15 Amazing Inviting Front Porch Ideas for Every House Style

Unlike a deck or patio, a front porch is integrated into the house. As a welcoming area, it should be opened yet make the guests feel like they’re already welcome into the house. If you are planning to remodel that area, here are some front porch ideas that may match with your house’s style.

1. White Traditional Porch

traditional white front porch ideas

You can never go wrong with white. Just like the most traditional house has, you can recreate the look by applying an all-white color for the front porch. Place a set of the sofa for a casual addition to the area.

2. Vintage Front Porch Connected with the Kitchen

White front porch ideas

Some houses have kitchens on the front side of the house. A comfortable front porch can also be created by connecting it with the bar area of the kitchen. Thus, the front porch is not only a place to welcome guests but also as a place to hang out.

3. Plants in Porch Steps

front porch ideas

Big potted plants are a great addition to your front patio ideas. It helps the oxygen circulation, and it creates a refreshing look for anyone who comes to the house. An open front porch idea is the best type to choose if you want to place a lot of plants on it.

4. Low Front Porch

front porch ideas

While most front porches are elevated, you can make the house more relaxed by lowering the level. With this kind of porch, it is best to leave the railing aside and keep the front porch opening.

5. Farmhouse Porch

 old farmhouse front porch ideas

Nothing is more inviting than a farmhouse porch. The serenity of the old-barn appearance with railings and beams combines well with a long picnic table on it. The colors that you can accommodate the designs are white, red, blue, and pine.

6. Gable Entry Porch

unique porch design

This Chicago-styled porch features a rather small area with stone-based level. The entry area is faced right through the main door, and it is visually separated from the seating area.

7. Screened Modern Porch

Modern Porch design

Screened modern porch presents the seating area to the outside but giving adequate privacy on the indoors. This screened porch can also be considered as a safe option for those who have kids around the house.

8. Circular Porch with a View

Circular Porch design

Depending on your house design and landscape, the circular porch can double as a welcoming area for the guests or as a place to relax in the evening. A circular porch gives a clear view of the surroundings especially if you live nearby a river or a beach.

9. Wraparound Front Porch

Wraparound Front Porch ideas

It is possible for the front porch to be expanded to the side and the back of the house. It creates a feeling of a holiday lodge, and it makes the area entertaining for the whole family. This will be a perfect idea to apply if you have adequate spaces around the house.

10. Modern Rustic Porch

Modern Rustic Porch Design

Recreate the warm feeling of a classical rustic house by having timbers, natural stones, and the use of shingles on the front porch ideas. To have a cozier experiment, install large glass windows around the porch.

11. Stone-Skirted Level

Stone-Skirted Level front porch design

The stone-skirted porch will not only support the look of the area but also increase the value of your house. Use natural stones to create a unique look and combine it with classical wood railings.

12. Low-Laid Porch

Low-Laid Porch design

It is possible for a front porch to be on the same level with the ground—it doesn’t have to be raised with some decks. However, this would be a good idea if the house is in a safe housing complex with no potential of wild animals approaching by.

13. Fireplace and Pendant Lightings

Fireplace and Pendant Lightings Design

Create a luxurious look by placing a fireplace and pendant lightings on the seating area of your front porch design. Combining it with materials like natural wood and exposed bricks will add warmth as well as an inviting expression.

14. Wicker Furniture for a Tropical Feel

Wicker Furniture for a Tropical porch

Since the furniture on the porch would be likely to be exposed to the weather, wicker is a good option. When maintained correctly, wicker furniture can endure any weather and give a tropical feeling to the porch area.

15. Curved Openings

Curved Front Porch ideas

Curved openings are often featured in American classical house. The curved lines between the pillars provide the right amount of shade, especially in summer. It is best combined with stucco and tiles.

What Type of Front Porch Can You Have?

Whatever style you choose, there are basic constructions of front porch ideas that are commonly found in houses. Before building it, here are a brief to the front porch types:

1. Open Porch

This is the most common type to use. It features open space, often with wide steps or entryways that lead to the door. The railings and leveling are optional.

2. Screened Porch

This type of front porch is often applied in areas with an extreme weather change. It keeps the porch safe from heavy wind, rain, and even mosquitos in certain seasons.

3. Wraparound Porch

The wraparound porch mostly found on older homes. Just like its name, it wraps the house from the front to the side. Sometimes, it also wraps the whole house and creates open spaces for each side of the house.

4. Covered Porch

A covered porch is suitable for those who like privacy. It often accommodates large windows or glass installation to allow the sunlight to come but still has the indoor feeling.

So, which one of the front porch ideas that are applicable for your house? If you find it hard to decide, it is best to find a professional constructor to help you consider the building aspects.

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  1. The luxurious porch that had a fireplace that you displaced really caught my attention the most. With how amazing this area looks as an alternate relaxing space, this could be the perfect way for my family to get away from the monotony of home-studying and working. I’ll make sure I keep this example in mind when I find a porch building contractor in the area that can help us build this.


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