5+ Rustic Kitchen Cabinet (Design and Ideas)

There are many designs for kitchen cabinets for any style of kitchen design.

That’s why you might have different interest to design your kitchen.

The different design of kitchen cabinet is the rustic design.

This design is completely interesting and eye catching for kitchen.

Rustic can easily blend with any style and it is the best combination of farmhouse style and country cottage decoration.

Rustic Kitchen Cabinet

Now, if you want to have a rustic look for your kitchen, you can try one of these ideas.

1. Wooden Rustic Kitchen Cabinet

Image Source: homedecors.info

The use of wooden cabinet will literally give a rustic look for your kitchen.

Along with the countertop, it will give a balance appearance.

Use the white paint for the backsplash because it will give a good contrast to the brown cabinet.

2. Decoration Rustic Kitchen Cabinet

Image Source: weheartrustic.com

The simple design is now the favorite design for everyone.

They tend to avoid many ornaments for the kitchen and choose the important kitchen stuff only.

The use of wooden storage and wooden plank will be amazing for the rustic vibes in the kitchen.

3. Unfinished Rustic Kitchen Cabinet

Image Source: housenliving.com

You don’t need always use the brown or cream color to get rustic look.

Sometimes, you can just let the paint of your cabinet faded away so it can have a natural rustic color.

This will also give a vintage look for your kitchen by using unfinished cabinet.

4. Small Rustic Kitchen Cabinet

Image Source: onekindesign.com

You don’t need to worry if your home is small.

You can still use the tiny cabinets as your rustic ornaments.

This small cabinet will blend so well with your wooden flooring and ceiling.

The rustic atmosphere will really appear when you also use the wooden panel.

5. Farmhouse Rustic Kitchen Cabinets

Image Source: imperiusimoveis.com.br

Farmhouse style is defined totally what we called as rustic look.

The rustic design comes from this farmhouse style.

The use of all wooden material is the best choice.

So, you will literally have rustic design not only for your cabinet but also for your whole kitchen.

6. Solid Wood Rustic Kitchen Cabinets

Image Source: pinterest.com

Another way to get a rustic design in your kitchen is by bringing the country cottage style.

The use of bright color of wood can be mixed with black countertop and your wood plank ceiling.

This is one of the best ideas of rustic kitchen.

7. Countertop Rustic Kitchen Cabinets

Imagining having a rustic countertop combining with the metal material.

This is the best way to instantly catch your attention of rustic kitchen.

The use of polished wooden pine as the seat will be incredible decoration for your kitchen.

8. Brown Rustic Kitchen Cabinet

Image Source: www.cybball.com

Plain brown for your kitchen cabinets maybe give a traditional look of what your grandma have in the kitchen.

But this way is much more useful to get the rustic design filled your kitchen.

The light brown color will definitely make your kitchen look gorgeous.

9. Maple Rustic Kitchen Cabinet

Image Source: pinterest.com

If you want to have a unique design of rustic style, you might try this design.

Using all maple material will really give your kitchen the uncommon design.

This design can give your kitchen bold feeling and stunning look.

10. Cherry Rustic Kitchen Cabinet

Having a big space for kitchen is good.

You can explore anything for creating a rustic look.

This cherry wood can be the best material for your rustic kitchen design starting from the cabinets, counteryop, storage, shelving, and sink.

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