6 Beautiful Daisy Flower Types and How to take Care of them

Daisies are popular summer flowers with bright colors. People love having daisy flower as summer bouquet, arrangement, or garden plant. Daisies also reflect positive qualities such as innocence, cheerfulness, and purity, making them perfect as gifts. You can find daisies at any flower shops. However, planting them is a better alternative to enjoy these flowers … Read more

5 Best Poppy Flower Types for Arrangement in Your Garden

Poppy is one of the most colorful flowers to plant in your garden. While it is often associated with drugs, the poppy flower has unique and diverse beauty, perfect for decoration. Here is everything you need to know about poppies, including nice arrangement tips. Popular Poppy Flower Types Some poppy flower types are more common … Read more

7 Important Narcissus Flower Facts for Successful Growing

Daffodil flower

Narcissus is one of the most exotic-sounding names to remember when spring flower trend comes. Narcissus flower (daffodils) are popular as garden decorations or arrangements. Despite the current popularity, this flower has been around since ancient times. Before growing them, make sure you know seven important facts about daffodil narcissus. Popular Daffodil Narcissus Types There … Read more

21 Most Popular Types of Flowers Images, Facts and Growing Tips

types of flowers

Since many decades ago,flowers have become one of the main elements on varied occasions. From wedding to graduation parties, the beautiful plants are always present. They bring some meanings and symbols. Some of you might wonder about how many types of flowers in the world. So, for the details, learn more about it here. 1. … Read more