5 Best Poppy Flower Types for Arrangement in Your Garden

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Poppy is one of the most colorful flowers to plant in your garden. While it is often associated with drugs, the poppy flower has unique and diverse beauty, perfect for decoration. Here is everything you need to know about poppies, including nice arrangement tips.

Popular Poppy Flower Types

Some poppy flower types are more common than the others. Here are five of the most popular varieties:

  • Oriental Poppies
poppy flower types

Oriental poppies have been around since the 19th century. They have either fringed or creased petals, and their leaves are hairy. They come in diverse colors such as orange, pink, red, white, pale pink, and mahogany red.

  • Iceland Poppies
Iceland Poppies, Spring, Flower

Iceland poppies have small, bell-shaped flowers that are perfect for cold climate. White is the common color, while red, orange, pink, and yellow are rare.

  • Welsh Poppies
yellow welsh poppy flower

Welsh poppies are endemic species of Western Europe. These flowers have four large petals, with orange or yellow as the dominant colors. They have green and hairy middle parts (sepals) that fall off when the blooms open.

  • Tulip Poppies
Poppies flower

Tulip poppies love warm climate and can grow in high elevation. The flowers resemble small cups, mostly with yellow color and orange middle.

Matilija poppies (Romneya) are probably the unique and difficult variety. They grow on woody stems and produce the largest flowers (13 cm or 5.1 inches across). They are difficult to grow, but once you succeed, they develop amazing hardiness.

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Popular Poppy Flower Meaning

Poppy Flower

The poppy flower appears in various aspects of human civilizations, such as religion, medicine, mythology, and history. Poppy has been long famous for its sedative quality, making it favorite among healers. In Greek mythology, it is associated with the god of sleep.

Poppy is also a symbol of condolence and loss, especially during the Victorian Age. In Asia, the poppy has more uplifting meaning, symbolizing respect, passionate love, and success. White poppy is related to sadness and death, while the red one means remembrance and happiness.

Poppy flower meaning is very significant in North America and Europe because it is related to World War One and Two. “Remembrance poppy” is an artificial flower created in 1921 by the British Empire to commemorate fallen soldiers.

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How to Grow Poppy Flower

red poppies flower garden care

Poppies are easier to grow outdoor than indoor because the transplant process is difficult due to long roots. If you choose the right spot to grow poppy flower, it will self-sow and multiply easily. Make sure you choose the right time, usually in early spring.

Poppy flower loves the full sun for five to eight hours every day, although it can tolerate partial shade. After choosing the right spot in the garden, you must put a layer of compost on the soil and work on it.

Dig shallow holes with 15 cm (6 inches) of distance to place the seeds. You can also place the seeds without digging any holes. Water the seeds right after planting and apply all-purpose organic fertilizer. Add mulch around the plants when you see them grow.

Poppy Flower Care Tips

poppies red flower grass

Overwatering is a big no in poppy flower care routine, so you must regulate watering time. You can wait until the soil becomes dry (but not cracked) before watering the plants. Water carefully at the bottom to avoid mildew and leaf rot.

Want to enjoy beautiful flowers longer? Make sure you prune poppy plants. Snip all decayed or dead stems, leaves, buds and flowers whenever you can. Even after the blooming season over, you can still enjoy the unique look of seed pods.

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Common Poppy Flower Problems

flowers poppy yellow red

Aphids and spider mites are common poppy flower problems. They attack leaves, creating dark spots and curled foliage. Numerous numbers of these pests can also obstruct growth. Horticultural oil and soap are perfect for the mild problem, and insecticide is for a serious one.

Overwatering can cause root rot and discolorations on the leaves and stems. The soil around the flower may show fungal growth. The solution is to remove all the affected parts and use the proper watering technique, such as drip irrigation.

Poppy Flower Arrangement Tips

Poppies flower

Poppy flower is perfect for arrangement, and you can create various styles with colorful flowers. These flowers are great for birthday, congratulatory present, gift, and room decoration. There are some tricks to ensure that the poppies last longer.

Poppy flower arrangement requires morning harvest, to make sure that the blooms are in the highest hydration level. Choose flowers with halfway-opened blooms. Please keep them in a bucket of water and store it in a dark place. It is to relieve the flowers’ stress after harvest.

Arrange your poppies in a circular formation so that they can be enjoyed from all angles. Insert several thin reeds and grass flowers between them to balance the look. Combine several poppy colors to create a dramatic look.

Can You Harvest Poppy Seeds for Cooking?

poppies flower

Poppy seeds are used in cooking and baking, especially on pastries. Many people wonder if they can get poppy seeds for cooking from their garden. Poppy seeds used in cooking are often grilled or baked first, to avoid germination.

Some types of poppies have seeds that can be eaten. Papaver somniferum is a popular species with seeds that can be eaten. However, this variety is considered illegal in the US, because the unripe seeds are ingredients for opium.

If you want seeds, ask your local officials about the regulation of planting Papaver somniferum for the beauty (and seeds). Buying special cooking seeds is the safest bet because those seeds have been treated properly as foods.


Orange poppy flower

Despite the slight controversy, the poppy flower has many colors that create a cheerful vibe. Poppies also have several deep meanings, and you can grow them easily. Learn the best poppies for your garden, and start growing them to enjoy the colorful blooms shortly.

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