Best Halloween Face Painting Ideas

One of the most anticipated holidays for kids is the Halloween. The Halloween is a great day for parties when there will be lots of candies and sweets.

Besides, you will find many friends around for trick or treating. It’s probably the only day in the year when you will be putting on attractive Halloween costumes and change into a different person.

Typically people would wear mask during Halloween. Instead of buying mask off the store, you could try face painting. The following paragraphs will give you some Halloween face painting ideas for kids and how to do it for them.

Toddlers and Preschoolers

For kids below the age of 4 or 5, it’s a little tricky to do a detail and long face painting session. They won’t have the patience to sit quietly for a 30 minutes makeup session.

Besides, having a face painted with thick makeup would probably not a good idea for kids. Therefore, you definitely want to keep the face painting session short and with minimal makeup.

Opting for simple characters or designs should be the way to go for toddlers. Some examples of face painting ideas for toddlers are kitty cats.

It should be a simple painting idea where a pink-tipped nose created with lipstick and a few whiskers drawn on the face with an eyebrow pencil are all that’s needed.

For preschoolers who opt for more than just a simple face painting design like Boots from the show Dora the Explorer, it would take a little longer for the face painting session.

You could help to distract your kid by asking her to get involved during the painting. For example, let her select which brush or color to use and let her watch in the mirror are all good ideas in keeping her tight on the seat.

Use makeup that is free of dyes and toxins for your kids. The material should be water soluble as well.

More Halloween Face Painting for Toddlers

The kids between the ages of 4 and 12 should have greater tolerance for long and detail face painting session. At this age, a more elaborate and full face painting with full makeup applied to the entire face is highly possible.

This is the age when kids learn about popular cartoon and movie characters such as witches, vampires, princess, goblins, superheroes, monsters and pirates.

Your kids will definitely go for costumes that display these popular characters. What you should do is to let them choose their favorite figures and participate in having their faces painted based on their favorite characters.

For example, let them choose a picture of what they want to become and decide together the best way to get their face painted.

You could hire professional make up artists to do the job or you could do the makeup by yourself. If you are going to do it yourself for your kids, for best makeup result, first apply a base layer of color to the entire face with a sponge.

This will create a smoother base layer for the rest of the makeup. The final makeup will be more like a complete mask rather than a drawing.

More Halloween Face Painting for Grade Schoolers


Teenagers at this age will love to include exotic makeup, weird features, gory accessories, colored contact lenses, false eyelashes, fake scares and molding wax as part of their Halloween face painting work.

Typically, the whole costume ensemble matched with the same color as the face and neck will be their favorite Halloween makeover.

At this age, cartoon characters or movie features will no longer be their favorite characters. They will have their own abstract fantasy like costumes from their imagination. They will find a topic they like and think of an attractive costume based on that theme.

All in all, face painting ideas for teenagers will be fun. They will have their own world and imagination to create something that they like. To them, there will be no limit to the art of face painting.

Halloween Face Painting for Middle School and High School Teenagers

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