24 Amazing Rustic Bedroom Ideas and Designs

There is something charming about rustic bedrooms, something that makes them warm, cozy, and welcoming. Probably the use of natural materials, like wood, and natural colors, leads to such spectacular results.

If you want to bring the relaxing atmosphere of the countryside into your bedroom, then opting to decorate this room in a rustic manner is just what you need.

But, the transformation will depend on the budget you are willing to spend. Some details cost more than others but, in most cases, enjoying a rustic bedroom is not such a costly challenge.

Take a look at the rustic bedroom ideas listed below and learn how to transform your own bedroom into a room that provides mountain chalet-like experiences each time you’ll walk inside.

The reason people love rustic bedrooms so much is the simplicity of their design and the connection they appear to have with nature.

For just a few hours, we will forget that we live in a city, as we will submerge in a world that is far away from any urban area, somewhere where tranquility and peace reign.

1. Create lighting fixtures out of driftwood

light fixtures from driftwood

Driftwood is very easy to find and it provides a great support for a variety of lighting fixtures and other decorating items, such as nightstands, hangers, and so on, due to the wood’s intriguing shapes.

rustic bedroom

The only thing you need to do is to clean the wood properly after you find it and give it the chance to dry out before using it. This way, you will have amazing lighting fixtures and decorations cheap and fast.

2. Mix cold colored wood with warm golden light

Rustic Bedroom Lighting ideas

You will love walking into a bedroom where warm golden light complements the cold color of the wood. You can use wood that has ash-like color on the floor, walls, on the ceiling, even all over the entire room if you want, and add lighting fixtures that can emit a warm golden-yellow light. Your bedroom will be completely transformed for sure.

3. Wool, fur blankets and pillow cases can make a huge difference

rustic beroom ideas

If you want to feel that rustic feeling in your bedroom fast and easy, then you can always add wool blankets and pillow cases, and a large fur on the floor and everything is set. Of course, you can opt for faux-fur and wool if you want because they look as good as their natural counterparts.

4. Use salvaged wood for your bed’s headboard

Wood Headboard And Gray Bed Cover Ideas

Salvage wood from an old cabinet, closet, door, window covers, and so on, because you can transform it into an amazing headboard.

Rustic Outdoor Bedroom

The bigger the wood pieces are the better because a large headboard will have a more significant impact on the design of your rustic bedroom.

5. Tree stumps as small tables or chairs

rustic bedroom ideas

Yes, you can transform the look of a room this easily. Just take some tree stumps cut as they are, clean them and peel their bark off, let them dry, and then sand them a little. This way, they become ideal pieces of furniture in a rustic bedroom.

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6. Cover a wall with wood planks

rustic bedroom ideas and design

An empty wall always offers great opportunities for indoor decorations. For a rustic bedroom, cover an entire wall with wood planks, new or salvaged, according to your desire. The only difference is that the salvaged ones will have to be cleaned before using them.

7. Combine furniture made out of raw wood with vintage wallpapers

vintage wallpapers rustic bedroom

Raw furniture is ideal for a rustic bedroom, especially if you want to invest in the complete transformation of the room. Combine it with vintage wallpapers, even if you apply them only on one wall, and you will obtain a spectacular result. The only challenge here is to find the furniture you like and need.

8. Make your bedroom in the attic

bedroom in the attic

The attic is the perfect space for setting up a rustic bedroom because it already has a lot of wood showing. So, if the budget allows you, cleaning the attic and prepping it to become a bedroom is the best thing you can do. Just make sure not to cover the wooden details, like the beams, as they are the main reason you chose this space.

9. Decorate with woven items

rustic bedroom decor ideas

Woven items make us think about our grandparents and the time we spent in their homes when we were young. So, most certainly they will give you the rustic feeling you’re looking to get. Woven rugs, blankets, even a pouf made out of the same material, or all of them at once, will work just great.

10. If you have a brick wall, don’t cover it

rustic bedroom with stone wallpaper

Stone is also capable of providing that rustic allure to a room, not just wood, so if you know that you have a brick or stone wall, let it show in all of its natural splendor.

Rustic Bedroom Decor

If not, you can always opt to cover a wall with stone or old-looking bricks, if this solution works better in your case than using wood. After all, the idea is to find the combination that makes out heart sing.

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11. Use fake chipped paint surfaces

wall rustic bedroom ideas

Are you not a fan of furniture made out of old or vintage wood? Well, you can still have a rustic bedroom even so. You can learn how to make a fake chipped paint surface, which you can add anywhere you have some room, like above your bed’s headboard.

Cozy Farmhouse bedroom

There are numerous tutorials on the Internet that will show you how to do it, so you will obtain a new item with an old look with decorative purposes.

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12. Cover as many surfaces as you want with natural wood

wood bedroom ideas

If you think that covering a whole room in wood is not much, then go for it. Just make sure that it remains light and airy, by using light-colored linens for your bed, rug, and other decorative items in the same manner. These light details are even more important if you choose to use a dark colored wood.

13. Rustic Bedroom Ideas – Add a stone fireplace

stone fireplace ideas

If the previously mentioned ideas were not that complicated, this one will be trickier to obtain. Not very many have the chance to enjoy a stone fireplace in the bedroom since you need a chimney for it. But, with a bit of creativity and space, you can have one without a chimney.

bedroom ideas

You can always use an electric fireplace, building only the decorative part of the fireplace with stone. Thus, you can position the electric fireplace there and enjoy the same charm provided by a real fireplace.

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Rustic Room


Original rustic bedroom design


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  1. Minimalistic interior design style is getting more popular today. Minimalism means simple and basic, without utilizing a lot of ornaments or heavy details. And because of this, it creates a roomy and ‘clean’ atmosphere. This style can also be applied in bedroom design. Thank you for sharing amazing designs with us.


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