10+ Best Back Porch Ideas [Images]

Back porch ideas will make your backyard more valuable.

You can create the back porch as the place to spend your evening time with family.

This is a good idea since a back porch can be designed as you wish.

There are many back porch designs that you can adopt.

The design can be applied with some functional purpose or aesthetic purpose.

You can also design the back porch for the two function.

Back Porch Ideas

Here are some porch idea for you as the references.

1. Open Porch

Image Source: files.wordpress.com

The open porch is the common porch we can find.

Most of the homes will have this open porch.

It gives a natural ambience and also a fresh air when gathering with the family.

However this open porch will really need a big space in your house.

2. Wraparound Porch

Wraparound porch is the type of porch we saw in the traditional and old homes.

This porch will cover all the corner of the house and may be two.

It depends on how large the house is.

This porch is usually designed for the big house with a wooden railing.

3. Screened Porch

Image Source: exovations.com

The screened porch is very popular in countries with 4 seasons.

It helps them to enjoy the beautiful view in different season.

This also as the best way to keep them from the mosquitoes or another insects when they are sitting in the porch.

4. Covered Porch

Image Source: southernporchandpatio.com

Covered porch is one of the broad style from the screened porch.

This covered porch will be so much like a sunroom.

It has many big open windows that can be opened when it needed.

5. Stone Paver Porch

Image Source: roofdeckandgarden.com

Another way to create a great view for porch is by using paver stone porch.

This will also give a rustic style for your back porch.

Adding chairs, table in wooden material will be good.

6. Curtained Wood Porch

You don’t need to have a big porch in your home.

The small wooden porch will be stunning.

You can also add any curtain for your porch.

It will make a nice looking for your small porch.

7. White Back Porch

Image Source: ourvintagehomelove.blogspot.com

The use of white paint in all your porch combining with wooden material will be elegant.

It gives a calm atmosphere and also natural look for the porch.

It also gives a welcome ambience for the guest.

You can add some plants in a big pot to give a neutral spot.

8. Bench Wood Porch

Image Source: imgix.net

Having a bench for your back porch will give a very friendly atmosphere.

A little bench will be very great for a small and private gathering.

You also can decrease the use of chair and table.

Give some small pillows on the floor will help to neutralize the ambience.

9. Pergola Back Porch

Image Source: improvenet.craftjack.io

Some people called it as a darling pergola.

You can add the pergola for your back porch.

You can place it right after your paver as the foundation.

By having a higher pergola, it will save your money by not installing railing or stairs.

Gallery of Back Porch Ideas

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Image Source: randolphsunoco.com
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