20 Amazing Modern Bathroom Lighting Design Ideas

The process of trying to select the best bathroom lighting design for your bathroom can be demanding. You must try to find out the different criteria to use and this is just the perfect place for the guidance. The art of bathroom light fixtures is one that should be mastered and applied.

This knowledge is meant for everyone with the same aspirations as yours. Recommend friend to this article and see how their bathrooms will turn out. As an expert in bathroom lighting fixtures, I want to share very simple tips on bathroom lighting.

If you are just about to build your bathroom then you have an upper hand. If you already have a bathroom then the lighting fixtures I want to recommend are absolutely what you are looking for to bring that taste you want.

It is important to consider the type of lights that can be added to your bathroom before you begin. Some bathrooms also have the naturel light which is provided by a transparent glass at some part of the roof that is usually open.

For a smaller bathroom it is easy to light. The rules of lighting here are fewer but critical. If the room is tiny. Too many lights are not cool. The chances of bad combinations of light is also prone to occurring.
Make sure you understand the necessary places to light first.

The transformation

Modern bathroom lighting ideas

Bathrooms in the modern world is no longer that small room used to shower and that is all. Modern trends in bathroom construction have turned it into a large luxury room. This room also serves as a place to relax. For this bathrooms, they require proper lighting. Let us look at this aspect of correct lighting.

Previously we have had overhead lighting. This created a shade of shadow. To combat this modernity has demonstrated that a bathroom is one place that requires enough lighting from different angles and different levels.

Types of bathroom light fixtures

1. Ambient lighting

Ambient lighting is also known as general lighting. This type illuminates the entire bathroom. They also provide enough light o be able to safely move around the room under enough light. This lighting is done through ceiling lighting.

2. Task lighting

Task lighting is usually bright and directional. This light is designed to provide more light for activities like personal grooming around the bathroom vanity. These lights are commonly mounted horizontally above the mirror. It serves most day to day tasks.

3. Accent Lighting

Accent lighting is meant to balance the overall brightness of the room. Accent lighting enhances the ambient and task lighting. Adding this light to your bathroom involves addition of wall sconce.

Take not of the following lighting areas

1. Ceiling light

Ceiling lights as stated earlier provides general light. It is best if ceiling lights are laced at the center of the room. However, ceiling lights should not be placed on the vanity.

2. Bathroom mirror lights

Bathroom mirror lights are mounted above the mirror. These lights normally are accompanied by two wall lights on both sides. The estimated distance is at least 36 inches in length and 48 inches high on the wall.

3. Wet locations

These are areas in the bathroom even if water is splashed on these lights it cannot be damaged. They are directly exposed to water access. These lights are usually made in such a way that the water does not get into contact with the electrical system of the lights.

4. Bathroom wall lights

Wall lights can also be used to enhance the ceiling and ambient light. Here a single sconce is recommended. It possibly lights some dark corner too. Wall lights are mounted at the eye level.

Bathroom lighting is very important. A part from just providing visual help, it also comes with a great sense of art and beauty. Bathroom light fixtures are key in making the d├ęcor work out.

Bathroom cleanliness

The more the lighting the cleaner the bathroom. Lights are good because they help you spot the dirty stains in your bathroom. Whenever you notice the dirt it is very hard to ignore unlike where you cannot see but you are based on assumption.

Natural lighting of the bathroom

Many modern bathrooms are also naturally lit during the day. They have side glass opening that is raised to allow natural light in. These windows are normally larger to allow in more light. However, the windows are usually made in a way that they can be closed at night.

While trying to make out which mode you would like to use it is important that you put into consideration the space in question and you are going to balance the lights. The following tips apply to those who are desire to have one the most luxurious bathrooms.

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