25 Amazing Subway Tile Bathroom Ideas – Home Inspirations

Different people have different bathroom tile ideas and from that observation we can safely say that most of our bathrooms are made up of different tiles.

They range from simple ideas such as pure white tile bathroom to more complex and sophisticated tile ideas you can ever think about, some like marbles of different colors to stones and basket weave tiles.

Every morning, most of us if not all of us visit the bathroom. This will necessitate the need to come up with an idea of one’s choice first at the beginning of construction.

The site of the bathroom can be motivating or just disgusting to spoil our day.

Why then use a filthy bathroom? But no need to worry is I god good ideas just meant for you about 10 fantastic and wonderful subway tile bathroom ideas. The bathroom ideas are many and one can choose from.

1. Vintage and Eclectic style subway tile bathroom

 Eclectic Bathroom Design Ideas


The subway has no special addition and is more of a simple subway tile. Its simple and classic lacking the distracting components of other designs.

The wall is simply white in color made up of white tiles that are arranged in a normal way.

White Bathroom

To spice up this design there is mirror on the wall which can be designed to accommodate ones need. Thinking of simplicity go for this design.

2. Basket weave tile bathroom ideas

Ten subway tile bathroom ideas

This tile looks exquisite natural and beautiful. There are more than 300 types of basket weave tile ideas one can use. Its appearance mimics that of a woven basket and can come in different colors. White is the most common color but brown or orange is also nice to think of.

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One can also buy the idea of adding marbles to the tiles as they will look more beautiful and classy.

3. Herringbone inset subway tile bathroom

tile bathroom

Uses same type of tiles but these tiles are oriented differently from one position to the other in the bathroom. The design is eye catching and simple appealing very much to the casual home.


It’s advantageous in that it’s easy to arrange the tile and one has freedom to choose how he or she wants the tile to be arranged. The simplicity of this type of arrangement also makes it elegant.

4. Blue mosaic accent subway tile

Blue mosaic accent subway tile ideas

It’s a traditional bathroom tile idea. Provides a perfect example of how one can accent subway tile with a strip of colored mosaic.

For instance in our case, the mid wall is marked with varied marked tiles is used to separate the blue painted wall on the upper side from the white tile subway on the lower side.

tile bathroom

One can choose different accent colored and should base it on the marked tiles separating the colored upper wall from the lower one.

5. Variegated marble subway tile bathroom ideas

perfect mosaic marble tiles bathrooms ideas

I bet you’ll love this idea! The tile is made up of ceramic wall which marbles have been attached to it in a specific pattern or the arrangement can also random.

It’s more interesting that the pure ceramic subway tile which appear too casual and boring as the marble spice up the appearance. A classic pattern of stones can be used in this subway tile design.

6. Black and white subway tile bathroom ideas

Black and white subway tile bathroom

What else is less complicated than white and black? This subway is simple and classy making a two perfect fit which is awesome.

The subway is made up of white tiles on the walls and black tiles on the floor. This design is pocket friendly as it does not require a lot of complexities.

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There is also polishing on the finishing which enhances lighting and illumination of the place, which if left unpolished would be dark.

7. Green subway tile bathroom ideas

odern Shower For Small Bathroom Decorating Ideas With Dark Green Glass Tiles


Designed by Anik Pearson Architect

Appearance and design

It’s made up of green tiles all over the wall and the roof top. It’s simple and a more colorful version of subway tile design.

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The floor is made up of a natural stone floor and a bench where to place ones fomites and toiletries. A good lighting system is necessary to make this style more appealing.

8. White bathroom subway tile with dark grout

Beautiful Bathrooms

Designed by Spivey Architects via Houzz

Appearance description

It’s a modification of a traditional bathroom tile subway made up of two contrasting colors white and grout. The wall of the bathroom is tiled all the way from the bottom to the top of the wall the shower and half of the wall is black splashed behind the door.

To make this design more interesting a darker grout is recommended to be used as it enhances contrast and appeal.

9. Grey subway tile bathroom with a vintage shower head

Grey subway tile bathroom with a vintage shower head


The wall is made up of gray bordering on tan tiles all the way up to the ceiling and can suit any style. the bathroom is made up of a shower overhead that has a golden finish which makes the design have a neutral tone tiles and inset mosaic.

10. White subway tile with a neutral contrasting insert

White Subway Tile With Neutral Contrasting

instead of mainly white tiles on whole inside of the bathroom which makes it quite monotonous, the design is basically made up of different colored tiles installed at different angles to one another bringing about a unique patterns. The inside has a cabinet where one can keep toiletries.

Subway Tile Colors


White Subway Tile Bathroom


Black and white tile bathroom


Floor Tile


Bathtub Hotel Style

To conclude the subway style one can choose should always be one which suits individual much rather than looking on the style. However one should understand that there are many good styles which are economic.

2 thoughts on “25 Amazing Subway Tile Bathroom Ideas – Home Inspirations”

  1. I love the floors, you did an amazing job! I had a question for you- we have black and white cement tiles in our powder room, laid with black grout. It looks amazing, but we”ve been living in it for almost 1.5 years, and the black grout is not as black as it used to be. Any tips on how to darken it without ruining the tile? Is there a cleaner i should be using specifically for this? I”ve even gone over the grout with a black sharpie in some places, and while it does look better, it”s a lot of work! thank you 🙂

  2. No sharpie!!! Your cement tile should have been sealed already., depending on its age it may be time to clean and reseal it. The grout can be darkened using an enhancing sealer. This would make it the same darkness as the grout when wet. Clean it first. Make sure you go to a tile dealer/manufacturer (not Big Box) to get the correct product for your material.


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