37 Best Pergola Ideas and Style Arround The World

If you want to set up something spectacular in your outdoor space, but without spending a small fortune on it and still get an incredible aesthetic effect and a great place to relax, then you definitely need to take the pergola into account.

A pergola is very versatile and can fit in almost any kind of outdoor space, beautifying it and creating the perfect escape corner for each time you want to relax and unwind.

If you want to see the real potential of a pergola, just take a look at the examples listed below.

They will give you a wide range of ideas on how a pergola can be set up in a variety of situations, so you can find the best idea that suits yourself.

1. A transition area

best pergola design

Pergolas are great when it comes to making the connection between your house and another type of space on your property, like a backyard, garden, or deck area. Just make sure to use some of the textured materials that define your house on the pergola as well, so it can look like an extension of your home.

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When it comes to making the transition to the other space, the pergola’s structure itself will do this part, so you won’t have to worry about it.

2. An oasis of peace – Best pergola ideas

best pergolas ideas

We all need to recharge our energy somewhere, so it is great if we can do this in the comfort and intimacy of our own home. A pergola with blue accents and with shades for privacy on the side is all you need to enjoy the calming power of this structure.

3. The bistro-bar pergola

pergola with bar

A pergola with an awning really looks like a bistro, which is a great space not just for relaxation but also for entertainment. Use white materials and natural wood and turn the space into one with a positive attitude by decorating it with potted plants, even a floral rug. The idea is to recreate the kind of space you usually find in vacations.

4. The pergola of southwest Lanai

pergola design ideas

The sun burns brighter in the southwest area and, therefore, the temperatures tend to get higher. This is why this particular type of pergola is made to provide more shade than usual.

This happens due to the fact that smaller slats are used on top of the larger slats of the pergola so that less sunlight gets through them.

Also, only the area where the table is placed is fully shaded by a roof, for increased comfort while eating. The rest of the pergola’s roof is left open, so that heat can easily escape.

5. Pergola rustic style and lanterns

Pergola rustic style and lanterns

Who doesn’t enjoy feeling like in a cabin more often, but without the need to leave home? You can easily create such a beautiful corner by using woven materials, various textures, and natural, neutral colors for your pergola. You will definitely love reading a book or chat over a cup of tea there.

6. Spectacular black pergola designs

black pergola style

If you never thought that black pergolas can actually be an option, think again. The best part about opting for a black pergola is that will give you all the benefits of this structure while allowing your small garden or yard to remain in the center of attention.

7. Experiment pergola with various geometric shapes

best pergola geometric style

While a pergola is rectangular in most cases, this doesn’t mean that you can’t allow your imagination to run free. So, when it comes to screens and roof for your pergola, don’t be afraid to play with a variety of geometric shapes and see which options can flatter your outdoor space best.

8. A swing bed made out of pallets

best pergola designs

It is so easy to have a swing and a bed in your backyard all-in-one. And the best part is that this solution that is cost-effective as well. How can this be possible? Well, if you use pallets as raw material then you will save a lot.

Take this example and make your outdoor bed right away. Add a comfy mattress and pillows that match your personal style and you will have the ideal relaxation space.

9. The modern pergola ideas

best pergola ideas

Pergolas are not just great ideas for leisure space in the outdoors, as they will also make the passing from a paved area, for instance, to the rest of the yard.

In other words, it will add amazing accents to your outdoor space and by adding a few modern touches, like a fire pit, you will have a space that will offer the perfect retreat day after day.

10. Pergola with a greenhouse design

beauty pergolas designs

Inspired by the architecture of a greenhouse, this pergola is elegant, chic, and comfortable at the same time. Adding pillows, drapes, and cushions that match the color of the pergola’s wood and, if you are bold, checkered flooring will give this space a distinct look. It will still be a pergola, but it will definitely keep the viewer guessing.

11. A pergola for the cool northeastern days

Northeastern pergola style images

Soon the autumn will come and if you live in the northeastern area, then you must know that autumn evenings can be rather cool. Get cozy and keep yourself warm with this kind of pergola, which uses comfortable upholstered chairs, a fire pit, and fireplace.

You can go even further and, as this example suggests, you can add an outdoor kitchen for preparing your favorite comforting food.

12. Best pergola ideas – The Mediterranean style

pergola Mediterranean Style

If you already have influences of the Mediterranean style in your home, then this idea for a pergola will be more than suitable. Of course, don’t hesitate to use it if you want add romantic and laid back touches to your outdoor space.

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You will definitely feel the comfort and privacy of this pergola, while enjoying its gorgeous details and texture, without even bothering to add any color to the combination.

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