23 Creative and Unique Bedroom Designs for Your Kids

Decorating a boy’s room needs many considerations, from colors to functional spaces. Boys bedroom ideas must be comfortable and able to encourage creativity. Here are 20 great ideas to decorate a timeless and charming bedroom.

1. Boy’s Bedroom with Recessed Shelves

Amazing bedroom for boys
Yellow color Boys Bedroom Ideas

Boy’s bedroom with recessed shelves inspires countless inspirations. Kids can put their toys and action figures on display. When they get older, these shelves can be used for books or trophies. Recessed shelves are also ideal for small rooms.

2. Graphic Map on Bedroom Walls

Bedroom for kids
Elegant Boys Bedroom Ideas

Update typical map decoration with a graphic map on white walls. Choose one bold color to make the map more striking. This decoration is perfect for the rooms of younger and older kids.

3. Rustic Boy’s Bedroom with Wooden Ceiling

Boys bedroom decor ideas
Grey Boys Bedroom Ideas

Rustic boy’s bedroom with wooden ceiling provides warm and casual look. Use white walls and lighter wood shade for the floor to complement the ceiling. Boys can decorate it with things that reflect their hobbies.

4. Corner Bunk Beds

Bedroom for kids ideas


Corner bunk beds are perfect for boys that share a room. The beds are placed on the corner to save space in the middle. Having multiple beds is also great if the kids often invite friends for a sleepover.

5. Nautical Bedroom

Bedroom decor ideas

Boys bedroom ideas with nautical theme use a lot of relaxing colors, like blue, white, and sand. Rope, small lifesaver, and oceanic patterns like seashells are perfect for this room. For older kids, keep the color scheme and reduce the cutesy patterns.

6. Color-blocking Bedroom Idea

boys bedroom ideas

Color-blocking bedroom idea uses different shades on various parts of the room. For example, try pairing light blue ceiling with a mustard yellow and red-white striped rug. Choose furniture with dark neutral colors to balance everything.

7. Boy’s Bedroom with Unique Rug

Bedroom style ideas

Boy’s bedroom with unique rug offers personality, even with minimum decoration. Choose a full rug with patterns that reflect the boy’s interests.

8. Blue and Orange Boy’s Bedroom

Bedroom for child

Blue is a “traditional” color for boy’s stuff, and orange complements it well. Blue and orange boy’s bedroom is relaxing, but with a dash of brightness. Make blue the dominant color to reduce anxiety and hyperactivity.

9. Boy’s Bedroom with Small Patterns

Best boys bedroom concept

Boys bedroom with small patterns looks great, but not overwhelming. These patterns can be something simple, like subtle lines, zigzag patterns, or dots. The patterns can be on the walls, furniture, or curtains.

10. “Transition” Boy’s Bedroom

Bedroom ideas

Many boys bedroom ideas use transition designs, perfect to accommodate a time between childhood and teenager. The room may still have bright colors and fun elements, like graphics wall arts and funky rugs. However, the “cute” elements are reduced.

11. Funky Room with Recycled Objects

Bedroom decor for your child

Recycled objects offer a funky look and can teach kids about recycling. Painted wooden crates can be drilled into the wall to form shelves. Lamp, chest, and stool from recycled wood have “vintage” look that resembles treasures.

12. Small Room with Vertical Bed

Cool Boys Bedroom Ideas

Create a vertical living space with a bed on a vertical platform. Install a ladder to reach the bed and use the platform as a storage space. The boy will also feel more adventurous in such a room.

13. Black and White Boy’s Bedroom

Grey Boys Bedroom Ideas

Black and white boy’s bedroom can look cool and funky. Black graphic illustrations look great on the wall, pillows, or rug. White curtains and lampshades will make the boy feel special. This room also gives more freedom for kids to decorate when they grow older.

14. Boy’s Bedroom with Corner Workspace

Teen bedroom design ideas

Corner workspace is perfect for a small room. An L-shaped desk provides extra space to do homework, play games, draw or assemble action figures.

15. Bedroom with Stenciled Walls

Bedroom for kids ideas

Bedroom with stenciled walls offers casual charm. If you (or your kids) have drawing skill, try creating stenciled illustrations on the walls. Cover just one wall as an accent if covering everything is too overwhelming.

16. Bedroom with Book Display

Perfect bedroom for kids

Bedroom with book display is perfect for all bibliophile boys. The display can be several open shelves across the bed. Display books with the best covers facing outward. Add an accent such as a framed illustration atop the display.

17. Bed in Recessed Wall

Simple bedroom

Placing a bed in recessed wall space is ideal for narrow space. This design creates a comfortable nook, leaving extra space for a desk, chairs, and other stuff.

18. White Bedroom with Bright Door

kids bedroom ideas

The bright door gives life to a white bedroom, but without overwhelming the entire room. This is perfect for parents who don’t want to change the boy’s bedroom too much.

19. Music-themed Bedroom

bedroom for kids ideas

A musician boy’s bedroom must have a special corner for a musical instrument. Place a keyboard, guitar stand, or drum kit next to a window or decorated corner. Use musical notes and pictures of famous musicians as decorations.

20. Animal-themed Bedroom

Funny bedroom for kids

Animal-themed bedroom can use pattern, graphic illustrations, wallpaper, or animal skin patterns to create the look. The play between “cute” and “mature” designs based on the boy’s age.

Small Teen Bedroom Interior design

Best Boys Bedroom
warm style Boys Bedroom Ideas

Boys bedroom ideas must be comfortable and interesting for the owners. Make sure the rooms become their fun, personal space.

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