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“Enhance Your Prayer Room with these Accessory Ideas”


Prayer room

In today’s world, where people’s lives are busy and stress levels are soaring, having a designated space for prayer at home has become more important than ever. A prayer room is a special space in the house where one can retreat, rejuvenate, and connect with a higher power. It is a place where you can escape from the chaos of daily life, find inner peace, and reconnect with your spirituality.

A prayer room can be a small space or an entire room, depending on the available space in the house. It may be a spare room or an unused corner of your house that is transformed into a peaceful sanctuary.

The most important thing about a prayer room is that it should be a place where you feel comfortable and at ease. It should be a space that encourages you to disconnect from the outside world and allows you to concentrate on your prayers without any distractions. Therefore, it is essential to decorate your prayer room with the right accessories that create a serene and calming environment, conducive to prayer and meditation.

Essential Prayer Room Accessories

Prayer Mats and Prayer Beads

The prayer room is a sacred space where devotees can come to connect with their faith and perform their daily prayers. Every prayer room needs a few essential prayer room accessories to make the experience more meaningful. These basic accessories help individuals create an environment that is conducive to prayer and reflection.

Prayer Mats

Prayer Mat

A prayer mat is a key component of any prayer room. It is a must-have accessory for praying as it provides a clean and comfortable place to sit or kneel for prayer. Prayer mats come in various sizes, designs and materials to suit different preferences. They are usually made of soft materials like wool, cotton or silk.

Prayer mats have a significant religious significance in many cultures. The use of the mat represents a symbolic act of obedience and humility towards God. When you sit or kneel on a prayer mat, it’s an act of submission before the divine presence. It is believed that using a prayer mat can help create a sacred space, which is conducive for worship.

Prayer Beads

Prayer Beads

Prayer beads are a common accessory in many faiths and are used by individuals while reciting prayers. The beads are used to keep track of the number of times a prayer is repeated. Using prayer beads for meditation and prayer can help center the mind and focus on the prayer’s meaning.

Prayer beads come in various forms, shapes, and color. Muslims use Misbaha, which comprises of 99 beads for reciting the 99 names of Allah. Christians use Rosary beads that consist of 59 beads, which represent the Virgin Mary’s years on earth. Buddhists use Mala beads while worshipping and recite mantras.

Quran Stand

Quran Stand

The Holy Quran is considered the quintessential book of Islamic faith. A Quran stand is a necessary accessory for prayer rooms as it keeps the Quran in an upright position and makes it easier to read and recite. Quran stands come in various designs, styles and can be made of metal, wood, or plastic.

Some Quran stands have built-in book lights to help read in low light conditions, making it easier to read during dawn or dusk prayers. Many Muslim families have beautifully handcrafted stands that are often passed down from generation to generation. A wooden Quran stand complements the overall look and feel of a prayer room.


Prayer room accessories help to create a holy space for devotees to connect with their faith. Some accessories like prayer mats, beads, and Quran stands are considered a necessity and should be present in every prayer room. These essential accessories can help create the perfect atmosphere for prayer and meditation, making it easier to connect with the divine presence.

Inspirational Wall Decors

Inspirational Wall Decors

Prayer is a crucial aspect of Islamic faith, and offering prayers five times a day is mandatory for all Muslims. A prayer room or prayer area, also known as a Musallah, is a sacred space where Muslims can worship and communicate with Allah. It’s important to create a peaceful and spiritual ambiance to make the prayer experience more fulfilling and meaningful. One of the best ways to enhance the atmosphere in a prayer room is through inspirational wall decors. Let’s explore some of the best ideas to decorate the walls of your prayer room.


Islamic Calligraphy

Calligraphy is a form of visual art that involves the creation of artistic characters and symbols using a style of writing. Islamic calligraphy is an important form of art that involves the highly decorative writing of verses from the Quran and other Islamic texts. Adding Islamic calligraphy to the walls of your prayer room can create an enchanting and spiritual ambiance. Arabic calligraphy is an important element of Islamic art, and the language of the Quran, so incorporating it into your prayer room is an excellent way to connect with your faith.

Islamic Art

Islamic Art

Islamic art is a rich and diverse tradition that reflects the beauty and complexity of the Islamic world. Islamic art covers an extensive range of mediums, from ceramics and textiles to calligraphy and painting. Incorporating some exquisite Islamic art pieces onto the walls of your prayer room can add to the overall spiritual ambiance. Islamic art is an excellent conversation starter, so if you have guests over, your prayer room walls can become a highlight of conversation.

Framed Verses from the Quran

Verses from the Quran in Frames

Getting verses from the Quran printed and framed is a classic way to decorate the walls of your prayer room. The Quranic verses are the most prominent source of guidance and inspiration to Muslims worldwide, so framing and decorating them is an excellent idea. It can also serve as a constant reminder of the importance of Quranic teachings and ethical values. Framed verses from the Quran can make an excellent gift for a friend or a family member.

In conclusion, the decoration of a prayer room is crucial to make the prayer experience more fulfilling and meaningful. Incorporating inspirational wall decors can transform the look and feel of the prayer room into a peaceful and spiritual space. Calligraphy, Islamic art, and framed verses from the Quran are excellent ideas that you can incorporate on the walls of your prayer room. With these ideas for inspiration, you can decorate your prayer room to reflect your faith and personality and make it an enchanting and serene place to worship and communicate with Allah.

Seating Arrangements

Seating Arrangements

One of the most important things to consider when designing a prayer room is the seating arrangements. In order for the room to be comfortable and relaxing, it’s essential to provide different seating options that accommodate different preferences and needs.

Firstly, floor cushions are a popular choice for prayer rooms. These cushions are comfortable, soft, and low to the ground, which makes them perfect for relaxing and meditating. They come in different shapes, sizes, and colors, so it’s easy to find ones that match the style of the room. Floor cushions are also great because they can be easily stacked and stored away.

Another option for seating arrangements is benches. Benches are especially useful for larger prayer rooms or rooms that are frequently used by groups. They offer plenty of seating space and can be arranged in different configurations depending on the needs of the users. Benches are also typically made of sturdy materials, making them a durable choice for high-traffic areas.

Chairs are also a popular choice for prayer rooms. They offer good back support, which can be especially important for people who have trouble sitting on the floor for extended periods of time. Chairs come in many different styles and materials, so it’s easy to find ones that match the design of the room. They can also be easily moved around to accommodate different seating arrangements.

Finally, it’s important to consider the placement of the seating arrangements. It’s a good idea to leave some open space in the room so that people can move around comfortably. Additionally, it’s helpful to position the seating arrangements in a way that allows users to face towards the direction of prayer, which is typically towards Mecca for Muslims.

In conclusion, choosing the right seating arrangements is an essential part of designing a comfortable and relaxing prayer room. By offering different options such as floor cushions, benches, and chairs, users can choose the seating arrangement that best suits their needs and preferences. Additionally, the placement of the seating arrangements is important to consider to ensure the room is functional and practical for its intended use.

Aromatherapy and Incense

Burning incense

For many people, prayer is a time of reflection, contemplation, and peace. Aromatherapy and incense can help to create a calming atmosphere that promotes a sense of relaxation and focus. Burning incense can be a popular way to create an inviting and hypnotic environment, with each scent carrying particular associations that invoke a range of feelings ranging from spiritual upliftment to encouraging mental clarity. Frankincense and myrrh, for example, are commonly used in religious ceremonies for their ability to provide comfort and purification.

Strategically placed diffusers can also be an excellent way to produce a pleasant atmosphere in the prayer room. These devices distribute essential oils that can have numerous therapeutic benefits, including reducing stress and anxiety. Lavender, peppermint, and sandalwood are a few traditional scents that are known for their soothing effects, and there are a variety of other essential oils available that can be tailored to your particular needs and preferences.

Furthermore, it is highly recommended that the prayer room is regularly ventilated to keep the air fresh. This can be done by using fans or by simply opening windows. Fresh air helps to keep pollutants and odours at bay, making it easier for the user to focus and engage in their prayer or meditation. Allowing natural light to enter the prayer room will also promote a sense of well-being and add a positive energy that aids in concentration.

A well-decorated prayer room should reflect the user’s personal taste and way of life, and scent is one fundamental way to achieve this.

Decoration and Natural Elements

Prayer room plants

The way you decorate the prayer room can have a significant impact on the overall ambience of the space. A few placeable items in the room, furthermore, can add more natural charm and elements to help create a comforting environment that promotes a state of mindfulness.

Lush, low-maintenance plants, such as succulent and cacti, can add colour and freshness to any prayer room. The smell of fresh soil and the appearance of greenery and life are inherently calming. A simple water feature can also be added to provide a calming and relaxing atmosphere, as the bubbling and gentle sounds of water can cultivate a restful and peaceful ambiance that encourages one to take a deep breath and relax.

Wall art and decor can also be employed to promote a prayerful attitude. Calligraphy posters of religious blessings, praises, or symbols, and images of peaceful natural landscapes, such as sunsets, mountains, oceans, sunflowers, and tulips are a few great examples of religious-inspired visual elements that provide a sense of calm for the prayerful mind. Prayer towels, prayer mats, and pillows can be strategically placed around the room to encourage relaxation, comfort, and enjoyable posture.

All in all, adding decoration and natural elements into the prayer room provides the user with a space to calm and relax while worshiping.


Prayer room lights

An essential component of prayer room design is lighting, which can dramatically enhance the ambience and function of this sacred space. Overhead lighting can provide a range of illumination styles, depending on the user’s preferences and needs, from soft and warm lighting to bright and stark lighting for studying Islamic scriptures.

For mood lighting, lamps with soft light bulbs, candle holders, glowing lanterns or battery-operated fairy lights are ideal options that create a soothing atmosphere in the prayer room. These gentle light sources can help to transport the user’s mind away from daily stressors and help them focus on praying and meditating.

Similarly, dimmer switches that enable the light levels to be adjusted according to preference provide a more personalised experience. It gives the user the option to adjust the lighting and reduce distractions in a way that feeds their body and spirit.

When it comes to lighting, aim for a balance between ambient and task lighting. Whether it is by installing a chandelier in the centre of the room or adding a range of soft, warm lights that can be accentuated with task-focused lighting options, the right lighting helps to promote a serene, prayerful atmosphere, which is perfect for achieving inner peace.

Storage Solutions

Prayer room cabinet

Storage in the prayer room can be a great way to keep the space organised and clear of clutter that can distract the user during worship. While the thought of having storage solutions in the prayer room might seem contradictory, discreet storage not only keeps the room looking neat but makes it easier to clean and maintain.

There many ideas that prayer room storage solutions can incorporate like small cabinets, decorative boxes, bookshelf, baskets, storage benches, and built-in shelving. The kind of storage solution that is decided on must align with the prayer room’s size, design, colour, and overall tone.

Smaller items like jewellery, keys, rosaries, and other worship-related items can be stored in decorative boxes, while larger items such as prayer mats, textbooks, and religious books may be kept in the cupboards and shelves. Storage benches can provide additional seating options and double as storage options for linens and towels used during prayer.

With creative thinking and some investigation, storage solutions can have an aesthetic appeal and complement the prayer room’s overall theme to ensure a peaceful environment that is serene and uninterrupted by disorder and clutter.

Sound Systems

Prayer room speaker

Creating a soothing and reflective atmosphere to pray in can be enhanced with the addition of an excellent sound system. A sound system installed in the prayer room can improve the user’s experience of prayer and meditation and deepen their connection with their faith.

For example, listening to prayers recited in beautiful, melodious voices can soothe and uplift the mind and soul, and the sound of beautiful Quran verses playing softly in the background create a peaceful atmosphere. Adding also nature sounds, such as gentle rain, birds chirping, and waves crashing on the shore, can create an environment that promotes relaxation and contemplation.

Investing in a high-quality sound system with a variety of options will help to create an environment that inspires the user’s soul and keeps them engaged in the experience of prayer and reflection.

The prayer room is a special space intended for spiritual reflection and communion with the divine, and accessorising it with various tools can help to promote the mental and spiritual states needed to do so effectively. Incorporating elements like aromatherapy and incense, d├ęcor, lighting, sound systems, and storage solutions can enhance the overall experience of prayer and meditation, providing the user with a peaceful, calming space to connect with their spirituality.

Prayer Room Storage Ideas

Prayer Room Storage Ideas

If you have a designated prayer room in your home, it is essential to keep it organized and clutter-free. When you have a neat and tidy prayer room, it can help you focus on your prayers and connect with the Almighty. Here are some storage ideas that can help you keep your prayer essentials and accessories organized:


Prayer Room Shelf

Shelves are a great way to keep your prayer mat, books, and other essentials organized. You can install wall-mounted shelves to maximize space and keep everything in its place. Dedicate a section of the shelf to store your prayer mat and other accessories like tasbeeh, surma, or any other item used for prayer. You can also install hooks underneath the shelves to hang your prayer gown or abaya.


Prayer Room Organizer

There are various types of organizers available to store your prayer essentials and accessories. You can buy an organizer specifically designed for prayer dresses or gowns that comes with pockets to keep your hijab, gloves, and other items. Another option is a desk organizer that can keep your Quran, tasbeeh, and prayer beads in a neat and organized manner. You can also consider a drawer compartment organizer to keep your smaller prayer items like surma or miswak.


Prayer Room Baskets

Baskets are a great way to store your prayer essentials, and they add a rustic touch to your prayer room decor. You can use wicker baskets to keep your prayer rug, Hijab, and other accessories. Label each basket to make it easier to find what you need. You can also consider using plastic or fabric baskets to store your prayer books and Surah cards.


Prayer Room Wardrobe

If you have ample space in your prayer room, consider investing in a wardrobe or armoire. A wardrobe can keep your prayer essentials, books, and other items in one place. You can also use the wardrobe to store your prayer dresses and gown. Keep the wardrobe closed when not in use to prevent dust buildup.


Prayer Room Labels

You can label your storage items with names or essential items to make it easier to find what you need. Label your baskets, shelves, and drawers, so you know exactly where to find your prayer mat, Quran, or accessories. You can use color-coded labels to help you differentiate between different items.


Prayer Room Decluttering

Decluttering your prayer room is an essential step in keeping it neat and organized. Remove any items that are no longer useful or necessary. Take out any old prayer books or magazines and place them in the recycling bin. Keep only the essential items that you need to perform your prayers and remove everything else.

In conclusion, organizing and decluttering your prayer room is essential in helping you maintain focus and concentration during prayer. Try using shelves, baskets, organizers, and wardrobes to store your prayer essentials and personal items. And don’t forget to label your storage items to make it easier to find what you need.


Prayer room accessories

Having a designated prayer room in your home is essential for devout individuals who may want to take a few moments to ground themselves and show appreciation to their Higher Power. Whether you have a spacious room set aside for this purpose or a small corner that has been designated as your prayer altar, there are several accessories that you can use to transform it into a peaceful sanctuary. These accessories can enhance the ambiance and experience of your prayer time, allowing you to connect with your spirituality on a deeper level.

Prayer Mat

Prayer mat

A prayer mat is an essential accessory for any prayer room. It is symbolic of the prayer rug that Prophet Muhammad used, and it serves as a hygienic barrier between the floor and the worshipper. A prayer mat can come in various shapes, colours, and designs, but the most significant aspect is that it should be clean, made of soft materials and durable enough to last for several years of use.

Quran Stand

Quran stand

A Quran stand is an accessory that can be incredibly beneficial for devout individuals who wish to memorize the Quran. It has a slanted design that allows the Quran to be positioned at an ideal angle for reading. Additionally, it can be collapsible and portable, making it perfect for those who wish to take their prayers on the go.

Prayer Beads or Tasbih

Prayer beads

Prayer beads, also known as tasbih, are a string of beads used to count phrases or recitation of names of Allah, allowing the worshipper to focus their minds and heart on the divine. The most common type of prayer beads is made of 99 beads, which correspond to the ninety-nine names of Allah. They serve as constant reminders to the wearer of the divine presence, and they are often used for meditation and reflection. Prayer beads come in various materials such as wood, stone, or glass, and they can be customized to match your personal style and preference.

Prayer Rug Hanger

Prayer rug hanger

A prayer rug hanger is perfect for individuals who have limited space in their prayer room. It is a simple accessory that can keep your prayer rug neat and tidy while also preventing it from getting dirty. A prayer rug hanger is easy to install and can be a decorative element in your prayer room.

Islamic Artwork

Islamic artwork

Islamic artwork can be a beautiful and fitting addition to any prayer room. Calligraphy, in particular, is a popular form of Islamic art that features Arabic scriptures or a Hadith, a saying of the Prophet, delicately inscribed on paper or canvas. Calligraphy can be a powerful source of inspiration, adding an element of beauty and spirituality to your prayer room environment.

Room Diffuser

Room diffuser

Adding a room diffuser to your prayer room is an excellent way to enhance relaxation and promote a calm ambiance. Different essential oils, such as lavender, can help soothe you spiritually and mentally. The right scent can relax the body, calm your mind, and prepare you for prayer.



Designing a prayer room that is both beautiful and functional can make a world of difference in creating a meditative and serene atmosphere. Selecting accessories such as prayer mats, tasbih, Quran stands, and prayer rug hangers help make prayer more comfortable, organized, and engaging. While adding calligraphy and room diffusers can enhance the visual and sensory experience.

By investing in these accessories, you can create an oasis of calmness in your home, a dedicated space that helps you connect with the Divine and truly appreciate the spiritual practice of prayer.

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