DIY Vase Flowers Idea

Vases play a vital role in order to decorate a room or the surface of a table. Vases are used as centerpieces on the table.

Mostly little sizes vases are used on tables while big size vases are used on floor mostly into the corners of rooms or near the entrance.

At whatever place you are going to keep little or big vase the important thing is that your vase must look appealing & beautiful.

By using our colorful paper flower idea you can add some appealing touch into your simple vase.

These flowers are easy to make plus it’s the cheapest DIY idea to décor home or offices. These flowers are made by using colorful crape papers.

This soft & thin paper is easily available on the stationary shops in different bright & light colors.

You can choose the color combinations that you like. Now let me tell you in detail about what items you need for this DIY project & how to create these DIY flowers that can add beauty into your simple vases.

Required Items:

You need the things;

1) Colorful crape papers
2) Scissor
3) Pencil
4) Glue Stick
5) Tape
6) Straight, Long & Thin Metal Wires

Step-By-Step Procedure for Crape Flower:

Follow the steps;

Step 1 Cutting of Paper:

Step 2 Rolling of Paper:

Step 3 Green Paper Cutting:

Step 4 Creation of Flower Sticks:

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