4+ Free Best DIY Chicken Coop Plans That Are Easy to Build

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There are many chicken coop plans that can be downloaded easily and it will also include the instruction full in step by step.

Having a good chicken coop will also make the chicken feel comfortable to lay the eggs.

Chicken Coop Plans

To create a chicken coop, the time needed is for a week.

But sometimes it can last just in the weekend because building a chicken coop is very simple.

Here are some plans for you.

What You Need To Prepare?

As you want to build the chicken coop, you have to make sure that your skill is enough.

You need to have all the woodworking tools and materials.

You also have to make sure that the cost will met your budget because building chicken coop is sometimes costly.

So, to make everything under control, you need to make a list.

Building Chicken Coop

Image Source: morningchores.com

Before building chicken coop, you need to know how many chicken you want to put inside.

Are they big chickens or small chickens? All the things about the chicken should be considered.

1. Shed Chicken Coop Plans

Image Source: thespruce.com

Building a shed chicken coop will be great because it gives more spaces for the chicken.

This simple and stunning chicken coop has windows, door, storage, and also the eggs place.

This chicken coop is enough for six chickens.

The space below as the walk in run makes the chicken feels free.

2. Enclosed Run Chicken Coop Plans

Image Source: thegardencoop.com

This chicken coop is the plan in which it has an enclosed run.

It has only few rooms that can be the place to hide from the sun.

The doors and windows are great because they give a fesh air for the chicken inside.

3. Raised Chicken Coop Plans

This raised chicken coop will be suitable for the small backyard.

The size is only 6×3 and this will not taking much space the outside area yet it will be able to keep all the chicken to be active to move.

4. DIY Roam Chicken Coop Plans

Image Source: thehappychickencoop.com

This chicken coop can be built by your own self with such less budgets.

Even though the chicken coop looks small, it is very eye catching.

With the roof and also bright color, it will fit in the smallest backyard.

5. Classic Barn Chicken Coop Plans

Image Source: sofawned.com

The chicken coop can be built with the barn concept.

It will give such a classic look with the size of 32 square.

Even it like that, this chicken coop can keep until 12 chickens and the eggs as well.

6. Portable Mini Chicken Coop Plans

Image Source: thespruce.com

How does it sound? Portable chicken coop will be interesting.

This plan can be a quick day project.

This chicken plan will also have haven to protect the chicken.

It is also built in the barn style of doghouse and come with a fence.

7. PVC Chicken Coop Plans

The idea of using PVC as the chicken coop is really unique.

The PVC pipes are really useful for everything.

There are many designs that you can create using PVC as the material for chicken coop.

8. Elevated Chicken Coop Plans

Image Source: thegardencoop.com

This design of chicken coop plans are easy to follow.

With this design, the chicken can have a free view for the outside.

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