23 Amazing Outdoor Light Fixtures Design and Ideas

Gardens and yards are beautiful spaces that deserve proper care as they represent our oasis of relaxation after a busy day.

But, most people don’t take into consideration all the aspects that will help them enjoy their outdoor spaces, regardless of the time of the day or season.

If you invested so much effort in making your small garden look gorgeous, why don’t you take care of it so you can enjoy it even when the night is coming?

Using outdoor lighting fixtures in our garden and outdoor spaces don’t just allow us to spend pleasant evenings in beautiful relaxation spaces, but will also increase our feeling of security.

With the right lighting solutions, your garden will look as stunning at night as it does during daylight.

You’re not sure what kind of lighting fixtures your outdoor space requires? In this case, allow the professionals provided by LuxPad to assess the space and characteristics of your garden and make the ideal suggestions.

These experts will make you see your garden in a way you never imagined before, by simply using outdoor lighting fixtures placed in all the right spots.

amazing blue garden lighting design

Concerning the style of these fixtures, every item will be chosen together with you, so that the garden will turn out exactly as you want.

It doesn’t matter if you want to recreate a magical meadow, as described in fairytales, or a modern small garden, as everything is possible due to the experience and expertise of LuxPad professionals.

Outdoor Lighting Design and Ideas

outdoor lighting ideas

As you are about to find out, outdoor lighting solutions are created to serve a variety of purposes. In order to feel great in your garden, the fixtures you use for your outdoor spaces should merge with the design scheme of your house and the surrounding environment. Let’s take Mini Pili as an example.

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This outdoor lighting solution, an incredible creation of Jean-Philippe Weimer, had the appearance of real plants as inspiration. Thus, it can be easily camouflaged in a shrub, for example, providing the light you need but without looking unnatural.

Outdoor Lighting Design

But, if you like to have a slight urban touch in your garden, then lighting fixtures made out of copper or bronze can represent the ideal solutions.

They are practical, modern-looking, elegant, and reliable. Also, when it comes to outdoor spaces, you actually need very little light in order to create a spectacular effect. So, with just a few outdoor lighting fixtures, you will have a breathtaking space to enjoy anytime you like.

1. Readymade chandelier – Outdoor Lighting

outdoor light fixtures

If you want to create an outdoor dining area, by simply using a chandelier you can find in stores, with a simple design, you’ll manage to enjoy a wonderful atmosphere.

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2. Summer season outdoor lights

Patio Lighting

Did you imagine that plain mason jars can turn into outdoor lighting fixtures? You just need to hang mason jars in the right places and place candles inside, which can be lit each time you need and provide a warm and intimate light.

3. Turn a Wire Basket into a Chandelier

outdoor light

Adding light to your garden doesn’t have to be an expensive project. With the help of a wire basked you can create a gorgeous chandelier for the most preferred area in your garden.

Use small jars with candles for light and decorate the basket according to your own style.

4. Make star luminarias

outdoor light decor

Even white paper can turn into beautiful outdoor lighting fixtures. To make these luminarias, use plain white paper and colored vellum, for creating the decorating stars that will be glued to the paper. Just do use small tap lights instead of candles for the luminarias, for increased safety.

5. Outdoor light – Hang fire

garden party lighting hanging lanterns

There’s nothing more romantic than the light provided by candles. If you have a tree in your garden, you can easily set up a dinner table there and use its branches to hang jars with candles. You can choose jars with any shape you like, as long as they are suitable for this project.

6. Outdoor light fixtures – Party umbrella

umbrella light

A plain outdoor umbrella can easily be transformed into something spectacular. All you need is some lanterns and ribbons in your favorite color. The best part is that you can change the décor each time you wish.

7. Outside Eclectic light fixture

outdoor Light Fixtures

You can feel like a child once again if you decide to hang beads, small toys, and mason jars with candles inside over your patio or nearby tree. Not only will you have light, but you will also enjoy the created decorative effect.

8. Tropical outdoor light fixtures

unique outdoor lighting

It is easy to feel like on an exotic island in your own garden. Use bamboo to create an awning and the same material to make exotic lighting fixtures. Hanged under the awning for a vacation-like feeling.

9. Exotic outdoor lighting

Outdoor Lighting

If you want to feel like on a continuous vacation each time you go out in the garden, use Chinese lanterns as lighting fixtures. You can use any kind of light source for them, just make sure to stay away from open fire if they are made out of paper.

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