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20 Contrasting Kitchen Tile Backsplash Ideas for Your Kind of Kitchen

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A kitchen backsplash tile design should not only be functional but could also be a focal point in your house. It should be in harmony with the rest of the kitchen’s elements like cabinets and countertops. With differences in materials and style, you may want to try one of the kitchen tile backsplash ideas below:

1. Plain White Subway Tiles

Moroccan Tiles Backsplash

Subway tiles are the queen of it all. To add texture, you can opt out for beveled details on the tiles, giving an even more classical look to your kitchen.

2. Dark Bricks Tile

dark brick tile back splash ideas

Are you an active cook? Hide all the imperfections by installing dark bricks tile with colors like dark gray or black. Choose tiles with gloss so that it would be easier to clean.

3. Moorish Tiles

Beautiful luxury home kitchen ideas

Add that daunting middle-eastern style by having the complex pattern of the Moorish tiles for your kitchen backsplash idea. Combined with white or light grey, the spot would stand out as a focal point of the kitchen.

4. Bluish Marble Backsplash

Modern kitchen with white brick tiles design

Whether you are using real marble or marble-patterned tiles, the look would stun the whole appearance of your kitchen. To add contrast, take a hue of the marble and use it as the basic color of the cabinets. It may be light blue, light grey, or ivory.

5. Herringbone Tile

Herringbone Tile Backsplash ideas

Lately, the herringbone pattern has been popular for the interior. To add variation to your white kitchen, why not the patterned herringbone tiles for the backsplash? Go for white or popping colors like silver instead.

6. Tiny Mosaic Backsplash

Colorful mosaic tile backsplash ideas

Draw the attention of the kitchen by adding tiny mosaic tiles for the backsplash. There are premade mosaic tiles that come with the right combination of colors so that you don’t have to waste time arranging it.

7. Off-White Textured Tiles

herringbone backsplash ideas

The classical Portuguese tiles often come in a beautiful ivory color. However, beware of the amount of grease that may be caught on the backsplash since this type of tiles are textured and patterned.

8. Glazed Light Blue Tiles

Blue backsplash and stainless steel

A glaze is all you need in creating the perfect kitchen tiles backsplash ideas. It cleans easily, and it pops out beautifully on your kitchen. If you have neutral colors on the cabinets such as black or white, you can opt out for glazed light blue tiles as a contrast.

9. Italy-Inspired Backsplash

subway tiled backsplash

You don’t have to worry about the small space you have. With the right layout, the Italy-inspired backsplash would still add personality to the kitchen. It features details of flowers and leaves with pastel colors.

10. Stainless Steel Backsplash

tile backsplash ideas

For heavy use of kitchen, backsplash tiles may not give enough protection. Use stainless steel backsplash instead to fight heavy oil splatter from everyday kitchen activities.

11. White Tiles with Dark Grout

kitchen tile ideas

Want a white kitchen with more variation? Ask your constructor to combine it with dark grout around the tile. It injects personality to the kitchen tiles backsplash ideas and gives it more dimension.

12. Gold-Stripped Tiles

Kitchen cabinets with steel appliances and granite tops ideas

Not many people create a luxurious look for their kitchen, considering its function. However, a small addition like gold-stripped tiles can make the area looks elegant but not too much.

13. Ceiling-Height Stone Patterned Tiles

stone subway tile backsplash

Instead of doing only the backsplash, you can go up to the ceiling instead. The vertical installation of patterned stone tiles would create a classic look as it also plays the role as a focal point of the kitchen.

14. Five-Color Harlequin Tiles

unique backsplah tile ideas

Use warm colors or shades like beige, cream, brown, or grey as a combination of the backsplash tiles. Arranging it in a harlequin style will give the kitchen a unique look yet warm and cozy at the same time.

15. Large White Industrial Tiles

tiles backsplash design

The best thing about these large white industrial tiles is that it is extremely easy to clean. It features less grout so that the oil splatter would not be trapped on it. It would be a great combination with a stainless steel sink in an industrial-themed kitchen.

16. Faux Terracotta

tile backsplash kitchen ideas

It looks like bricks, but it’s not. Faux terracotta tiles would give an old English feeling to the kitchen. It combines well with wooden countertop for a more classical look.

17. Floral Pattern

granite countertops and backsplash

Consider going back to the 70s era by using a floral pattern on the kitchen backsplash tiles. To add balance, make sure that you don’t use another floral pattern on the rest of the kitchen.

18. Marbled Chevron Tiles

led light and decorative tiles backsplash

The traditional chevron pattern is retouched with luxury with the use or marble as its material. Even when the rest of the kitchen is only plain white, the backsplash would stand out and creates the whole theme.

19. Nautical White

white tile back splash trim

Nautical white can never go wrong. The dark hue will somehow hide the imperfection of the kitchen and gives it a bold appearance instead.

20. Brushed Aluminum Color

backsplash tile ideas

If you ever dream of a professional industrial kitchen, having the kitchen backsplash in brushed aluminum color can be your next project. Adding it to an all-steel kitchen can also bring a modern ambiance to the kitchen.

The basic kitchen tile backsplash ideas are to create a wall that can endure your cooking and other kitchen activities. That is why easy-maintenance materials like tiles are a perfect choice.

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