22 Master Bedroom Lighting Ideas for Amazing Look

People often neglect lightings when decorating new master bedrooms, thinking that regular bulbs are enough. However, the right bedroom lighting ideas not only illuminate but also provide a unique decorative touch. Try one of these 22 unique ideas for bedroom lightings.

1. Recessed Lightings for Bedroom

Big modern Bedroom ideas

Recessed lightings for bedroom help saving space and create a mood. You can combine recessed lightings with one main ceiling lamp to create atmosphere.

2. Bedside Lamp with Painted Shades

Contemporary master bedroom design

Painted lampshades create unique mood even in a simple room. Many lampshades come in beautiful patterns, from floral to geometric. Choose one that reflects your personality.

3. Chandelier as Bedroom Lighting

Chandelier lighting master bedroom ideas

A chandelier is a great option for a classy, elegant, large master bedroom. A small chandelier as bedroom lighting provides the same look in a smaller room. It creates extra space illusion without cluttering the room.

4. Track Lamps to Highlight Wall Arts

Master bedroom decorated with wood and warm light

If your master bedrooms have unique wall arts, such as paintings or beautiful photos, install track lamps to highlight them. Track lamps make your room look like a gallery. They also create a mood when the main lamp is turned off.

5. Cute Bedside Lamp

master bedroom lighting ideas

The cute bedside lamp is one of the most popular bedroom lighting ideas among busy adults who like joyful decorations. These lamps may have animal-themed designs or whimsical patterns. They also serve as statement pieces.

6. Sputnik Chandelier Lamp for Bedroom

luxury master bedroom design

Sputnik is a modern twist of regular chandelier lamp, with the more circular and minimalist shape. Sputnik chandelier lamp for the bedroom is perfect for various interior designs. You can install it in a traditional or modern room.

7. Twin Bedside Lightings

master bedroom design

Twin bedside lightings provide mood lamp for both sides. They also create symmetry and nice “framing” for the bed. Bedside lightings also emphasize the room’s design theme.

8. Twin Wall Sconce Lightings

Master bedroom with beautiful lamp

Twin wall sconce lightings are perfect for the luxury bedroom without matching bedsides. However, you can also install these twin sconces above regular twin bedside lamps. They are perfect for formal-looking bedrooms.

9. Modern Pendant Light for Bedroom

Luxury master bedroom with modern lighting

Modern pendant light for the bedroom is common in contemporary design trend. It comes in various colors and shapes. They are usually sleeker and more suitable for contemporary rooms than chandeliers.

10. Colored Metal Bedroom Lamps

bedroom interior with black lamp

Colored metal bedroom lamps are unusual bedroom lighting ideas, which make them perfect for creating statement. Brass and bronze are popular metals for bedroom lamps. They have warm colors and are light enough to be hung.

11. Edison Bulb Lamps

Industrial bedroom style with edison bulb lamp

Edison bulb lamps provide a vintage and slightly industrial look. They come in various shapes, from classic chandeliers to asymmetrical contemporary lamps. Edison bulbs can create a statement in a simple room.

12. Bedroom Lighting with Mirror

modern bedroom with two mirror

Bedroom lighting with mirror creates larger space illusion because the mirror reflects light. Place a mirror across wall lighting or install it in front of a window.

13. Floor Lamp for Small Bedroom

Grey bedroom with floor lamp

Floor lamp for small bedroom helps to maximize the space use. Choose a lamp that illuminates top and bottom areas equally. Placing a floor lamp in the corner also provides the entire room with moody light.

14. Lightbulb with Softer Light

Industrial style bedroom with red, brick wall

Lightbulb with softer light (incandescent light) is perfect for a small bedroom. It softens the entire look and creates an intimate atmosphere. It also helps you to sleep better because the effect is more relaxing.

15. Frosted Glass Bedroom Lighting

modern master bedroom ideas

Frosted glass bedroom lighting provides softer light than a regular bulb. It also offers an elegant look without being excessive. Frosted glass lamps may come as floor, wall, or ceiling fixtures.

16. Headboard Lighting for Bedroom

master bedroom ideas and design

Headboard lighting for the bedroom is a built-in fixture. You can use it to do activities on the bed or softly illuminate the room. The lamp saves space because it does not take up floor or wall space.

17. Flat Bedroom Ceiling Light

Stylish bedroom with contemporary blue painting

The flat bedroom ceiling light is perfect for a small room with low ceiling. It is great to combine with engravings, gold paint, or other ceiling embellishments.

18. Wall Neon Sculpture Lamp

modern bedroom with wall sculpture

Neon sculpture lamp is perfect to decorate a room and add moody lighting. The lamp can form any words you like, from your name to short inspirational quote.

19. Matching Wall and Lampshade

Luxury master bedroom design

Matching the color of wall and lampshade create a “blend” that reduces crowded feeling. You can use a darker color for the wall and lamp to create a moody, relaxing atmosphere.

20. Twin Pendant Lamps

Luxury bedroom interior design

Twin pendant lamps create a unique look while giving extra illumination for the room. Two slim, vertical pendant lamps create a sleek look, without looking busy.

21. Modern Lantern Bedroom Lightings

large bedroom design

Modern lantern bedroom lightings create the artistic look without sacrificing functions. You can choose vintage-style, Moroccan, or Indian lamps.

22. Hidden LED Bedroom Lightings

master bedroom ideas

Hidden LED bedroom lightings are the latest trends in smart home design. These lightings are not conspicuous in the room, but they provide enough illumination for the entire space. They can be installed on certain spots, such as near the bed, desk, and bathroom door.

Creative bedroom lighting ideas illuminate a master bedroom and make it more eye-catching. Choose one of these inspirations to create a dream bedroom.

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