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23 Inspirational Living Room Designs and Ideas to Steal

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The elements that you will need in making the living room ideas come to life.

Decorating a living room means to add a sparkle of personality to it. Sometimes, a living room is also where you let relatives and guests in. So, it has to be comfortable, clean, and dynamic as well. Before you start remodeling the area, look at these living room ideas to apply in your house.

Use Elements of Wood for a Rustic Living Room

rustic living room

Wood adds warmth to a room. That is why it is the perfect element to use in a living room where you want to make a cozy area for the family to hang out.

To create a rustic look, you can use wood elements on furniture like table, ottoman, and wall decor. It would be easy to find matching wood furniture or décor for your rustic living room ideas.

Create a Contemporary Living Room by Playing with Texture

Living Room Interior Wall Texture

Make a contemporary look on your living room by adding texture. It adds depth in the area and one of the elements that you have to consider besides color and pattern.

You might want to find a combination of leather, wool, canvas, glass, stone, or metal on the parts of the living room. Each of the texture brings different ambiance to the room.

Add a Focal Point to Make the Room Stand Out

add Focal Point room

A focal point is something to consider if you want to make a living room stand out. A focal point can be a highlighted area with certain lighting, a piece of art, a tall bookshelf, a big mirror on the wall, or a different color on the whole set. It is essential to create a focal point that matches your personality.

Patterned Rug Would Anchor the Whole Area

elegant-living-room with Patterned Rug

Whether you are using a carpet or not, placing a patterned rug on the living room is a good idea. Depending on the style, you can opt for a certain pattern. You may go with a chevron pattern for a more modern look or a Turkish pattern for a traditional touch on your living room ideas.

Contemporary Living Room

The idea of placing a rug would complete and tie the living room set together. It complements the furniture and states the area of the living room. Not to mention that rug is way easier to clean than carpet when it comes to spill or stains.

Got a Small Living Room? Choose Movable Furniture

Beautiful small living room

If you have a rather small living room, you might want to avoid big and heavy sofa. As an alternative, choose light-looking furniture with obvious legs on the table and chairs. Not only it would make your living room look more spacious, but this type of furniture is also easy to move.

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In other words, you can rearrange the area whenever you need additional space for activity. It would also be an answer if you get bored easily and want to create a different look periodically.

Whatever the Style is, Practical Fabric is The Best Bet

best living rooms

A cozy living room is not only about looking good but also its functionality. The furniture should also be durable and match the need of each of the family member. Here are some fabrics to consider placing on your furniture:

  1. Leather You can work leather out on the sofa. Remember, leather is a good choice if you want a durable and easy-to-clean sofa, but it might not be the best if you have scratching pets like cats and dogs. Leather would be durable to stains and water but not to scratches.
  2. Denim is both durable and inviting. When it’s combined with wool or corduroy, denim will create a warm look for your living room ideas. If you like a rough look, a worn-out denim fabric will also give a unique appearance for the area.
  3. Cotton gives a neutral sense to the living room, and it seems to have endless choices of patterns. If you have several sofas, you might want to consider adding different upholstery pattern and fabric to create a dynamic contrast between them.

Don’t Be Too Strict When It Comes to Color

color combination living room

Traditionally, choosing a particular color combination will guide you further in decorating the living room. However, it’s already old, and you can now start adding a dash of another color besides the determined theme. A touch of another color would make the area look alive and stand out.

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Adding Organic Elements on the Area

Natural materials and organic elements living room

Placing an indoor plant is one of the best living room ideas that you can apply. It would make the area feels fresh and inviting. Though, there are some things to note down when you are using live plants inside the house:

  • Properly Water the Plant

Plants need an adequate amount of water to live. Too much or too little may kill them. It’s best to water them down at least once a day with the right amount to wet the soil for the whole day.

  • Expose to Sunlight

Flowering plant needs around 12 hours of sunlight and foliage plant needs around 14 hours. Make sure that you place the plant in a corner that gets enough sunlight to keep it healthy and to live.

  • Place it Away from Sitting Area at Night

Plants, especially with green foliage, would breathe out carbon dioxide at night. It’s best to avoid sleeping or sitting near to a plant at night. Place the plant away from the sitting area and let it does its respiration cycle.

Decorating and modeling a living room is like pouring your personality out. To do this, you may want to make a floor plan before you start. Researching furniture and decors before buying it would also a good idea to have synchronizing color and pattern on your living room.

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