5+ Ideas For Improving Small Kitchen Design

Not all kitchens are spacious and easy to match. Some People have very little space for their kitchen and thus they need small kitchen design.

There are constraints like: small size, presence of a boiler, several doors or windows etc. and a professional may be useful in the management of this type of configuration.

Small Kitchen Design

However a few tips can help you. Here are our top 10 ideas to transform your small kitchen into a beautiful and functional ergonomic piece.

Idea 01: Remove walls

Where possible, remove partitions to optimize space and to integrate the kitchen to stay. In this case, the aesthetics of the kitchen is paramount.

For example the boiler, gas meter or electric pipe can hide behind a facade. To maximize storage space, they can climb up to the ceiling.

There are still devices that are not used only occasionally and can thus be stored in the kitchen. Above the kitchen is gaining in scope and usability opening onto the living room.

The shelf graphics divisions to the link between the kitchen and living room while the island marks the border.

Idea 02: The corridor kitchen: provided it is beautiful

A hallway is often wider than 2 m to 2.50 m with a length ranging from 3.50 to 6 m. This configuration takes mostly a linear arrangement on both sides of wall. All appear more smooth and sleek, and you will feel you save some space.

Idea 03: A complete linear

The design of a small kitchen can be limited to a linear which must accommodate the whole of the various positions. Ergonomics does not skimp on aesthetics.

Its stone facades version oak gives it a soft elegance. The credenza hosts an electrified rail to connect the devices where you want.

Idea 04: Install the sink under the window

When the surface is lacking, the plan can be generally used. That is to say a straight line well appointed. If the L-shaped plan is to be avoided because the back is 60 cm, it may be possible in some configurations.

Particularly happens when a window is placed at the end part. Its presence is no longer a constraint because you can conveniently install a cabinet with sink below.

When necessary, a retractable tap that down and up can’t interfere with the opening or closing.

Idea 05: Clever storage

To exploit inaccessible volume in a corner, think “Space corner” or “Magic Corner”. For wall units, which is difficult to do without it, equip the folding or folding doors.

The “lift” system allows the door to rise gently, parallel to the cabinet, giving access to the interior of the cabinet without encroaching on the space.

The drawers are deep and constructed an ingenious way for optimum storage. The drawers open in different directions to be always accessible even when the work plan is fully slid.

Idea 06: Arrange the credenza

The credenza offers extra storage location handy when it comes to having easy access to some utensils. Although today it is often overlooked in favor of a design trend to hide as much as possible the functional aspect of a kitchen.

The simplest design consists of credence in a metal bar running along the wall where the hooks are placed on which it is sufficient to suspend its utensils.

Idea 07: Light colors

Here is another design idea for small kitchen. Light colors will enlarge a room and catch the light. General practice is blending with many colors or materials. Another advantage: It erases the irregularities.

Idea 08: The mirror to give depth

To improve your design of small kitchen, a tiled mirror can be used to magnify parts by providing depth.

Idea 09: Adjust the door

The door is to be placed in such a way, so that it opens on the inside, can be changed to open or replaced on the outside as well by a sliding door.

The latter can not take much space when opened. Alternatively remove. Above model Malibu Hardy Inside. Kitchen designed and built by Hardy Inside Paris 6 .

Idea 10: Deco inspiration

Blinds, tables, suspension, dinner is the final touch that helps to add style to the kitchen, no matter how small it is.

By implementing these ideas you can improve your small kitchen design.

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