

You can also create the cushions using your old sweaters or other materials. Just make sure you stick to the rustic theme. Arrange the cushions on the sofa, and you will get a cozy living room.

Rustic Home Decor Ideas for a Cozy Bedroom

1. Wood Planks Headboard

rustic bedroom design

Some medium sized wood planks that you can easily get can be the perfect materials to create a charming rustic headboard. All you have to do is stick the planks to each other, and you can even create a pattern from the planks to make it more unique.

To make it more secured, you can attach the planks to a sheet of plywood. Now, you have a great country-looking bed.

2. Ladder Picture Frame

rustic home decor

If you want to try something different in presenting your memorable pictures, you can make use of an old ladder to hang them. Gather some wooden picture frames and hooks. Just frame the pictures, attach the hooks to each ladder, and hang the pictures to the hooks.

You can play with a little variation by choosing different sizes of frames for each ladder and different colors of frames to make it more colorful.

3. Romantic Pallet Word Art Sign

rustic pallet words

A romantic pallet word art sign will give an intimate and personal feel to your rustic bedroom style. You only need wood and paint to create the sign. Choose a quote that is meaningful for you.

It can be your wedding vow or lyrics of the song you and your partner love the most. Make sure you choose cursive fonts for the lettering to enhance the romantic feel of the word art sign.

4. Tree Branch Chandelier

rustic branch

If you tend to like glamorous things but want to have a rustic themed bedroom, you can make yourself a tree branch chandelier. You need some medium sized tree branches and warm-toned bulbs to make it.

The wiring may be a little bit hard to do, but after you manage to arrange the wiring, you can put the bulbs at the end of every branch and plug in the cord.

5. Rope Wrapped Lamp

Rope Wrapped Lamp

It is extremely easy to turn an ordinary-looking lamp into something rustic and warm. You will only need a rope, lamp, and glue to create a rustic lamp yourself.

Wrap the lamp with the rope and use warm adhesive to make the decoration stay in place. The best thing about this decoration is that if you want to revert the lamp, you can easily remove the rope and peel the glue.

Rustic Home Decor Ideas for the Kids’ Room

1. Mason Jar Wall Lanterns

Mason Jar Wall Lanterns

If you have used mason jars, you can make use of it to make wall lanterns that will be perfect to decorate your kids’ room and give it a country feel. You just need a wooden board to attach the jars to and put the boards on the wall.

Choose LED candles as opposed to bulbs to maintain the rustic feel and decorate the jars with twine or rope.

2. Wood Framed Chalkboard

Wood Framed Chalkboard

Making a wood framed chalkboard is very simple. You can buy a store-produced chalkboard and utilize some old wood planks. Measure the planks to match the measurement of the board. Frame the chalkboard with the wood planks by attaching the planks using adhesive or nails

You can hang it on the wall and write some inspirational quotes for the kids, or you can let your kids express their creativity on the board.

3. Rustic Coffee Table Suitcase

rustic Coffee Table design

A coffee table made of a suitcase can give your kids’ room a statement, and it can be multifunctional. You can recycle your old suitcase and attach four legs to it.

To make the suitcase sturdier, use a wood plank as a base. The kids can use the table to draw or play, and put their toys inside the suitcase after. It’s very convenient, especially if the space in the kids’ room is limited.

4. Herringbone Dresser

home decor ideas

You can add the rustic charm in your kids’ room by simply painting an old dresser and adding a rustic herringbone pattern. If there’s no old wooden dresser in your house, you can easily buy them at flea markets or second-hand stores at an affordable cost.

Choose color combinations that can complement the overall decoration of the room. You can decorate the dresser’s surface with books, vintage toys, and flowers.

5. Paper Pom Pom Décor

Paper Pom Poms & Paper

Paper pom poms may be the most adorable things to decorate your kids’ room with. You can make them using tissue papers or coffee filters; both materials are very cheap and easy to get.

All you have to do is measure the papers, stack 10 plies, make some creases as if you’re trying to make a fan, tie the middle part, and separate each ply. You can attach them to the wall or hang them on the ceiling.

Rustic Home Decor Ideas for a Comfortable Kitchen and Dining Room

1. Farmhouse Table

rustic table design

If you want to get a rustic, farmhouse feel in your house, of course, you will need a farmhouse table. If making a dining table is way out of your league, you can buy one at second-hand stores or flea markets.

The more vintage the table, the better. Make some adjustments to make sure the table is sturdy. You can replace dining chairs with a bench to give a statement.

2. Rustic Wall Rack

Rustic Wall Rack design

A rustic wall rack can be easily made. You will only need some medium sized planks of wood, some smaller sized ones, and some small pipes. Attach the medium sized wood planks together to create a base.

The smaller ones will be used as the racks. The pipes will secure the items on the racks and prevent them from falling. You can use this wall rack to store spices neatly.

3. Rustic Window Shutters

Rustic Window Shutters design

Wooden window shutters will bring the country feel straight to your kitchen. This will work much better if your sink faces the window. So, when you shop for some kitchen decoration, don’t forget to check out wooden window shutters.

If you are crafty, you can even create one yourself by utilizing unused wood and paints. Decorate the surrounding with some plants or succulents.

4. Twine Wrapped Cabinet Handles

Twine Wrapped Cabinet Handles design

Twine is one of the most inexpensive rustic materials, and you can do a lot with it. If you feel like your kitchen cabinets are looking dull, you can update it by adding a rustic touch to it.

All you have to do is very simple. You will only need to wrap the cabinet handles with twine and fix it with glue. It is one of the easiest projects, and it will give your kitchen a great rustic look.

5. Round Jute Placemats

rustic home decor ideas

Rustic placemats will give your dining table a touch of rustic. All you need to create unique placemats is jute and a hot glue gun. To make it, you have to create a tight spiral with the jute.

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As you go around, pressed the jute firmly before gluing it to the next length of jute. These charming placemats will add texture to your dining table, and it can also prevent the table from hot staining.

Decorating your house with a rustic theme is very fun. It can challenge yourself to be more creative. Hopefully, this article can give you some heads up, and you can develop the ideas to create other creative rustic decorations.

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