5+ DIY Pencil Case Ideas [Images]

Do you need a really unique pencil case that really rare to find?

The question may look really weird, however, to have a really creative pencil case that you made by yourself is absolutely everything.

Instead of buying the new ones that you may not like an expensive, you can use the materials that you found in the house or you can just buy them with reasonable price but turns out really good.

Pencil Case Ideas

If you need the inspiration of pencil case that you want to make by yourself, check out the list down below.

1. Colour Pencil Case

Image Source: betweenangelcosturaymas.blogspot.com

Colour pencils that you have in your house can be so many of them and it’s not fun to have a giant pencil case to carry them for your school project, instead, you can make this really unique roll pencil case!

2. Zippers Pencil Case

If you need a pencil case to impress your friends in school, you can make this rainbow zippers pencil case that actually have lots of zippers and you can open them on every side. It’s fun!

3. Pencil Case Animal Shape

Image Source: pinterest.com

Do you have a child and need a new pencil case?

Well, you can make this really cute stuff animal shape of the shark as the pencil case for them. Put the zipper right in the mouth to make it looks like the pencil case shark eats the pencils.

4. Totoro Pencil Case

Image Source: etsy.com

This really cute Totoro pencil case made from the felt fabric. The material itself is really cheap and really easy to find.

Also, they are really easy to shape as well so you can have a perfect shape to decorate the pencil case.

5. Simple and Easy Pencil Case

Image Source: pinterest.com

Another idea to make the pencil case that made from felt fabric is this really easy and simple shape of pencil case!

They are really adorable with the cute decoration of animal like this.

6. Cute Monster Pencil Case

Image Source: pinterest.com

If your kids love monster, you can make them the pencil case like this! You can make this from felt fabric as well.

7. Pencil Case Made from Used Fabric/Recycle Fabric

Image Source: pinterest.com

If you have a lot of used old fabric that still looks really good, you can make a pencil case like this! You can also combine the 4 types of fabric and sew them into one like this.

8. Happy Mail Pencil Case

Image Source: charmaboutyou.com

Well, you can also make this really cute happy mail pencil case with a cute stamp and expression! It’s just really adorable to bring them everywhere.

9. Creative Pencil Case

Image Source: bukalapak.com

If you need a lot of space to keep your stationery, you can make this really useful creative pencil case that has a lot of space to keep them. You can literally put every stationary in there!

10. Cereal Boc Pencil Case

Image Source: instructables.com

Don’t throw away your cereal box! You can be creative and make it useful. Also, this idea is for you who cannot sew, instead you only need fabric, a box of cereal, and glue.

Literally, that’s it! However, don’t forget to attach the button to make sure that you can close the top, right?

11. Envelope Style Pencil Case

What kind of pencil case that’s really easy to make other than this envelope style? they are really simple and easy!

12. Manly Leather Pencil Case

Image Source: pinterest.com

If you have leather and really good at sewing them. You can turn them into this manly pencil case.

The leather pencil case like this literally has durability and good material. You can also make it sharp tools as well!

13. Open Pencil Case

Image Source: pinterest.com

It’s not fun sometimes to sew and glue at the same time just to have an adorable pencil case that you have ever have.

Instead of needing to sew tools and glue, you can also make it with scissors and the material like this fabric. Literally, that’s only it!

Shape them like an envelope then place the button to secure it. There you have your own pencil case without sewing.

14. Recycled Denim Pants for Pencil Case

Image Source: etsy.com

Instead of throwing away your favourite jeans, you can turn them into this really cute denim pencil case.

To make sure that it literally comes from your own jeans, you can cut the pocket area like this! There you have your pocket jeans pencil case.

15. No Sew Pencil Case

Image Source: craftaholicsanonymous.net

I did show you the examples of pencil case with no-sew, however, you can also get the inspiration from this too.

All you need felt fabrics and gun glue, decorate them with other colours of felt fabric as well.

16. Weird Pencil Case

Image Source: hellonatural.co

Yup this one is an uncommon pencil case you’ve ever seen. This pencil case needs a pencil on the outside to secure it.

Yes, there’s no zipper! You can also get inspired by this picture to make your own weird pencil case at home!

17. Rattan Pencil Case

Image Source: delineateyourdwelling.com

If you know how to make a pencil case out of rattan as the material, you can make this really weird pencil case as well.

Although they made from rattan that may look really traditional, however, you can also make it looks aesthetic by painting it like this!

18. Turn Your Plain White Pencil Case into This Awesome One!

Image Source: momsandcrafters.com

If you have that plain white pencil case, you can turn them into this beautiful pattern by drawing it by yourself like this!

19. Stamp Pencil Case

If your painting is not your skill, you can also have this adorable black and white pencil case by stamping the white plain pencil case with a cut of cork board. Stamp it with the style that you want!

20. Painted Pencil Case

Image Source: dearhandmadelife.com

It is nice to have a pencil case that you really want, instead of buying a new one you can turn your plain pencil case into this neon painted!

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