5+ Best Pergola Plans Design & Ideas (Free)

Pergola plan is one of the best ways to design the backyard and the outdoor area.

It will simply change the look and appearance of your garden to be more special.

There are many varieties of pergola that you can choose.

Building a pergola will also challenging even though it looks simple.

This will depend on the plans you choose and this should be matched with the skill of the constructors.

Pergola Plans

So, there are some plans of pergola that you can choose to beautify your backyard.

You can choose any design that is suitable with your outdoor area.

1. Adjustable Roof Panels for Pergola

This pergola plans with a roof panel will really beneficial.

To build this pergola, it will be better to prepare the things such as the material list, the instruction for building, and diagrams.

This roof panel on the pergola will also be helpful to control the sun light that you will get.

2. Wooden Pergola Plan

Image Source: hgtv.com

The wooden pergola is the simple one because it is easy to set up and build.

By following the step by step instruction and the picture, you can easily build this pergola in the backyard.

Following the materials that is needed and the tool list you need to have.

3. DIY Deck and Pergola Plan

Making DIY for the pergola plan will make you free.

Adding a deck for the pergola will also create a stunning look with simple design.

4. Mechanics Pergola Plan

Image Source: timelesstopiary.com

Popular mechanics also have many free plans for pergola.

The mechanic design can be used for your pergola because it will make your outdoor area more beautiful with some cedars.

5. Basic DIY Pergola Plan

Image Source: thewowdecor.com

This DIY pergola plan will be really suitable for someone who loves doing from the start.

This DIY work will take a whole weekend time to be finished.

6. Weatherly Pergola Plan

This look is inspired from the Pergola of Pottery Barn Weatherly.

This model can be adopted to your pergola exactly the same as long as you follow the instruction and everything inside.

7. Handmade Home Pergola Plan

Pergola plan from The Handmade Home is one of the type of pergola that can be build beside the house.

This pergola can be built far more away but the aesthetic look may be decreased.

8. Canopy Pergola Plan

Image Source: hgtv.com

Pergola can also be covered with some other materials.

In this design, you can use canopy for cover your pergola.

Canopy is one of the weather resistant fabric and it will make your pergola shady and cool all day long.

9. Standing Pergola Plan

Image Source: dumpor.com

Standing structure for pergola is the best one you can have.

It can be easily moved anywhere you want in the yard.

This is the easiest way to have the moving pergola and also portable standing.

10. Garden Planters Pergola Plan

Pergola plan for garden will give a unique look.

When the pergola is surrounded by the plants, it will make the appearance more natural.

This is also the best idea to have climb plants or vines to your pergola.

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