17 Relaxing Master Bathroom Ideas: Functional and Stylish

Designing or remodeling a bathroom takes more work than creating other rooms, especially the main bathroom of the house. If you are planning to do this, finding the best master bathroom ideas that are functional and stylish can be next to try.

From using a bathtub as a focal point to walk-in closet integration, here are some concepts that you can use:

1. Freestanding Bathtub

white antique freestanding bathtube

Using a claw-foot tub will create a classic look for your master bathroom. Plus, it saves more space than the usual bathtub. The key to making it stands out is to put the bathtub beside a neutral-colored wall

2. Double Vanity

elegant simple bathroom in white

The use of his-and-hers double vanity is a perfect idea if you and your partner start the day at the same time every morning. With time and schedule rushing in, you both don’t have to wait for your turn to get ready.
Design-wise, this kind of vanity with a large mirror on the wall would give a luxurious look for the bathroom.

3. Dark Bathroom with Lightings

dark bathroom interior ideas

While most bathrooms opt for white or other bright colors, you can try to use a dark color to add elegance. Dark tiles and cabinetry would matches flawlessly with bright granite countertop on the vanity.
To stun the whole appearance, add main and secondary lightings on the ceiling, mirror, and cabinets.

4. Patterned Floor

Master bathroom ideas

Bold-patterned floor combined with white tiles on the walls would give an eclectic interior for your bathroom. You can try checkered, marbled, or porcelain bathroom tile designs for the floor.
Coordinating the floor color with an accessory like the shower curtain can also complete the look.

5. Greenery Inside

Modern master bathroom

Create a Zen-inspired look by adding indoor plants to your bathroom. Not only does it make the bathroom feels peaceful, but it will also give the area fresh air every day.

As a note, you may want to take extra care of these indoor plants if you are putting it inside the bathroom. Consider watering and exposing it to sunlight, so it keeps growing fresh.

6. European Aesthetic by Painting the Ceiling

Classic Master bath ideas

You know the classical European ceiling mural art with sky blue color and clouds painting on it. If you have space, you can recreate this antique look and combine it with intricate gold details on the accessories.

7. Large Windows with a View

 luxury bathroom with a white bathtube

Who says bathroom can’t have a large mirror facing outside? If you happen to have a gorgeous view of the landscape outside, or even just your backyard, you can consider having a large glass window to give a spacious feeling for the bathroom.

8. Beach House Bathroom

modern bathroom interior ideas

What about master bathroom ideas that can take you on holiday every day? Try ocean blue, sand beige, and nautical accessories on your bathroom. With the right amount of natural sunlight, the whole bathroom will create a comforting zone for the whole family.

9. Steampunk Bathroom

steampunk bathroom

Unpolished copper and brass materials, black lining, and industrial piping—the steampunk look will give you master bathroom a unique look.

The retro-futuristic industrial interior design combines elegance with decorative, giving the area a classical yet futuristic appearance.

10. Tropical Touch with Natural Stones

Luxury tropical bathroom

Besides indoor plants, natural stone on one of the bathroom walls and the use of carved wood on the details will create a refreshing tropical look. If you like the feeling of the tropical spa, this design is definitely for you.

11. Connected to a Walk-In Closet

Master bathroom connect to walk-in closet

A private master bathroom is best paired with a walk-in closet. It increases the area’s efficiency as you get ready in one place. The key to the combination is the drying area so that the closet is kept from water drips and mess.

12. All-Wood Rustic Look

rustic bathroom ideas

Establish a traditional lodge house look by using the wood element in rustic design for your master bathroom ideas. Complete the design by using a vessel sink and dark wood color for the finishing.

13. Faux Pebble Tiles

Master bathroom modern style decorated with the pebble

Pebble tiles on your walk-in shower would create a relaxing and spa-like bathroom. Whether you are using it on the floor or walls, the pebbles will surely bring the taste of nature to your shower room.

14. Textured Wall

best master bathroom ideas

Textured wall would not only create a focal point in your bathroom but also make the area looks contemporary. Place the focal wall behind a vanity or a bathtub to make it stand out from the rest of the area.

15. Combine Shower and Bathtub

Amazing Master Bathroom with large tub and tiled shower

Though most of the master bathroom ideas are rather spacious, you can have a small master bathroom, especially if you want to keep it in your master bedroom. Combining the shower and bathtub in one area can be a good idea for space efficiency.

16. Classical Farmhouse Bathroom

wooden master bathroom interior design

The natural color of pine, olive green, and white tiles would be a beautiful combo for your master bathroom. To add the details, place potted plants or scented candles on the vanity and small wall decors.

17. Gorgeous Japanese Bathroom

modern wooden japanese master bathroom design

Japanese design combines nature, stone, and wood in a minimalist way. The lines are sleek, and the lightings are deep and warm. The use of a wooden sliding door will also add the authenticity of the design.

There are plenty of master bathroom ideas that can inspire you on your next project. Before designing the interior and details, make sure you have the right bathroom floor plans, to begin with.

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