Handmade Lace Decorative Armlet | DIY Bangle

Bangles or bracelet is most prominent girls’ jewelry item that they wear casually and formally both vogues for chic and attractive exterior manifestation.

School, college girls and office work females always like to wear light weight unique jewelry those furnish ultra-classic glance to their external beauty.

DIY Lace Decorative Wristlet

Here, I am bringing an awesome elegant idea of subtle bangle that you can easily make at home. This adorable lace decorative bangle looks tremendous graceful and admirable.

Let see below and get nice idea to décor bangle.

Required things

• Plastic bangle

• Golden lace

• Liquid glue

Pictographic Procedure:

1) Paste glue at the edge of lace and stick it inner side of bangle

2) Tightly wrapped lace

3) Enjoy entire image of DIY lace bangle

Use of DIY bangle

This lovely handmade bracelet you can wear casually and sometime you match with your outfit.

You can utilize this endearing bracelet as a gift her beloved personality like daughter, sister, cousin or friend.

This charming handmade bangle would be enchanting and memorable gift for them.

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