5+ Simple Kitchen Design and Ideas for Small House

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Simple kitchen design is the flexible design because it can be used both for small and large kitchen space.

However, this design can really work well for the small kitchen.

To make everything well placed and well function, the simple kitchen does not need much furniture.

Simple Kitchen Design

Make sure that everything is used properly and arrange in the right order.

The simpler the better, so if you need some simple kitchen ideas, you can get one here.

1. Simple Kitchen Design with Simple Cabinets

Image Source: decorathing.com

Kitchen cabinet is the core of the kitchen.

This cabinet can be put in the right place to make everything more accessible.

These simple three cabinets for your kitchen cabinet are the best choice.

With this concept, you can put your stove, sink, and your refrigerator in one row.

It gives an old look for small home or flat.

2. Simple Kitchen Design for Small Kitchen

Image Source: amazadesign.com

Having small kitchen is not a mistake because sometimes it is a choice.

There are many designs for small kitchen that can be used.

Small kitchen will be the best choice for the tiny home.

With just using small sink and stove in the corner along with the small cabinets on the top, you can have your simple kitchen.

Giving a shade color light to make the space illusion.

3. Simple Kitchen Design without Border

Image Source: pinterest.com

You can limit the use of boarder for your kitchen, dining room, and living room.

In order to make your room spacious, you can put small dining table and chair beside the living room.

Using one side kitchen for the cabinets only will help you to maximize the space you have.

4. Simple Kitchen Design on the Corner

You can maximize the corner space in your home to build a kitchen.

With some simple stuff and cabinetry, you will be able to have a full functioned kitchen in your small home.

As it is placed on the corner, you can choose the U-shaped cabinet style.

5. Simple Kitchen Design with many lights

Using more lights for your kitchen is good idea.

By using more lights this will really help you to get the large ambience and hide the small space.

6. Simple Kitchen Design with Rustic Theme

This simple kitchen can be built using rustic style.

The use of wooden cabinet will easily make you keep your stuff longer.

The use of recessed panels along with rounded handed will ne suitable for this kitchen design.

7. Simple Kitchen Design with Opened-Cabinet

Image Source: diandianmeijia.com

Cabinetry for kitchen is usually closed.

But it doesn’t close the chance when you want to have an open cabinetry.

This is very suitable for the small kitchen.

You can put one lamp in the middle of your ceiling.

This open shelving will be really helpful for you.

8. Simple Kitchen Design with Small Island

The use of simple and small island will give a modern style if you can choose the metal material with such grey paint color.

If you want to make it shinier, you can use the stainless steel material.

9. Simple Kitchen Design for an Apartment

Sometimes apartment doesn’t have a proper place for the kitchen.

That’s why you need to have this design if you are living in a flat.

10. Simple Kitchen Design from Wooden Material

Using wood will give the best performance through its unique and natural design.

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