25 Amazing Front Yard Landscaping Designs You Will Enjoy

Imitate the attractive front yard landscaping designs to get the perfect scenery.

Making the perfect scenery from the front yard is not easy to do. The thing that you need to do is trying and imitating some ideas that fit your house decoration. You need to pour out your best effort in designing the great landscape for your front yard.

One of the best way to achieve great front yard landscaping designs is to always think about your family preferences.

Seeing some design ideas won’t hurt either, as it will give you all the type of features you need. Ideally, you want to complement the natural terrain and home theme too.

Normally, these designs can  be minimalist. You don’t have to use too many colors and voluminous shapes. Simplicity is key here. Explore 17 attractive front yard landscaping designs to apply to your front yard.

1. Cottage-Style Planted Wheelbarrow

yellow wheelbarrow planter images

This approach is unique and visually impressive, not to mention it can be really easy to adapt and modify as you see fit. The thing to realize about it is that it brings in front some really good features for cottage gardens in particular.

2. Wonderful Flower Pot – Front Yard Decor

flower pots images

This approach is nice if you want to have a flower bed which can be updated every time. There are always some great options to think about in here, and you just have to think about all the potential shrubs that you can add. Plus, you can even make some plant changes too, so the possibilities are limitless.

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3. Clematis Climbing Wall

climbing wall flower images

If you want to hide a mailbox, fence or an ugly wall you can use clematis. It still works quite nicely and there are 300+ species to choose from. You do need to moist the soil as this will help keep the plant safe at all times.

4. Color Combinations – Front Yard Landscaping Ideas

flower images

Some of the nicest front yard landscaping designs are all about combining colors. You do need to make sure that you stick to certain colors, otherwise things will look messy.

5. Terraced Front Yard Designs

Terraced Front Yard images

What makes these front yard designs unique is that they really catch the eye. And you should definitely consider giving them a try!

6. Corner Garden Ideas

Corner Gardening images

Sometimes you just have a single corner for gardening. If that happens, then things can be quite challenging. But dedicating a single corner will also help you eliminate clutter!

7. Put Petunias on The Porch

front yard landscaping designs

Porch petunias are really nice as they can easily be integrated and adapted to the entire experience based on your needs. Adding these flowers in baskets is quite amazing, and it certainly brings in front some really good features for you to enjoy.

8. Beautiful Japanese Garden Beds

Beautiful Japanese Garden Beds

When you want to find some nice front yard designs, you should always think about the way Japanese people do things. They do a really good job when it comes to matching stone walls with the stone on the garden beds. Ideally, you may also want to add a Japanese maple too.

9. Signpost and Plant Hanger

Signpost and Plant Hanger

This is always a good fit because you can still show the home number while also having some plants in there. It may be one of the less normal front yard designs, but it does deliver exactly the features you expect and so much more.

10. Front Yard Ideas – Enchanting Rose Arbor

front yard images

Adding in some roses to the front yard designs will help a lot. It all comes down to having a great set of ideas and knowing how to implement them.

Enchanting Rose Arbor

While it can be a bit tricky to achieve that goal, the idea here is to have a rose arbor that will frame the entryway and make it more interesting. You can choose the pink roses for this, however red roses can also be an amazing pick for your home as well!

11. Unique Desert Landscaping

Landscape Design Rock images

The way to get home is by passing by the path in your front yard. Use the gravel path to make the cool entrance of the front yard landscaping design.

Desert Landscaping

The path will accentuate the exotic feeling from the desert architecture. Add the ornaments to fill up the empty gaps in the landscape. You can use the desert plants, cactus all along two sides of the path.

12. Vintage Rustic Horizontal Fencing Landscaping

Vintage Rustic Horizontal Fencing Landscaping

To accentuate the vintage feeling, you can use the rustic horizontal fence with the tone of cedar. You can use this fence to define your front yard landscaping design. Complete the look with the varieties of the vines. You can use the climbing rose and morning glory to bush in the fence.

Vintage Rustic Horizontal Fencing Landscaping

To figure out the types of horizontal fence that fit the house theme, you need to know the materials of the fence.

  • Steel

The material from the steel is quite durable to be the fence. It does not require special attention. You can use the steel fence and style it.

  • Wood

The wood material is often used as the fence to accentuate the rustic and vintage look. It is not durable enough as the steel is. You can play the look of the fence to grow the herbs.

  • Concrete

The sense of old-style concrete fence can be tricked. You can paint the fence with the neutral color. To accentuate the style, you can create the geometrical lines to the concrete. Concrete material is long-lasting enough. It is durable from the sunlight and the rain.

  • Vinyl

Vinyl material has long durability, and it is quite easy to clean. You can clean this material by using the detergent and rinse it off with the water of the garden hose.

  • Metal

Many fences use the iron material. The iron material can create the classic to contemporary style. This material is popular because it has long-lasting durability.

  • Composite

This material is made from the combination of the plastic polymers and wood fiber. It looks like the wood, yet it does not rot like the wood material.

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13. Simple DIY Front Yard Landscaping

Simple DIY Front Yard Landscaping

You can try to use creative DIY front yard landscaping design to create your own personal style. If you have the small front yard, you can use pots or planters that you can line up in front of your yard. You can also make the border for the garden bed. Grow the plants like the succulents, shrubs, and lavender. Add the gravel to accentuate your style.

14. Colorful Flowerbed Landscaping

Amazing Front Porch Landscaping

The colorful atmosphere can be created through the multi-season flowerbed front yard landscaping design. You can plant the varieties of flowers that can bloom in different seasons. You can enjoy the bright, colorful view from the flowers when they bloom.

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Imagine all the annuals you plant bloom together. The contrast colorful flower spoils your eyes. Here are the annuals you can try to plant in your front yard.

Flower Garden ideas
  • Celosia consists of bright colors: red, orange, and yellow. It has 8 to 24 inches and should be exposed to the full sun. You need to plant celosia in the dry soil condition.
  • Cosmos is popular with its bright colors. Cosmos will groom beautifully in white, yellow, pink, and red. To plant this, you need to have moist or well-drained soil condition and should be exposed to the full sun.
  • Begonia will grow from 15 to 18 inches. This flower has beautiful pink and red features. You need to expose this flower to the partial sun when you grow it.
  • Petunia has the varieties of colors: lavender, salmon, white, yellow, red, and pink. Imagine when all petunia blooms together. To grow this, you need to expose this flower with the full sun and must be planted in well-drained soil condition.

15. Creative Water Feature Landscaping

Creative Water Feature Landscaping

Having the water feature to apply to the front yard landscaping design can be such an inspiration. Besides as the ornament, the water feature can be used as the drainage for the plants like foliage, rosemary, thyme,  and lavender. Plant them around the water feature.

16. Artistic Evergreen Entryway Landscaping

Artistic Evergreen Entryway Landscaping

You can create the artistic evergreen entryway as the front yard landscaping design for your house. Evergreens will stay green all season, and you can sculpt them into any shapes. You can add the small fountain to beautify the view.

17. Contemporary Stone Gravel Planted Bed Landscaping

front yard landscaping ideas

The contemporary and clean look from the design of stone gravel planted bed will create the peaceful atmosphere. You can plant the shrubs and perennials in the bed. Accentuate the big white gravel as the focal point to attract the attention.

Contemporary Stone

Create the beautiful scenery of your house by imitating to one of the front yard landscaping designs. Voila! Your front yard will become the highlight of the environment.

18. Beautiful Spring Front Garden Design

Beautiful spring garden design flowerbed in the front yard in landscape design

19. Nicely Trimmed Bushes in Front Yard

front yard decor

 landscaped front yard ideas

20. The Front Yard of The Entrance to The House

The landscape front yard of the entrance to the house

21. Stone and Beautiful Flowers Garden

 front yardwith stone and beautiful flowers front yard design front yard ideas

22. Spacious Landscape Front Yard

luxury landscaped front yard

23. Dense Flower and Tree Decorations

front yard with flowers and trees

24. Simple Front Yard Trees Decoration

 decorated colorful flowerbed

25. Beautiful Flower Garden

front yard design Landscaped front yard with flowers and green lawn trimmed front yard and driveway to garage

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