Ideas To Decor Charger (DIY)

With the passage of time, the use of technology like computers, laptops, mobile phones and tabs are increasing day by day.

People spend their lot of time on it. Some people are crazy about the decoration of everything and they also decorate their cell phones covers, PC, tabs as well as their chargers with different things like cartoon stickers, handmade stickers to look beautiful and chic.

Beside stickers you can also decorate with other different things like formic sheets, stones, paper flowers etc.

Here I am going to give you an idea about the decoration of charger. With such creative DIY idea you can decorate any charger whether it is Tab, laptop, cell phone or I-phone with different things. Let’s start.

Necessary things

• Charger (here I am taking Nokia cell phone charger)

• Scissor

• Colorful Formic sheets

Pasting of cut pieces of formic sheet

Measure the length and width of charger and then cut the formic sheet according to this length and width. Then pasting these cut pieces formic sheet as given below in the pictures.

It will give you creative ideas for decoration of different small things. Your old charger looks completely flawless and becomes change. Hope you will like DIY charger décor idea!

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