Cell Phone Decorating Ideas (DIY)

Decoration enhances the grace and beauty of every thing. Girl’s accessories must be exclusive and well decor easily outfits jewelry or cell.

Yes stylish expression of personality can be excellently explored through magnificent embellishing of cell phone. It is an amazing art.

According to your taste you can embellish your phone casing to increase its grace and fascination.

Art of Cell Phone Decoration

Here we are sharing an amazing practical practice of how to décor a cell phone. Through this idea you can excellently decor your cell phone.

Let’s discuss its practical development.

Required accessories:

• Different color formic sheets
• Lad pencil
• Scissor
• Holographic glitter
• Glitter formic sheet
• Liquid glue

How To Embellish a Cell Phone

Drafting and cutting

Take a bright color formic sheet and draft a butterfly image from lad pencil. Cut this butterfly image from scissor and from same process make three different color and different sizes butterflies.

Colorful embellished butterfly

In centre of big butterfly paste some liquid glue and attach second big butterfly with it. In same method paste small one on this butterfly and its center decor with small colorful circles of glitter formic sheet. A colorful butterfly will create through this practical development.


Apply the liquid glue at back casing of your cell phone by leaving some central part. Drop sufficient holographic golden glitter on it.

Apply some glue at this back side of embellished butterfly and paste it at remaining central place. An amazing decor cell be in your’ hands.

Excellent decor cell

This exclusively well embellished cell phone will be a unique accessory which will explore your classy and artistic taste in inspiring way. This fabulous cell embellishment is greatly pleasing and easy in its practical practice.

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