17 Elegant Cozy Backyard Pool Designs to Adopt

Create the feeling of convenience in the backyard of your home by trying the elegant and cozy backyard pool designs.

Having the wonderful backyard pool in your house will make all the family happier.

Combining the different colors of the ornaments and eye-opening theme decoration will create the vibrant impact and the warm feeling.

You can enjoy sunbathing in summer, have the pool party, and barbecue with family and friends in the pool.

Here are 17 elegant cozy backyard pool designs that you need to know if you plan to make a swimming pool in your backyard.

1. Long Minimalist Backyard Pool

Backyard Pool Designs

Having a small space in your backyard will no longer matter. You still can have the swimming pool in your small yard. Try this long minimalist backyard pool design.

Housing swimmimg Pool Plan

Create the long lap pool with the vines attached to the wall. Choose the cream tile to emphasize the minimalist touch. Enjoy your back and forth swimming.

2. Artistic Stepping Stones Backyard Pool

Small backyard pool ideas

The combination of the modern and natural look through a stepping stones backyard pool design creates the feeling of having vacation all the time.

Backyard Design

The use of stones for the terrace or patio becomes the main point for this design. The artistic engraving of the fountain ornament empowers every view of the pool.

3. Natural Rustic Wood Backyard Pool

natural backyard pool

Why don’t you try to adopt the Mediterranean backyard pool design? This design emphasizes the natural value which is able to evoke of the fun feeling. This design also cannot be separated from the natural color. The color of the wood will create the nice atmosphere.

backyard pool designs

You can have the rustic wood terrace around the pool to highlight the color of nature. Add the ornaments such as grasses and the plants to create the subtle atmosphere. Complete the ornaments with two dark wood color chairs as the final touch of this Mediterranean design.

Here are some characteristics of the rustic backyard pool:

  • Plants

Plants create the harmony of the Mediterranean design of the backyard pool. The plants that have the soft color and breeze effect underline the uniqueness and cheerful effect from this design.

  • Details

You can pay attention to the details when you adopt this Mediterranean look for your pool. You can add one of the ornaments such as fountains, patio, urns, or arch to touch up the pool.

  • Tiles

The detail you can pay attention is choosing the suitable material for the tiles. Mosaic tiles, ceramic, stone tiles, porcelain, or glass tiles are recommended. They are durable with the sun or water exposure.

  • Colors

The colors for the Mediterranean design likely follow your style. Mostly the warm, aqua-toned, natural, and neutral colors are more preferable for the backyard pool. You can also choose the bright color.

4. Luxurious L-Shape Backyard Pool

appealing backyard pool designs for contemporary

The L-shape backyard pool design is able to create the luxurious appearance in the limited space of the backyard. Use the natural color like wood color or ebony to feature the pool deck. The high-end rendition of the ornaments will complete your beautiful backyard scenery.

5. Simple Melbourne Backyard Pool

simple backyard pool

The simple Melbourne backyard pool design is another worth trying concept. You can create the natural and simple look from this design. Use the bricks or stones elements around the pool.

Backyard colorful

You can also use them for the floors, wall, or small garden landscape as the final touch. Adjust the harmony of your Melbourne exterior backyard pool concept with the house.

6. Exotic River View Backyard Pool

exotic backyard pool

Get closer with nature in your backyard? Try this exotic river view backyard pool concept. The exotic feeling you get will be more perfect if you can beautify it with the trees and plants.

Swimming Pool Bar

Add the stone-material fountain with the high-end marble for the pool patio. You will love spending time with your family in this cool backyard pool.

7. Modern Blue Tiles Backyard Pool

Modern Blue Tiles Backyard Pool

Playing with colors is the main point of this awesome blue tiles backyard pool design. Create the modern rendition of the pool exterior with the selection of colors.

Blue Tiles Backyard Pool

You can mix all kinds of blue colors with white, black, yellow, or green. Use blue tiles with the white lights to illuminate the intensity of the blue tile reflection.

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8. Awesome Shipping Container Backyard Pool

Container Backyard Pool

The shipping container can be installed as a pool? Yes, it can. This type of design is easy to set up and install. Play with the other exteriors like the small pergola and wooden chairs to contrast the pool. Make a small garden to add this awesome concept. You can enjoy sunbathing while your kids swim around.

9. Cool Curvy Shaped Backyard Pool Designs

Curvy Shaped Backyard Pool

If you dare to create the different concept for your backyard pool, try the curvy shaped backyard pool design. This design is cool because it creates the fresh and nice feeling.

Freeform Pool

To emphasize this concept, you can surround the pool with the garden. Add the fountain to finish the touch for this concept.

If you have a space in your backyard and plan to make a swimming pool, you can try one of the backyard pool designs above. Choose the design that will fit the size of your backyard and the design of your house. Good luck!

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