29 Best Grey Bedrooms Design Ideas – Room Decor Inspirations

The general grey bedrooms are very attractive. With the bedroom as one of the most important rooms in the house, it demands lot of attention. Grey mixes well with other neutral colors. Interior designers are bursting up with grey bedroom ideas.

A friend was telling me grey is fast becoming the new magnolia. Most modern trends in coloring are featuring grey in almost all the areas. Grey is a cool color and the nature of its use is making it popular among other colors. The best place to use grey is in your bedroom.

Right now grey is the color of the moment. The one color that easily rhymes with most neutral colors and does not disappoint when used in the bedroom.

Many interior decorators are going grey. When planning on using grey, make sure you pick the right shed of grey. Most people who prefer modern bedrooms prefer a deeper shade of grey. The grey looks great in any style of room.

1. Choose the right shed of grey

best gray bedroom design

Choosing a grey color for your wall is very critical and you will need to test the different shades under light before deciding to use it. It is important that you choose a color that works well for you. Choosing the right color is not exactly easy but it demands concentration.

2. Use a cosy feel with warm grey

best gray bedroom design

Make a room feel inviting with a warm grey. This type of grey always mixes well other colors that are neutral for a comfortable outlook. This is one of the best tones of the grey bedroom ides.

3. Chic combo

gray bedroom design

You can be a fan of Scandi style, classic elegance or industrial chic. This chic combo gives pink a whole new gender-neutral identity. When luxe of polish is added it makes this grey have a balancing equation with these luxe.

4. Try out new combinations

Bedroom Gray Color ideas

A good grey mixture with other colors can be exactly what you require. You can decide to try out one combination first before you now put as a whole in your room. Who said grey cannot be combined with a brighter color like yellow and blue.

The right shade of grey when mixed with a good shade of a different color is magical.

5. Take a simple approach

Grey Master Bedroom ideas

When you feel deep grey is too bold for your room, use accessories with it. Use grey cushions and velvet bed throws with grey. This is another way of going grey rather than completely painting grey. This is a way when you don’t want an entire grey bedroom but its touch.

6. Drape beautiful florals

Grey Bedroom Decor

You pick mid grey for the walls, you can paint the ceiling white and use silk fabric florals over the bed frames.

7. Making it metallic

Master Bedroom Decorating ideas

The use of metallic materials such as curtain stands, metallic beds usually bring a different tone to a kind of grey. This is art and creativity combined. Always use this combination because it always comes out the way you want.

8. Search for the blue tones

Modern Grey Bedroom Decor

Use blue tones in your bedroom to bring out some other tones that naturally occur with grey.

Going grey does not mean everything must be grey, it only depends on how creative you are on manipulating this grey into producing the right tone for your bedroom.

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