5+ One Wall Kitchen (Design and Ideas)

One wall kitchen makes your room in the house looks more spacious.

This design is interesting because it will also give benefit for you.

This one wall design is not a new design because many people are using this design.

One Wall Kitchen

If you want to make one wall kitchen design, you may consider these strategy and ideas for your inspiration.

1. Country Design One Wall Kitchen

This country design for one wall kitchen is really great for you.

It gives a very modern look and stunning look.

Using the white drawers, cabinets, and rack will give a cleanness look for your kitchen.

This one wall make you easy to do the cooking activity.

2. Simple One Wall Kitchen

This simple look of one wall design can be created in your home.

It gives a very calm and also smooth look for your kitchen.

You don’t need to have more furniture in your kitchen because this simple one wall is absolutely making your kitchen chic.

3. Modern One Wall Kitchen

The modern look of one wall kitchen is best choice for you.

If you don’t like the conventional design style, you can choose this one.

You can use all the white and stainless steel material but you can give another touch of wood flooring.

4. Futuristic One Wall Kitchen

This design is very modern and high technology in which the cabinet is invisible.

You cannot see where the cabinet is but this one wall kitchen design is so much glamour.

The clean cut of the cabinetry id giving a smooth surface.

5. Monochromatic One Wall Kitchen

Having monochrome is a high value.

This is simple yet eye catching for your one wall kitchen design.

You can get the large space look for your room.

The cleanliness level of this design is so high.

Painted in grey and white wall will give a very calm and fresh look.

6. Rustic One Wall Kitchen

Rustic design is a timeless design ever.

You can use the rustic design for your one wall kitchen.

Even though the theme is rustic, you can give another modern look such as the black and white tile cube as your flooring.

This is a lovely design that can give a warm feeling.

7. Small Space One Wall Kitchen

One wall design is very suitable for the small house.

This will make your home neat and also functional.

Using a small mini bar will give you space for breakfast with family in the counter place.

This is the best way to save more useless furniture for your small kitchen.

8. Retro Single Line One Wall Kitchen

Image Source: donpedrobrooklyn.com

Having retro design is the best choice for minimalist home.

The single line of cabinet will also be nice idea for you is you don’t need the big cabinet.

You can also install the refrigerator beside your counter or dining table.

It will be more eyes catching.

9. Mediterranean One Wall Kitchen

If you like the neutral color, this Mediterranean design is really good.

You can make your kitchen more open and airy because you use single one kitchen wall.

It will be the core of your kitchen.

10. Marble Countertop One Wall Kitchen

You can combine your design by using marble as your countertop.

This will give a luxurious look for your kitchen.

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