15 Functional and Durable Outdoor Kitchen Ideas for Your Backyard

Outdoor kitchen ideas should not only look good but also have the needed function and durability.

Having an outdoor kitchen lets you enjoy that extra space in your yard a little more. An outdoor kitchen is also used in most of the time of the year.

Also, it brings so much coziness to have a special place to cook and grill with family and relatives.

Make sure that you don’t miss these stylish and durable outdoor kitchen ideas before you start building it.

Materials to Use on Your Outdoor Kitchen Ideas

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The materials to use in the outdoor kitchen should be the one with wear and tear quality.

Unless you are putting a roof or canopy above the kitchen, it is best to work with materials that you usually use outdoor like bricks, granite, concrete, polymer, and natural stones.

Functioning Outdoor Kitchen

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Depending on your need, the feature on your outdoor kitchen ideas should cater it all. Do you need to grill, cook, and clean in it? If so, you may want to create preparing countertop, grilling bar, and sink on the outdoor kitchen.

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The space that you have would also determine what features that you can fit in the outdoor kitchen. Still, remember that you are building it outdoor, the design should not be too complicated to make.

Best Grills for an Outdoor Kitchen

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There are different types of grills that you can use when it comes to outdoor cooking. While most grills only do what they do best—grill foods—you might want to consider knowing these types of grills to get what is right for you:

  • Gas Grills

If you like to do things quickly, gas-based grills may be the best for you. You can connect it to the natural gas line for a more convenient source than buying canned propane or methane. Some grill enthusiast doesn’t go after these type of grills because it has a less smoky result on the grilled food.

  • Charcoal Grills

The charcoal grill is the perfect tool if you want to have the authentic taste of barbequed meat and vegetables. Though charcoal grill is rather expensive, the result would be tastier especially when you use wood-based charcoal.

  • Electric Grills

This type of grill is the one to choose if you are looking for a grill that doesn’t produce much smoke. It works best for a neighborhood where they prohibit smoke or grilling around. It creates grill marks easily, yet don’t have the smoky taste on the result.

Kitchen Outdoor Appliances

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Though you can always simply put grill and cabinet on your outdoor kitchen ideas, there may be other appliances that you would need. A small outdoor grade fridge may come in handy if you place the grill a bit far from the indoor kitchen area.

Another appliance to consider is a medium oven. You may not always grill meat and vegetables. With this oven, you can also heat pizza and bake bread.

Things to Consider When Placing an Outdoor Kitchen Island

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A kitchen island can work double as preparation counter and dining table. Not to mention that you can also put storage cabinet under the island. Consider these things before you decide to place an outdoor kitchen island.

  1. Space Before you start building an island, make sure that the space of the outdoor kitchen area is sufficient to accommodate an island. If it’s limited, but you still want to have an island, consider using portable island or cart that can be moved easily.
  2. The Kitchen’s Footstep Even when you have adequate space, you still have to see the flow of the kitchen. To know this, try to imagine what you are going to do in it. Imagine the movement from the grill to the sink or the dining area and see if the layout fulfills your need.
  3. Storage There are things that you would usually store in the outdoor kitchen such as grilling tools, charcoal—if you use a charcoal grill, and tableware. Plan different storage for each stuff so that you know which one would be stored inside, and what stays outside.

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Sink in an Outdoor Kitchen: Yes or No?

Outdoor Kitchen Sink and Cabinet

Before you place sink for your outdoor kitchen, you need to make sure that you have already installed the plumbing system. Placing a sink outdoor is a good idea if you don’t want to work the time sending the dishes back inside.

Adding Dining Area to the Outdoor Kitchen

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A dining area would complete the whole outdoor kitchen ideas. You can place a set of a dining table or build one. If you are using a store-bought dining set, take note that it should be light enough, so it can be stored inside when the weather is down.

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For some people who often grill outdoor, a kitchen on the yard saves them time from running back from inside the house to prepare the meal. Also, a kitchen on the yard would be an upgrade for the outdoor living space.

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