40 Best Simple DIY Toilet Paper Holders Designs and Ideas

Let’s get one thing straight. Every toilet needs toilet paper, or at least this is how things should be. But, when it comes to decorating the toilet, have you ever considered using this particular item? Well, with the help of a creative toilet paper holder, your toilet paper will never look dull again.

Also, when it comes to toilet paper, will all know just how challenging it is to make sure that there is always plenty of it and that you’ll never have to go through a situation in which you run out of it.

This is why you need to make sure that there are several pieces of it in the bathroom, at all times.

Yes, you may have used several options so far, like on a shelf, under the sink, or a small bathroom cabinet, but they are difficult to reach while using the toilet or allow your toilet paper to collect dust.

So, how about checking the following toilet paper holders ideas and solve this matter in a fun, chic, and elegant manner.

1. Simple Wooden Box Toilet Paper Holder Ideas

toilet paper holder images

2. Unique Toilet Roll Holder Ideas

toilet roll paperimages

3. Toilet Paper Holder with Shelf Industrial Style

industrial toilet paper holder

4. Toilet Paper Storage Under Bathroom Vanity

toilet paper

5. Modern Toilet Paper Holder with Floating Vanities

oilet paper holder

6. Traditional Toilet Paper Holders Ideas – Back to Nature

roll paper

7. Rustic Toilet Paper Holders on Wall Mount Magazine Rack

double toilet paper holder images

8. Wooden shelf toilet paper holder

Wooden Toilet paper roll

9. Toilet paper in wooden box

wooden box hangs on the wall

10. DIY simple rolls of toilet paper ideas

Rolls of toilet paper with decor on light wall

11. Tissue three rolls

Tissue three rolls

12. Do it yourself tissue toilet paper holder ideas

paper hanging in the bathroom

Multi-purpose toilet paper

creative toilet paper hanging

Toilet paper hanging soft toilet paper three hanging toilet paper

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  1. I liked mostly Toilet Roll Holder Ideas. Some days before my bathroom toilet holder had broken that was attached in the bathroom wall. I am thinking about now your Toilet Roll Holder Ideas and i would like to add it to my bathroom.


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