17 Tips Fun and Easy DIY Indoor Herbs Garden Ideas

Try these indoor herbs garden ideas to get fresh herbs around the year right from your kitchen.

Having fresh herbs at the tip of your finger would be a delightful addition to your kitchen. Some plants can be grown indoors even when you have limited space. The key to applying these herbs garden ideas is to know the characteristics and the needs of each plant you grow.

Creative DIY Herbs Garden Planter

DIY herbs plant

There are many things that you can recycle and create pots from it. For example, growing DIY herbs garden in teacups or tin container can both be useful and look amazing.

If you are planning to make the pot by yourself, make sure that it has drainage holes to let the water out and keep the plants healthy.

Use Hanging Pots by the Window

indoor herb garden ideas

Though some indoor herbs do not require plenty of sunlight, placing hanging pots by the window would be a wonderful idea.

It allows the plants to get enough sunlight and would be a great decoration for your kitchen. Not to mention that most herbs have a pleasing aroma like lemongrass, oregano, and peppermint.

Go Hydroponic with Mason Jar Herbs Garden

jar herb plant ideas

Hydroponic uses mostly water for its medium and easier to maintain than using soil. It is more resistant to pests and diseases, as well as faster grower than the herbs planted in organic soil.

You may use a big container or bucket to start. For smaller herbs garden ideas, use hanging Mason jar which is easy to assemble for starters.

The Right Types of Herbs

type of herbs plant

Though you have many plans for the indoor herbs garden ideas, it would not turn to success unless you know what types of herbs to plant. Here are some of the easiest herbs for new planters.

  1. Lemongrass Lemongrass grows easily and can start from stems that you buy from the local market. Make sure that it still has the base that would be the start of new roots. You can simply put it in a couple of inches of water and wait for a few days until the roots appear.
  2. Mint Plants in the mint family like spearmint and peppermint grow even under the shade. However, these plants tend to be invasive towards other plants so make sure you don’t put it on separated pots. It’s best to star planting mint from seeds, not root cuttings.
  3. Oregano Everybody knows that fresh oregano tastes better than dried ones. Planting it in your herbs garden would give you the luxury of getting fresh herbs every day. Choose the Greek oregano variety which is known as the easiest kind to grow.
  4. Rosemary mostly grows in bushes, but you can always opt for varieties like Tuscan Blue and Blue Spire that grows more compact and upward. The plant prefers dry soil, so it’s the perfect plant for the indoor herbs garden ideas.

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Herb Garden Ideas for Small Kitchen Space

small kitchen herb plants

Sure, there are devices like AeroGarden Extra Pod Kit and Self-Watering Planter that you can buy on the market. If you don’t have the budget, getting creative with the space you have is the key. For example, you can use the short wall beside the kitchen cabinet to hang the planters.

Another idea is to create a vertical garden on one side of the kitchen area. This way, the planters will also work as the kitchen décor. To keep it clean, water the plant in the sink and hang them back once drained.

Tips for Maintaining the Herbs Garden

indoor herb garden planter maintenance

Starting your herb garden ideas mean that you have “pets” to take care of. It does not limit to watering and fertilizing; some gardeners even suggest talking to the plant to make it grow healthily. Here are some of the essential things to do in growing indoor herbs garden:

  • Use Organic Potting Soil

Unless you are planting hydroponically, the organic potting soil is the best one to use. It tends to be well-drained and maintain the water level in the pot. Avoid using ground soil because it may be too compact for herbs plants.

  • Water Them Slowly and Thoroughly

The perfect condition inside the pot is where the bottom of the pot is moist, and the upper part is quite dry. To make this condition, it’s best to do the slow and thorough watering. This way, the water does not drain quickly and mostly stays on the soil for a few days.

  • Use Organic Fertilizer

Organic fertilizer has a high nitrogen concentration which will allow the leaves to grow rapidly. Fertilize the plant at least once a week to maintain its productivity.

Harvesting and Storage Ideas

Indoor Herb Garden ideas

Though some perennial herbs are ready to be harvested all year, some plants need to go dormant in winter. Best way to keep the flavor in use is to preserve it by drying or freezing it.

To dry herbs like oregano, rosemary, and lavender, you can simply cut the stem at the early harvest time, bundle it together, and hang to dry. Make sure that the hanging area is completely dry without any risk of mold contamination.

storage Indoor Herb Garden

While if you don’t prefer dried herbs, freezing the leaves along with olive oil in an ice cube tray is the best method that you can do. Just throw one or two cubes into the pan when you are ready to cook.

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The benefits of growing herbs indoor do not only come from harvesting it for your kitchen need. It would also give a brightening addition to the kitchen décor, and they smell good, too!

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