23 Best Modern Bedroom Designs Around The World

While it is true that we don’t spend too much time in the bedroom, it is recommended to have a welcoming, warm, and cozy environment in this room.

This means that the bedroom should please our senses, especially our sight so that a pleasant state of mind will be induced the moment we step into the bedroom. So, here are several modern bedroom designs and ideas that can turn your bedroom into the ideal retreat and resting place.

1. The warmth of a fireplace in your bedroom

Bedroom Fireplace Design

Most homes have the fireplace in the living room, but what if you move it in the bedroom? The light, warmth, and sound of the fire have a soothing effect on us, making the fireplace the ideal ingredient for a relaxing sleep.

Bedroom Fireplace Design

Not to mention that it will give a note of luxury to your bedroom and create an amazing atmosphere.

2. Modern bedroom with beautiful view

modern bedroom designs

Sometimes, if your bedroom has windows with a view, you don’t need anything else to decorate the room. Just make sure you have generous windows, even glass walls so that the simple gesture of pulling away the curtains will immediately transform your bedroom into paradise.

3. Black is more than suitable in the bedroom

bedroom designs

Many people don’t consider using black in the bedroom, but this deep color is actually good in the room where we sleep. By using black access here and there, like decorative items or a rug, it is easy to create the desired effect.

4. Bedrooms with a romantic charm

Romantic Old Charm Bedrooms

Old is good, especially when it brings in a romantic air. You can easily make your bedroom the scene of a romance movie with faux animal skins used instead of rugs, rustic home decor and furniture items.

5. Modern bedrooms can also be colorful

colorful bedroom images

There are colors known for their soothing effect, blue being one of them. It is the reason blue is used in spas, so don’t hesitate to use it in your bedroom as well, as it can calm and relax you in no time.

6. Integrating a yellow wall in the bedroom

Integrating a yellow wall in the bedroom

Yellow is seen as a color that inspires energy and sunlight, so how can it be made to fit in a bedroom? Well, since it is just a yellow wall, this design will make the room look alive and fresh, so you will love waking up to it.

7. Bedroom with contemporary accents

bedroom with contemporary accents

A highly appreciated modern bedroom design is the contemporary design. It involves a minimalist approach that turns the bedroom into a retreat space where you can relax after a long and busy day.

Contemporary Bedroom

Featuring soft colors and furnished in a modern yet light manner, this kind of bedroom will give you all the space you need.

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8. Modern and minimalist bedroom designs

modern bedroom ideas

Everything about this bedroom inspires comfort and warmth. The pure white reflects purity while the throws make sure that your night will be warm and cozy. After all, what more would you want from your bedroom?

9. The elegant bedroom designs

elegant bedroom designs

There’s nothing wrong to feel elegant in the bedroom. You can turn this room into a sophisticated one by choosing an exquisite floor, high-quality linen for your bed, and unique details, like a modern lighting fixture.

10. Bedrooms with industrial designs

modern indstrial bedroom designs

Brickwork, brass details, an intentional warehouse effect, they all look rugged, even masculine. But, even so, the industrial design is highly appreciated when it comes to bedrooms, as it makes you feel like you’re part of the city at all times.

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11. The image of a soft bedroom

pink bedroom images

If the bedroom is the place you like to hide over the weekend, to enjoy some peace and quiet, then the soft bedroom may be the right choice for you. Ready to welcome you with white beddings and powdered pink drapes, the décor seems to be carved from a fairytale.

12. The relaxing dark wall – Modern bedroom designs

dark bedroom ideas

You can add a note of elegance to your bedroom by painting one wall in a dark color. If you are bold enough, use black, just make sure to hang an artistic object on it, so you can cut its blackness a little. This way will not help you go to sleep faster, but will also underline the rest of the room’s details.

13. The simple yet contemporary bedroom

bedroom designs images

For some people, the bedroom has a clear purpose, so simplicity is the design embraced in this case. Comfy linens, the right kind of furniture, and a decorative element, this is all a bedroom needs.

14. Modern Asian Bedroom Design

Modern Asian Bedroom

15. Natural Light Bedroom

Modern Bedroom Decor


modern bedroom ideas


bedroom ideas


modern bedroom ideas


Bedroom Wall Design ideas


Glamorous Mid Century Bedroom


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